Vince McMahon Gets Involved In SummerSlam, Hogan/HBK, RAW Rating

*Vince McMahon repotedly made the call that Hulk Hogan would go over on Shawn Michaels cleanly at SummerSlam with the legdrop. There were those with "power" behind the scenes in WWE that had wanted to protect HBK and were pushing for a finish that would "better protect" him. However, in the end McMahon made the final call and more than likely this stemmed from when Hogan orignially talked to McMahon about doing the match and as a condition of his return wanted to go over cleanly in his match with HBK.

*RAW's rating increased coming off SummerSlam which a rematch of Jericho vs Cena in a "loser be fired" match. RAW ended up pulling a strong 4.0 rating for the evening.

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