WWE No Mercy Results (10/09) - Batista Retains WWE Title!

Hello and welcome to Rajah.com's presentation of WWE No Mercy!

Pyro sets off and we are all set for our first match...

MNM vs. Animal & Heidenreich

MNM make their way down to the ring followed by Animal and Heidenreich.

Heidenreich and Nitro start things off first and Heidenreich is in control, power slaming Nitro. The tag is made to Animal and he gets in the ring and goes to work on Nitro. Mercury reaches in for the tag and he is squaring off with Animal. MNM hit a high flying double team manuver on Animal and now he's favoring that injured shoulder.Mercury gets a near 3 count but Animal powers out of it. Nitro is in and Animal goes to work quickly on him. Melina is tagged in and Animal catches her. Christy asks for the tag and gets it! She is quick to work on Melina and now Animal is signaling for the Dooms Day Device. Christy hits it and gets the 3 count! LOD & Christy Win!

Simon Dean vs. Bobby Lashley
Eddie Guerrero is shown backstage confronting Batista. They stare eachother down and Eddie finally wishes Bastista luck.

Simon Dean makes his way to the ring with a waiter carrying a tray of cheeseburgers. Dean says he's disappointed to find out that Houston is the fattest city in America. He said he's so confident that he'll win tonight against Lashley that if he loses, he'll eat every one of those burgers on teh tray.

Lashley heads out and quickly gets in teh ring. He is just manhandling Dean.

Dean is able to get away for a bit and the ref backs up Lashley. Now Dean picks up that tray and hits Lashley over the head with it, but he is not phased!

Lashley picks up Dean like a tackle dummy and plants him in the middle of the ring with a inverted powerslam and gets the win!

Fatal 4-Way Match for the US Championship
Fatal Four Way Match: Booker T vs. Christian vs. Orlando Jordan vs. Chris Benoit. All men enter the ring in the order above. OJ goes right after Benoit and Booker takes on Christian. Benoit is tossed out and OJ & Christian team up on Booker.
Benoit locks on the cross face on OJ but its broken up. After tons of fast-paced action I could barely catch, Booker and Benoit are left alone in the ring and begin to square off but Christian and OJ ambush them and take control over the two men. Booker gets a near 3 count buts in broken up. Booker squaring off with OJ lands the scissor kick and goe sfor the pin but Christian breaks it up. Benoit now has the cross face locked in on Christian but OJ breaks it up. OJ is about to go to work on Benoit but Booker is back in the ring and clothslines him out to the ring. Benoit slaps on teh sharpshooter on Christian and he taps! Benoit wins the match and retains the strap!

Ken Kennedy vs. Hardcore Holly
Ken Kennedy makes his way down to the ring and is does his usual "Kennedy... Kennedy." intro. Hardcore Holly comes down and wastes no time to get to work on Ken. Ken gains control and goes to work on the left arm of Holly's. Holly makes his way back up but Ken levels him with a closthsline. Still in conrtol Ken is trash talking Holly. Ken continues to work on the left arm and shoulder of Holly. Ken goes for a whip but Holly counters. Ken is off the ropes Holly picks him up with a back body drop! Holly mounts the turnbuckled, and Kennedy is up too. Ken has Holly up and slams him down from the turnbuckled with a forward slam! Holly quickly clutches his ribs but Ken goes for the pin and gets the the three count! Ken's mic is lowered from the rooftop and he announces his win! After the match. Sylvan Grenier comes down and attacks Holly, while refs try and break it up, Sylvan relentlessly attacks the injured Holly.

Simon Dean is shown backstage again forcing down those burgers. Booker is shown arguing with Sharmell but he is rudely interupted by Ken Kennedy!

Rey Mysterio vs. JBL
Rey tires out JBL by having JBL chase hin around the ring. JBL is winded at ringside and Mysterio connects with a baseball slide. JBL sweeps Rey's leg as he was standing on the steel steps and Rey goes head first into the steel. JBL now in control just hammers away on Rey's head. Feeling confident JBL rasies his hands and Rey mounts the turnbuckle. JBL meets Rey up there and sends crashing down with a top rope fall away slam! JBL hits more fallaway slams and Rey is barely moving at this point. JBL locks Rey in a standing bear-hug submission. Rey is fighting back but JBL connects with a right hand as Rey sits on the turnbuckle. Rey lifts off and lands a spinning DDT! JBL rushes Rey in the corner but Rey dodges out the way. Rey lands a crossbody splash and gets a 2 count! JBL is back up quickly and is looking for a closthsline but Rey counters with a dropkick! JBL is left on the ropes set up for the 619. Rey lands the swinging kick but misses the top rope manuver. Rey's in the ring, quickly turns around but JBL meets him with the clothsline from hell! JBL gets the three count and wins the bout.

