Wrestlers Upset At Matt Hardy's Return, Triple H Backstage At RAW

Credit: PWTorch.com

A number of wrestlers were said to be very disappointed with the way WWE decided to handle Matt Hardy's official return to the company. The Matt Hardy storyline was believed to have a tremendous amount of potential and much of the optimism that existed regarding his return has almost completely died down. One of the biggest issues discussed was that WWE seems to have abandoned Hardy's "anti-establishment" persona by having him shake hands with Vince. While it may be too early to judge whether or not his decision to return was a bad idea, a lot of the momentum he could have had at this point seems to have evaporated.

Triple H, who is currently is on hiatus from WWE television, was backstage this week at RAW. It is not known if he's had a hands-on role in booking any of the current storylines, althoug there is speculation he is helping Shawn Michaels with his program against Hulk Hogan. Triple H isn't expected back on television before SummerSlam.

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