TNA Unbreakable PPV Results (9/11/05) - Orlando, Florida

TNA Unbreakable PPV Results 09/11/05
By: Chris “The Authority” Schultz

Cassidy Riley vs. “Mr. 630” Jerelle Clark

The pre-show got kicked off with a bang, but not by Riley or Clark. Not even three minutes into the match up, “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown made his presence felt by Pouncing both young athletes. Brown then grabbed the microphone and had quite a bit to get off his chest. After venting for a while about being held back, he openly challenged the winner of tonight’s NWA World Heavyweight Title Match between Raven and Rhino. Upon hearing this, Jeff Jarrett quickly made his way to the ring.

The King of the Mountain explained to Monty Brown that he was the reason TNA is where it’s at today and that he is more deserving of another title shot. Before things could have gotten real ugly, Kip James showed up and got in between the two superstars. While Jarrett was still lashing out at the Alpha Male, Jeff Hardy’s music hit.

The Charismatic Enigma then charged the ring and went right after Jarrett. The two battled it out in and out of the ring. Hardy was able to DDT Jarrett right on top of a steel chair, but before things could get worse for the former champ, Kip James pulled him out of the ring.

Sharkboy vs. Mikey Batts

The second pre-show match up saw yet some more great X-Division action between two up and coming talents here in TNA. The crowd favorite Sharkboy was able to get the win using his patented move, the Dead Sea Drop.

Winner: Sharkboy

The Diamonds in the Rough (“Primetime” Elix Skipper, David Young, and Simon Diamond) vs. The 3 Live Kru (BG James, Konnan, and Ron “The Truth” Killings)

Now that the 3LK is on the same page again, it was time for them to recapture the magic in the ring. Konnan got the crowd going on the microphone before the match, while BG James did his classic introduction. Their opponents were not too thrilled with this and were out to make a name for themselves as a collective unit. Since aligning with Simon Diamond, both Young and Skipper seem to have found more success in both of their careers. Unfortunately for Diamond and his new team, tonight wasn’t meant to be. After throwing his shoes at all 3 members of the Diamonds in the Rough, Konnan was able to get the victory by pinning David Young

Winner: 3LK

Austin Aries vs. Roderick Strong

The fans spoke out last month and voted to see Austin Aries in a TNA ring. This month, due to popular demand, Aries is back. His opponent was a familiar one in Roderick Strong. Both men put on one hell of a show in this awesome match up. The fans got exactly what they asked for in this one. Strong looked impressive in his TNA debut. Both athletes pulled off moves many of us have never seen before and dazzled us with their X-Division Style. Although Aries was able to get the pin after hitting a 450 splash, I think it is safe to say that we have not seen the last of Roderick Strong or Austin Aries.

Winner: Austin Aries

Kip James & “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown vs. Lance Hoyt & Apolo

Questions arose before the match about whether Brown and James could work out their differences from earlier in the evening and function as a team. It didn’t appear as if there were any problems at the beginning of the encounter as both men worked together to get the job done. Both Hoyt and Apolo were looking for some pay back for the Monty Brown and Kip James’s actions earlier in the month. Even Sonny Siaki came to the ring with a brace around his neck looking for some revenge, but Hoyt and Apolo pleaded for him to go back to the dressing room.

While both teams showed impressive size, it was Monty Brown getting the victory for his team with a Pounce on Apolo. However, before the victory there was some miscommunication between James and Brown and Kip put a boot right to the Alpha Male’s skull. After the match ended, both tag team partners had some words for each other.

Winner: Kip James and Monty Brown

Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams

This match was what the X-Division is all about. Sabin and Williams, both former X-Division Champions, put on a wrestling clinic for the crowd in Orlando and the fans watching all over the world. Both athletes have that never die attitude and would just keep getting up after every bone crushing move or submission that they applied to one another. The question of the night would be whether we see the punishing “Canadian Destroyer Piledriver” or the “Cradle Shock” first. At the conclusion of the match, Petey Williams had the Canadian Destroyer locked in, but Sabin was able to reverse it into the Cradle Shock for the victory. Before Sabin could celebrate his win, he was met with a boot to the chin from none other than the returning Matt Bentley.

Matt took the microphone and announced that TNA was his home and that he is going to the Bound for Glory PPV and compete in a match he made famous. Ultimate X! After announcing this, Petey Williams was also on the receiving end of a viscous superkick by Bentley.

Winner: Chris Sabin

Abyss w/James Mitchell vs. Sabu

Before this match got underway, James Mitchell got on the mic and told Sabu that he stuck his nose in business that did not concern him, thus signing his death warrant. Then the lights went out. When they came back on, the hardcore legend himself, Sabu was standing in the middle of the ring. One word VIOLENT. This match got ugly. I am sure a lot of parents were covering their children’s eyes during most of this match which included tables, chairs, and yes, tacks.