Handicap Casket Match: Undertaker vs. Randy & Bob Orton
Taker is in full control and manages to slam Bob on top of the casket first. Bob seems down and out and now Taker goes after the younger Randy. Randy is nearly tossed into the casket but wiggles away. Bob is tossed in by Taker, but Bob quickly hops out. Still in control, Undertaker goes into work on Randy. Taker is twisting up that left arm. Taker then mounts the rope and comes crashing down with a falling forearm drop. Taker drops Randy with a clothsline then sets up Bob for Old School, but Randy breaks it up and the Ortons are in control. The Ortons try and suplex Taker into the casket but Taker counters with a suplex of his own! Taker tosses Bob into the casket. Now he sends Randy into the corner, lands a Snake Eyes drop then levels him with a boot to the face. The Ortons try and suplex Taker into the casket but Taker counters with a suplex of his own! Taker tosses Bob into the casket. Now he sends Randy into the corner, lands a Snake Eyes drop then levels him with a boot to the face. Taker grabs a steel chair and levels Randy into the Casket. Taker then wraps Bob in a triangle hold and drops him into the casket. All he has to do now is reach over and shut the lid with both Randy and Bob in but Randy is up and is battling back. Bob Orton is knocked out now in teh casket and now Taker is battling Randy alone. Randy is able to gain control over Taker and wants to drop him into the casket but his Dad is in there! As Randy plots what to do next, Taker comes up behind with a low blow. Randy mounts Taker in the corner, but Taker counters and tries for th Last Ride but couldn't land it. But Taker manages to get him back up again and lands it this time around! Taker goes to place Randy into the casket, but as the lid is opened, Bob Orton pops out and sprays Taker with a fire extinguisher! Bob trys and roll Taker into the casket but Taker awakens. Now Randy helps Dad out but ends up in the casket alone with the Taker with the lid closed. The lid is back open and Randy hits Taker with a chair. Randy hops out and shuts the lid. The Ortons win! The Ortons wheel the cakset up the aisle and Randy smashes it with an axe! Then Bob comes back out with gasoline and they set the casket on fire with Taker inside!

Cruiserweight Title: Juventud vs. Nunzio
Nunzio and Juvi get to the action fast. Nunzio locks Juvi up in spider lock but Juvi is able to escape. Nunzio mounts the ropes but Juvi meets him there and slams him down and now they're both down and out in the center of the ring.Juvi plants Nunzio with the Juvidriver and gets the three count! Juvi takes the strap and is the new Cruiserweight champion! Juvi plants Nunzio with the Juvidriver and gets the three count! Juvi takes the strap and is the new Cruiserweight champion! The Mexicools celebrate with him in the ring and Mexicools are interviewed by the spanish announcers. Who knows what they said but they ended it with "Somos Los Mexicools!"

WWE Championship: Batista vs. Eddie Guerrero

Simon Dean finishes off 19 cheese burgers and has one giant one to go! But he dashes to the restroom and it sounds like those 19 burgers are coming back up.

Next up is the WWE Championship match. Out first is Eddie Guerrero, the number one contender. Batista comes out to huge ovation and these guys are ready to go at it for the WWE Championship.

Eddie and Batista try and feel eachother out first. Eddie gets Batista down but he's able to power out as the crowd chant "BATISTA"! Eddie is mounted on the top turnbuckle and Batista slams him all the way down! Eddie slides out to ringside and trys to think up a better plan to attack the champion. Back inside, Eddie stares Batista down. Batista just smiles at a frustrated Eddie. The two lock up in the center of the ring. Batista gets side headlock on Eddie. Guerrero trys to battle back with punches to Batista's midsection, but its not work. Eddie backs Batista in to the corner and whips Eddie into the opposite corner. Batista charges but Eddies out the way and Batista hits all turnbuckles! Batista slaps the sideheadlock back on and Eddie is trying all he can to break out of it. Eddie bounces off the ropes and Batista slams him down with a scoop slam and gets a two count. Eddie heads back outside and grabs a chair. As the ref counts him out he slams the chair and turns back around to meet the hand of Batista and he grabs Eddie by the throat. Eddie jumps off the appron hold Batista's arm and Batista is volted off teh rope. Eddie climbs the ropes and lands a frog splash! But no pin. Eddie has Batista laced up in a chickenwing choke hold, down on the mat. Batista fights his way up to his feet with Eddie clinging on his back. Eddie is slamed into the turnbuckle but before Batista can gain the upper hand Eddie lands a dropkick and slaps on a single leg crab-lock. With the ref knocked out Eddie goes for a steel chair. But Eddie hesitates, remembering that he promised Batista that he wouldn't screw him out of the title. So Eddie throws the chair back out. Batista spotted Eddie with the chair, though. Eddie and Batista argue, but Batista goes after Eddie relentlessly now. Batista has Eddie up for the Batistabomb, but he dropped him and began hold his back. It seems as Batista is having some back pain and the win is just in reach for him. Batista goes for a cover anyway but only gets a 2 count. Eddie kicks out and goes for the three amigo suplexes! Eddie is climbing the ropes but Batista is back up! Eddie misses the frog splash! Batista lands the Batistaslam and gets the three count to retain the title! Batista celebrates a little then helps Eddie to his feet. Eddie seems very disappointed, but the crowd in Houston begin to chant Eddie's name. Eddie extends his hand to Batista, but Batista is hesitant to shake his hand. Batista says what the hell, and goes for the handshake. Batista turns his back to celebrate, but stops and turns back around. Eddie smiles and exits the ring as the show comes to an end.