JBL ESPN Radio Interview Recap, His Character Direction, New Book, SummerSlam, More

The following was compiled by Steve Khan

JBL was on "All Night with Todd Wright" on ESPN Radio.

JBL said he always wanted to play this character he has right now. He said its based on JR Ewing of Dallas, and he stole part of it from Ted Dibiase.

Todd said one of his favourite matches in years was the 6-man elimination match on Smackdown, and asked JBL what it takes to wrestle like that for an hour. JBL said its tough to go that long. He said wrestling 20-25 minutes is one thing, but wrestling 45-60 minutes is grueling.

JBL said he's writing another financial book. Todd asked him about gas prices. JBL said gas prices are affecting people's spending. He mentioned Walmart saying their customers' spending habits have been affected by the gas prices.

Todd asked JBL which well known actress should play the character of Lucy Ewing. JBL said Christy Hemme from RAW.

JBL put over Michaels-Hogan as a match he's really looking forward to as a long time fan.

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