Update on Bret Hart & SummerSlam, More On Joey Styles Wrestling Show

The Joey Styles produced wresting event was taped last night. He was contractually unable to do commentating on the show, due to the contract he signed with WWE to do ECW One Night Stand, but he did do a lot of behind the scenes work. It was about a 90-minute recording featuring DDP vs. Justin Credible managed by Francine being really strong and New Jack & Murder One vs. Axl & Balls with brutal fork stabbings but no balcony dive, ending with New Jack cutting a promo on Ric Flair, the WWE, John Cena and everyone else he could come up with.

Before we move on to this next story, it should be noted that following just a rumor and really is pure speculation at this point.

Word is going around that the Hulk Hogan vs. Shawn Michaels match was pushed to the very bottom of the SummerSlam scheduled and will be tonight’s main event. Reports indicate that this will give Bret Hart time to fly out from Charlotte, North Carolina where he’s booked for the Wrestling Legends FanFest into tonight’s show in Washington, DC and make an appearance just in time during the Hogan-HBK match. Again, all of this is just a rumor, just thought we should share it. If there is any confirmation on this story, we’ll pass that on as well.

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[ Source: Wrestling Observer ]