WWE House Show Results (8/23/05) - Richmond, Virginia

Hey, my name is Jeff, and I was at the Richmond Coliseum last night for the WWE Smackdown show at the Coliseum.

The last two tiers of the Coliseum weren't full at all, but the floor and the first tier we full from what I saw. Coming off of what I thought was a good SummerSlam, this was a good House Show.
The first match of the evening was Booker T with Sharmell taking on someone who said his name was Kennedy? Booker T squashed who ever he was.

Then Teddy Long came out and gave us the line up of matches for the night, which saw a rare house appearance by the Undertaker.

William Regal battled Hardcore Holly, and Holly was in control of the match until some unknown wrestler jumped the barricade and distracted Holly which allowed Regal the opportunity to get his brass knucks... Regal hits Holly with knucks and gets the win.

The next match saw Scotty 2 Hotty and Steven Richards taking on the Mexifools... I mean Mexicools, Super Crazy and Psychosis... Scotty was getting beat down pretty bad and when he finally made it to the corner to tag in Richards, Richards jumps off the apron and refuses to tag Scotty, so then the match progresses further and Scotty is in control and is going for the WORM when Richards tags himself in the match which makes Scotty knock the crap out of Richards and the Scotty does the WORM on Richards, and then leaves the ring and the Mexicools get the victory.

Up next was a Fatal 4-way for the Cruiserweight title: Spanky, Funaki, Juvi, and Nunzio with Vito... all around good match lots of crazy moves, but in the end Nunzio retains the title.

The next match, was the Undertaker (making a rare house appearance) vs. Randy "can't beat Taker without my daddy" Orton, in a SummerSlam rematch... Mind you I have been waiting for 13 years to see the Undertaker wrestle in person, and it was well worth the wait. Back and forth match that saw Orton's father try and interfere but Taker tombstoned Orton Sr, straight to hell. Taker then tombstoned Randy for the 1-2-3 victory. Good to see Taker.

There was a bikini contest between Melina, Jillian, and the newly acquired RAW Diva Stacy, and Christie, which saw Stacy getting the win.... Melina and Jillian jumped Stacy and Hemme and then Mercury and Nitro came out and acted like they were going to do something to Stacy and Hemme, when the new LOD comes out and take on MNM, back and forth match which saw LOD set up Nitro for the Dooms Day Device and LOD got the victory.

Next match was Orlando Jordan taking on Chris Benoit in a SS rematch for the US Title... kind of a back and forth with Benoit in control most of the time, and then as Benoit has Jordan in the Crippler Crossface, JBL comes out ribs taped and breaks the crossface, JBL starts beating on Benoit, then in comes Mysterio over the barricade, they battle and then comes Eddie Guerrero, and then after everyone is battling, in comes the World Heavyweight Champion Batista. Everyone in the ring fighting, Mysterio, Benoit, and Batista clear the ring and as JBL, Jordan, and Guerrero are walking down the aisle, Teddy Long comes out and makes it a six man tag... back and forth match of course that saw Mysterio, Benoit, and Batista pick up the win

Overall in my opinion, it was a good show compared to some of the recent house shows. Again it was great to see The Undertaker.