WWE Taboo Tuesday Report (11/01/05) - San Diego, California

WWE Taboo Tuesday
Report by Rajah.com
Commentators: Jerry Lawler and Joey Styles

Joey Styles is on the air as WWE is not airing their normal pregame package but instead we are live in the arena with Jerry Lawler and Joey Styles doing the commentary.

We just had a match with Val Venis & Shelton Benjamin being defeated by Striker & Kerwin White.

We go backstage and see that Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy will be the two superstars to take on Edge & Chris Masters.Matt Hardy is first out followed by Rey Mysterio. And we are ready to kick this thing off. Right as we are about ready to kick things off, Lita grabs the microphone and says she has a little surprise for us tonight. "Her man is not going to be wrestling." Edge gets on the microphone and says he doesn't care about either Rey Jr. or Matt Hardy, because it does nothing to defeat them again, but he does care about himself. Then he announces that Gene Snitsky is his replacment in the match. Chris Masters attacks Rey Jr. from behind and goes for a quick cover.Snitsky finally gets some shots in after Matt Hardy almost hits the twist of fate on Masters. Masters now gets the tag and backs Hardy into a corner and works him under then followed up by a double underhook and then a two count. Masters is looking for the masterlock by softening up the back of Matt Hardy, but he hasn't been able to hook it on just yet.
Snitsky hits a big spinebuster on Matt Hardy after getting a tag from Masters. Snitsky then hooks Matt Hardy under the ropes and brings his throat into the bottom rope.Snitsky hits a clothesline and tags Masters back in. Match has been going for a bit now. Decent match with Snitsky finally getting caught by Matt Hardy in the corner to turn the tide and then hits a reverse DDT. Both men are now down in the ring and the crowd cheers on Matt Hardy to make the tag to Rey Mysterio. Masters hooks on the Masterlock on Rey Mysterio after the hot tag. He has him, but REY won't tap. Rey falls back on Masters and the ref makes a two count. Then the refs begin to argue with Matt Hardy breaking up the hold. Matt Hardy goes airborne and takes out both Masters and Snitsky. The action moves back to the ring with people flying all over the place. Snitsky is tossed out of the ring. Masters is hit with the 619 from Rey Jr. Matt Hardy hits the twise of fate and then Rey gets the cover.

Winners: Matt Hardy & Rey Mysterio Jr.

We see all three choices backstage with Jimmy Snuka, Kamala, & Hacksaw Jim Duggan. We see that Superfly is the winner and Eugene greets him as they go to the ring. Rob Conway & Tyson Tomko vs Jimmy Snuka & Eugene Tomko is in the ring as he hammers on Eugene's back. Eugene wants to tie him up with a test of strength. Conway now in the ring as he has Eugene grounded with a reverse choke. Eugene is struggling to get out. He finally works to his feet and then Conway once again sends him back to the mat. Eugene finally gets the tag to Superfly who gets in the ring and is immediatley met by both Tomko and Conway. Superfly stays back because Eugene is up quick to take care of business. Eugene then hits the Rock Bottom on Conway.Superfly goes to the top rope and finally makes the leap onto Conway! Superfly then goes for the 3 count and gets it.

Winners: Eugene & Superfly Jimmy Snuka

After the match Tomko decks Jimmy Snuka and then Eugene, but the other legends come out from the back to take out both Conway and Tomko.

The poll shows that Makind was picked to take on Carlito for the next match. A video of Makind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love is shown. Shortly after Mankind comes out to a huge ovation. The bell rings and the match is underway. Mankind is hammering on Carltio. He goes and pulls out a chair from under the ring as Carlito looks like he is out of it. However, Carlito pops up and drills Mankind into the steel steps as he falls on the stell chair. He then hits a dropkick on Mankind. Mankind is hammered into the stairs again as Carlito begins to dominate. He goes for a cover, but only a 2 count. Mankind finally pops up after both men go for a clothesline and both hit it. Mankind gets up first and tosses Carlito to the outside of the ring and then he drops an elbow onto the floor onto Carlio. Carlito appears to be out right now.Mankind goes into his pants and pulls out Mr. Socko. Carlito doesn't see it coming and Mankind hooks on the Mandiable Claw! Carlito is out!

Winner: Mankind

At the end of the match Joey Styles goes nuts for Mr. Socko, I actually thought he was going to blow out his voice.

