WWE Sunday Night Heat Report (08/28/05) Taped in Hampton, Virginia

WWE Sunday Night Heat Report-28th August 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter
Commentators Todd Grisham & Jonathan Coachman

Welcome back everybody. Heat is on so let's get back to the action. First out of the chute this week is...........................................................

Antonio w/Romeo vs Val Venis
Fag schtick by the Throbs. Towel schtick by Val. Bell goes, Antonio boots the gut and punches away on Val before dragging Val's face across the top rope. Val reverses Antonio off the ropes and backelbows down. Val drops an elbow then a knee and performs mounted punches on the mat. Romeo is on the apron and Val goes to punch off, Romeo gets down and scurries away as Val steps out onto the apron. Val gets back in but Antonio knees him down. Antonio elbows and drops a boot from the ropes onto Val before choking Val with his boot. Antonio chokes Val again with his arm in the second rope then executes a suplex for a nearfall. Antonio presses Val's face down on the mat then pulls him up. Val punches Antonio away, Antonio knees the gut, Val reverses an Irish whip but charges into an elbow. Antonio blindly leaps on and off the second rope but misses with a flying cross body. Val recovers and takes down Antonio with a clothesline and backelbow. Val with a forearm sends Antonio off the ropes and into a backbodydrop. Val delivers a half nelson slam and motions for the Money Shot. As Val goes up top Romeo gets on the apron and grabs Val's leg. Val punches Romeo who drops down off the apron before finishing his climb up top. Antonio is up though so Val leaps off into a sunset flip 1-2-3. He got him. Here is Your Winner: VAL VENIS. Post match Antonio keeps Val in the sunset flip after the pin by pulling on his neck and Romeo comes in and attacks Val from behind. The Heart Throbs beat on Val before tying him up in the ropes and inflicting more damage. Cue Viscera's music and Viscera walks down rather briskly. As soon as he gets in The Throbs depart outside and head up the ramp. Romeo heads back to the ring as You suck chants start but he has second thoughts and the Throbs shrug off Viscera who checks on Val. The Throbs give Coach the thumbs up before they get to the curtain. Expect a tag match tomorrow on Raw or next week on Heat. Val and Viscera embrace to Viscera's music.

Still to come Kerwin White vs Tajiri.

Up next Kurt Angle vs Shelton Benjamin from Raw.

Raw comes to Hallam FM Arena, Sheffield November 21st, 7.30pm. WWE.Com for details.

Kurt Angle makes Shelton Benjamin tap to the Ankle Lock in a great TV match on Raw. Post match Angle gets on a chair and makes the referee re-award him his Gold Medal.

Don't Try This At Home.


Matt Striker vs Russell Simpson
Striker now has a titantron. Striker goes to one knee and quickly works a go-behind then tries a full nelson on Simpson. Simpson tries a reversal but Striker quickly counters into a hammerlock and now a side headlock. Simpson gets free and grabs an arm whilst biting at Striker's fingers. Simpson applies a wristlock, Striker gets to the ropes flips up and over works an arm reversal and goes back to the headlock. Simpson sends Striker off the ropes, Striker shouldertackles does a couple of leaps over a fallen Simpson who gets up confused and he walks straight into the headlock again. Simpson counters into a back suplex then stomps and drops an elbow across Striker's back. Simpson kicks Striker in the back again and Irish whips him. Simpson charges and hits a battering ram in the corner. Simpson shoves Striker into another corner and Irish whips again. Striker catches a charging Simpson in a rollup for two. Simpson knees the gut, Striker off the ropes, Simpson lifts Striker who maneuvers his way round and slips behind Simpson before leaping up and dropping Simpson's back across his knees. Simpson is still up favouring his back and Striker takes advantage by connecting with a Rocker Dropper type move for the 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: MATT STRIKER.

Still to come Kerwin White vs Tajiri.

SmackDown! comes to Hallam FM Arena, Sheffield November 22nd, 7.30pm. WWE.Com for details.

The Hurricane vs Johnny Parisi
The Hurricane comes out alone. No more Super Stacy sob. Coach talks about how Hurricane used to be a singles star. No titantron still for Johnny Swinger oops I mean Parisi and Grisham is still playing Tony Parisi off as being Johnny's uncle. Parisi extends his hand to begin with. Code of Honor perhaps? Hurricane goes to accept but Parisi swats it away and shoves Hurricane. Hurricane responds with a charge which Parisi dodges and he schoolboys Hurricane for a two count. Parisi with a side headlock takedown. Hurricane up sends Parisi off the ropes, Parisi shoulder tackles a leaping Hurricane. Parisi steps over, Hurricane leapfrogs and Parisi is faced with a Hurripose. Wasupwidat. Parisi charges into a couple of armdrags and Hurricane applies an armwringer. Parisi reverses an Irish whip, Hurricane goes to float over but no-one's there and Parisi drives Hurricane into the corner. Parisi Irish whips Hurricane who falls to the mat, Parisi then kicks him in the back a couple of times. Parisi delivers a suplex, nearfall. Parisi knees Hurricane's back. Hurricane fights back with punches and blocks Parisi's roundhouse attempts. Parisi knees the gut, Parisi runs the ropes, Hurricane hits a dropkick. Hurricane with a clothesline. Irish whip reversal by Parisi, Parisi charges into a Hurricane elbow and Hurricane hits another clothesline. Hurricane goes up top and nails a flying cross body for a two count. Hurricane goes for the Eye of The Hurricane but Parisi twists round and shoves Hurricane away. Parisi kicks Hurricane down picks him up and calls for the Shaft but Hurricane gets free grabs an arm ducks a Parisi swing attempt and executes the Eye of The Hurricane. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: THE HURRICANE. Post match Coach says Hurricane could get back in the Intercontinental Title race despite being a tag team guy. I didn't know he was in it to begin with. Coach says Parisi needs to earn his respect as Hurricane poses up in the corner with his Tag belt.

