Kevin Nash Return Revealed & Bret Hart Negotiating With TNA

Credit: PWinsider

*The latest word on the Bret Hart front is that TNA would love to bring him in for their debut on Spike TV, because they feel the need to get some marquee names to help put over the company on their debut and while Bret may be somewhat intrigued by the company, he is not interested in appearing as a character on TV, but moreso to help the younger guys with his knowledge.

*Kevin Nash's return to TNA has pretty much been cemented by the new "Bound For Glory" Pay Per View poster that was released today featuring the superstar who has been filming his most recent movie "Dead or Alive".

Nash who has been outspoken about TNA and said in the past if it wasn't for Jeff Jarrett then he probably wouldn't be there, is one of the marquee names that TNA will hope to display on it's debut for Spike TV.

The poster itself includes a blue tint with several shots of Kevin Nash and includes the logos for both "Bound For Glory" & "TNA".

Click Here To Check Out The TNA Bound For Glory Poster Featuring Kevin Nash