The Shaun Selector-7th Poll Results

The Shaun Selector-7th Poll Results
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter

Thank you to everyone that voted. Sorry for the lateness. Without further ado here's the closing poll:-

1)Road Dogg vs X-Pac 20.7%
2)Flyin' Brian vs Steve Austin 17.3%
3)S Series 96 Free For All 13.8%
4)Al Snow's Debut 13.8%
5)Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio 6.9%
6)Hardy vs Christian vs Eddie 6.9%
7)Lance Storm vs RVD 6.9%
8)Eliminators vs Dudleys 6.9%
9)N.Disasters vs Money Inc 3.4%
10)Jimmy Yang vs Juventud 3.4%

Note: Poll results and a new nominations list will be posted on a Sunday along with Velocity and Heat with the actual poll recaps being posted every Wednesday. Vote now on poll 8!

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