WWE Sunday Night Heat Report (08/21/05) Live from Washington, DC

WWE Sunday Night Heat Report-21st August 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter

Welcome one and all. Here's what went down on Heat last night live at the MCI Center in Washington DC before SummerSlam. Todd Grisham and The Coach welcomed us to the show and first we get the video package from Raw chronicling the Matt Hardy/Edge/Lita situation (no mention of Kane). Next up Lilian Garcia is talking with Kurt Angle backstage. Lilian asks for Kurt's thoughts on getting his Gold Medal back against Eugene. Angle says it isn't just a match. It's about righting a gross injustice. Eugene an overgrown imbecile stole his Olympic Gold Medal from him. That makes him a criminal in Kurt's eyes and Kurt hates criminals. Kurt says criminals get punished and what he did to Eugene on Raw last week is nothing compared to what he'll do at SummerSlam. He will show Eugene why he is the most vicious SOB in the WWE. Grisham and Coach debate on who will win between Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels so they send it to the latest Raw Diva Search winner Ashley who has been in the streets asking the fans. Fan opinions were split. We cut back to Ashley who's with the Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young. Moolah says Hogan will win and Mae says HBK. Damn Ashley looks hot close up. We see brief clips of Hulk Hogan and John Cena from this past Tuesday as they were a part of the Teen Choice Awards 2005 on Fox. Both goofed around and presented an award for Best Choice Hissy Fit. (We don't find out who won) Hogan gives big props to Cena before both discuss Hissy Fits in Wrestling. In regards to throwing Hissy's Hogan gets mad while Cena gets even. Hogan puts Cena in a headlock on stage. To finish the segment Hogan bigs up Cena some more while Cena remains humble. (Looks like Hogan has his eyes on a title match). Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us back from inside and they touch upon Randy Orton vs Undertaker then discuss Chris Benoit vs Orlando Jordan before sending it backstage to Josh Mathews who's with Orlando Jordan. Josh asks Orlando if he's nervous about defending his US Title. Orlando cuts him off and says nervous.. what you talking about? Orlando says he beat Chris Benoit before and he'll beat him again. Orlando finishes by saying he'll knock Benoit out before throwing a punch close to the camera. We see highlights on the Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio feud and pick up the story from the Great American Bash which leads us to now. Earlier today we see Dominick arrive in the arena with Social Worker Mrs Crabtree (Did anyone else see her holding a Hogan sign and marking out during the Main Event?) Throughout the program SummerSlam is plugged as is the webcast on WWE.Com. Sunday Night Heat is brought to you by Nike, Clearasil For Men and Parents: The Anti-Drug. Todd and The Coach introduce highlights from the latest Raw Diva Search when 8 hopefuls were wittled down to one winner. Todd and The Coach congratulate Ashley and Grisham plugs her new email address Ashley@WWE.Com. Coach apparently wants his own e-mail address too. As is the norm we then see snippets from the SummerSlam press conference from Washington DC held two weeks ago. The big guns all vow to win. Oh Candice Michelle was there aswell. Michael Cole and Tazz hype up the No Holds Barred match and leading up to SummerSlam JBL and Batista traded assaults with Steel Chairs. Grisham and Coach recap John Cena vs Chris Jericho since Cena drafted to Raw. The official theme song of SummerSlam is "Remedy" by Seether available now. Michael Cole and Tazz run down the SmackDown! side of the card then send it to JR and The King who do the same to the Raw side. Match time now so let's get to the action.

The Hurricane w/Rosey & Super Stacy vs "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters
Tony Chimel is the ring announcer. King informs us SummerSlam is brought to us by Day of Reckoning 2. Rosey and Stacy step outside but Masters slaps Stacy's ass on her way down resulting in Hurricane charging in and decking Masters with punches. Masters shoves Hurricane down then clotheslines him. Masters runs the ropes, Stacy hooks his leg, Masters slides out and Stacy backs away. Rosey comes from behind but Masters levels him with a stiff clothesline. Masters gets back in as Stacy checks on Rosey. We cut back to see Hurricane send Masters down and he covers for a two count. Hurricane pulls up Masters and punches, Masters reverses an Irish whip but charges into an uppercut. Hurricane connects with a neckbreaker from the second rope for another nearfall. Masters is pulled up again, Hurricane punches, sends Masters off the ropes but Masters telegraphs a dropkick attempt and hangs on to the ropes. Masters locks in the Masterlock, Hurricane fights it but soon fades away and the referee calls for the bell. Here is Your Winner: "THE MASTERPIECE" CHRIS MASTERS. Post match Masters poses in the corner as a glum looking Stacy looks on. We check the replay then Masters poses some more on the entrance ramp.

JR and The King hype up the No Holds Barred match and WWE Title match some more before a Hulk Hogan vs Shawn Michaels video package takes Heat home and a still image of both men standing face to face is shown as Heat fades to black. End of show. I enjoyed SummerSlam a great deal although I wish the Hardy/Edge brawl could have lasted a bit longer. I thought either William Regal or Christian would come out for an impromptu match with Benoit after he squashed OJ and the ladder match was a gripping contest. I enjoyed the title matches and Michaels bounced round the ring like a ping-pong ball for Hogan. Angle put on a good show as always and Undertaker elevated Orton so for me SummerSlam was a big thumbs up. I'll be back Wednesday with Shaun Selector results then next weekend with Velocity, Heat and more Shaun Selector. Catch you later. Shaun.

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