Later John Cena vs Chris Jericho in a SummerSlam rematch from Raw.


Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch promo airs. (The same one from Raw).

Here comes a suited Rene Dupree with his flag and he comes out to the commentary booth to do commentary for:

Tyson Tomko vs Malik John
Tomko stares down Dupree on his way down. Tomko gets a surprisingly good pop. Dupree reveals he's looking for a tag team partner and he has his eye on Tomko. Malik looks really small and nerdy and I don't think he'll last long. Tomko backs Malik to the ropes and Malik gets his hands up in Tomko's face and Tomko backs up favouring his eye. Malik protests his innocnece to the referee and looks intimidated. Tomko takes something out of his eye and passes it to the referee before charging in and driving Malik into the corner. Tomko checks his eye again and charges again but into a Malik boot. Malik to the second rope leaps over Tomko who kicks Malik in the back of the head and it looks like Malik is out. Tomko walks round the ring and Dupree looks impressed. Tomko goes to pull Malik up but the referee intervenes and with Malik flat out he calls for the bell. It's a Tom-KO. Here is Your Winner via KO: TYSON TOMKO. Post match Tomko celebrates in the ring as Coach gushes at the prospect of The French Phenom and The Problem Solver together at the same time. Dupree says two words "Simply Phenomenal." Dupree says he may have found his partner. Grisham says already? Tomko stares Dupree down again on his way to the back. Hey I'm seeing signs that maybe WWE is putting more time into the Tag Division with new teams. Cade & Murdoch, Dupree & ?, William Regal & Paul Birchall. I'm optimistic. Same for the Cruiserweight Division too with Jamie Noble and Spanky coming back.

Still to come Kerwin White vs Tajiri.

WWE Rewind: Raw last Monday Eric Bischoff makes John Cena vs Chris Jericho a loser gets fired match.

John Cena defeats Chris Jericho on Raw via an FU. Bischoff fires Jericho who leaves kicking and screaming via security. Kurt Angle attacks Cena from behind and Bischoff announces him as the new No 1 Contender in a really good segment and a Cena/Angle feud for the belt should be good. See you in 2006 Jericho. In the meantime enjoy your hard earned break from wrestling and good luck with Fozzy.


Kerwin White vs Tajiri
White comes out on a golf cart and practices his golf swing on the ramp. Grisham congratulates Coach on his new WWE contract. White has brought his hanger with him again and White is wearing two polo shirts LOL. White dances a little in the ring as Tajiri comes out and Coach notes he's back after a minor injury. Grisham wonders if he's refreshed or will show some ring rust? White removes one polo shirt and hangs it up in the corner. ECW chant breaks out for Tajiri. Bell goes and White puts his glasses on his head and mocks Tajiri with a Karate Kid pose. Tajiri kicks White down who rolls outside. Tajiri puts on the glasses and dances and poses ala Chavo before throwing the glasses into the crowd. Coach says they're $60 sunglasses. White comes in and hits Tajiri with a boot, punch and uppercut. Tajiri off the ropes comes back with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors then hits a monkey flip. Tajiri advances and White feigns mercy and drops Tajiri down into the second turnbuckle. White stomps Tajiri and facewashes him with his boot before waving to the crowd. White uppercuts Tajiri down, nearfall. White grabs his hanger, the referee takes it and turns to hang it back up and with his back turned it allows White to remove his other shirt and choke Tajiri with it. The referee turns back round to see White folding his shirt and after White gives him that shirt he kicks Tajiri pulls him up and uppercuts him into the corner where White stomps Tajiri down and facewashes him some more with his boot. Kerwin waves again and dances for the crowd to which they boo. White goes to choke Tajiri with his boot but Tajiri grabs it gets back up and throws White down. Tajiri hits a dropkick to the knee of White then stalks before nailing him with a few stiff kicks. White reverses Tajiri off the ropes, Tajiri hits a springboard backelbow then a spinning heel kick for a nearfall. Tajiri with a series of punches in the corner, White rakes the face, boots the gut, uppercut, punch. Tajiri off the ropes ducks a clothesline and nails a crescent kick. 1-2-no White gets a foot on the bottom rope. White in the corner, Tajiri kicks, White reverses an Irish whip but charges into the Tarantula. Tajiri onto the apron moves the referee out of the way and drives his head into the gut of a charging White. Tajiri goes for a sunset flip but White falls on top hooks the leg and the rope and eeks out a cheap victory. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: KERWIN WHITE. Post match Tajiri stands in the ring in disbelief and White practices his golf swing some more on the ramp as we get a graphic reminding us that Shawn Michaels faces the Master Lock challenge tomorrow on Raw. Grisham and Coach do some quick shilling for that before Grisham signs off and thanks us for watching. End of show. I'll be back later with the Shaun Selector. Shaun.

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