Each man put a massive beating on one another in this sick encounter. Sabu went through a table. Abyss went through a table. Both took many shots from a steel chair. In the end, Sabu was pinned after receiving a Blackhole Slam on top of hundreds of tacks lying below. Mitchell seemed almost prophetic having predicted Sabu was in for some pain. Abyss and Mitchell left the Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal, Sabu lying in the ring looking like a pin cushion. HARDCORE!

Winner: Abyss

Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode

Having suffered one loss already earlier in the evening, Bobby Roode was intent on getting Team Canada back on track by beating Jeff Hardy. Roode and Hardy looked very impressive and had an outstanding match. About halfway through, Petey Williams came down with the Canadian Flag on the hockey stick providing a distraction for Hardy. It wasn’t long before Williams got involved.

Jeff Hardy managed to overcome the double team, but wasn’t prepared for Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett came down and broke the hockey stick in half over Hardy’s back, costing him the match. Petey Williams and Roode both celebrated the victory for Team Canada.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Fourway NWA World Tag Team Title Match
The Naturals (Champions) w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Americas Most Wanted vs. Team Canada (Eric Young and A1) vs. Alex Shelley & Sean Waltman

After winning the Candido Cup earlier in the month, both Alex Shelley and Sean Waltman won a slot in this huge tag team title match up. However, there was no sign of Sean Waltman. Nobody knew where he was, not even his partner Alex Shelley. This stacked the deck against Shelley from the get go. Could one man really win the titles by himself?

In what came to a shock to most, Johnny Candido (Chris Candido’s brother), who was sitting at ringside during the match, jumped the guard rail to help out Alex Shelley. Shelley got the tag in to Candido and Johnny began to clean house. Unfortunately, his free for all didn’t last long as he was pinned by Team Canada and eliminated. Since Shelley did tag Candido in, he was eliminated along with him.

The hockey stick reared its ugly head again as A1 broke it over the back of Wildcat Chris Harris as he was ready to take out Eric Young. Young quickly rolled up the former tag team champion for the 3 count. America’s Most Wanted was eliminated from the match. Team Canada continued on a roll by gaining the edge on the current NWA World Tag Team Champions, The Naturals. “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart was at ringside cheering on his boys, urging them to get up.

Jimmy Hart was able to get some revenge on Team Canada after being assaulted himself earlier in the night. He tripped up an unsuspecting Eric Young on the top rope while Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas hit A1 with the Natural Disaster for the victory, retaining the NWA Tag Team Title.

Winner: The Naturals

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Rhino vs. Raven (Champion)

If you thought Sabu vs. Abyss from earlier in the night was brutal, this one was worse. As announced earlier in the pre-show, the match was changed to Raven’s rules. What’s that you ask? There are no rules. Raven came down to the ring with a shopping cart full of weapons from kendo sticks to pizza cutters, to regular household appliances. It didn’t take long for the blood to spill. Both Raven and the challenger Rhino had crimson masks not even midway through the encounter.

Rhino put at least 3 staples in Raven’s head, while Raven dropped Rhino on a ladder bending the steel in half. The ring was full of weapons and drops of blood. Rhino attempted to Gore the champ on several occasions but failed. Jeff Jarrett then became involved and picked up the title belt ready to use it on Raven until Jeff Hardy came in to make the stop. After seeing this Raven was able to give Jarrett the DDT and knock him out cold. Rhino tried to take advantage of this by coming up from behind for a suplex, but Raven reversed it and hit him with a DDT for the pinball. Raven retains the title!

Winner: Raven

X-Division Title Match
“The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels (Champion) vs. Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles

The undefeated Samoa Joe. The 2-time Triple Crown Winner in TNA, AJ Styles. The longest reigning X-Division Champion in TNA history, Christopher Daniels. This had the makings for the biggest match in TNA history and it DELIVERED! Not only was it one of the best in TNA history, but one of the best in professional wrestling history. Bias aside, it now ranks up in my own personal top 3 matches I have ever seen. Unbelievable.

There were too many high spots and incredible moves that it’s too hard to write them all. All 3 men brought their A game tonight. The TNA crowd started chanting “This is Awesome!” It truly was awesome. It’s just a shame there had to be two losers. These three are truly the class of the X-Division. People will be talking about this match for a while and never record over. Every time a pin fall was about to take place, the third competitor in the ring made the save. In the end, Christopher Daniels was about to put AJ Styles away with the Angel’s Wings, but Styles reversed it into a pinning combination and got the 3 count for the victory making him a 5 time X-Division Champion. While Daniels couldn’t believe it, Samoa Joe looked on with hatred in his eyes.

Winner: AJ Styles

Credit: TNA Wrestling