Since HBK was chosen it's now Big Show and Kane vs Cade & Murdoch and they go to work rather quickly on those two. The bell rings as Kane takes down Cade. This is one big tag team. Kane is tearing apart Cade. The tag champs have not gotten in any offense thus far. Big Show is now in as he smacks Cade's back. Big Show now into the ropes and then hits a boot to the face. Styles reminds us that the tag champs are in some serious trouble. Finally the champs get some offense going. Murdoch gets in and gets Big Show out of the ring and then goes up top and hammers on Kane. Now they have Kane rolled into the corner and then they use some good teamwork to take him down to the mat. They now have Kane locked in the middle of the ring, but he is starting to fight out. Kane is now down long. He pops up and then goes airborne as Murdoch is sent flying to the outside. Double chokeslam by Big Show & Kane onto Cade. We have new Champs!

Winners: Kane & Big Show

Murdoch then comes into the ring and gets planted as Big Show & Kane pose with one antoher.

We now know the WWE Diva's will only be wearing Lingere tonight which should be fun.

We see a highlight package of Coach vs Batista which of course is pretty short because it just came together last night.

Goldust and Vader come out with Coach.

Of course the fan voting in this match ended up being a street fight. Like it would be verbal debate!! 91% for streetfight.

Here comes Batista. This is a streetfight. All 3 men are in the ring. The crowd exploded when Batista came out. Batista takes down Goldust and then Vader. Coach is out of the mix very quickly. Goldust tries to attack Batista from behind but that doesn't work. Vader then tries to get into the act again, but as he does Goldust gets a kendo stick and hammers on Batista. Now Vader has him down in the ring and Golddust goes and gets a chair from outside and Coach gets a belt and starts whipping Batista.Batista powers out and starts destroying Goldust and Vader. He then grabs Coach and whips him with the belt. Batista is just taking apart all three men now. All three get spinebusters in the middle of the ring.Huge Batista bomb on Coach and that's it. All three men are laid out and Batista gets an easy three count on Coach.

Winner: Batista

Backstage we get to hear from HBK. He talks about his upcoming match tonight and then Angle comes into the picture. He asks HBK to help him team up with him tonight to take down Cena. HBK listens to Angle but doesn't respond. Then HBK says he will think about it.

Here comes the Diva match.First out is Ashley wearing Black Lingere and looking smoking hot. Next is Candice Michelle who is wearing white. Followed by Mickey James who is wearing a nice outfit as well. Victoria comes out wearing red and looking very serious. Maria comes out looking just awesome wearing barely anything as you can see in the live images. Trish is out last and she is wearing a green robe, but has yet to show us the goods. Trish then shows us a very nice black outfit. I'd say Ashley is wearing the least of any of them, but lets get this underway. Trish is almost eliminated. AShley gets tossed. Mickey James holds on. Victoris is hammering on Trish. Mickey James gets up and goes after Victoria. Mickey James saves Trish. Victoria eliminates Mickey James, but Victoria takes James with her and pulls her down.

Winner: Trish Stratus

Flair's prayers have been answered! Ric Flair vs Triple H in a steel cage. The cage lowers to the ground as Triple H makes his way to the ring.

Ric Flair is out next and we are ready to go. Maria is gone. Candice Michelle is quickly out as well. We almost have a wardrobe malfunction but the Diva's hold onto to their tops. Victoria and Mickey James go at it. Flair and Triple H go back and forth. Finally a high knee takes down Flair. Flair battles back though with some chops. Flair stuns HHH. HH into the ropes, but he reverses with a spinebuster. Triple H finally sends Flair into the cage and it didn't take long for this to turn into a blood bath. Triple H takes Flair's bloody forehead and rakes it across the steel cage just opening it up even more in a pretty gruesome display. Flair is in a bad way as Triple H hammers him into the steel cage. Flair has blood all over his face now. Flair is down as the fans begin to chant his name. HHH begins to climb the cage as he waves bye to Flair. Flair quickly gets up and climbs the ropes and tries to pull in Triple H. He hits a few chops and then sends Triple H to the mat. Triple H pulls Flair onto the top rope and then gets up and grabs a chain holding together the steel chain. Flair counters and drives Triple to the mat. HHH still has the chain. Both men are down. Flair goes for the figure four, but HHH counters with a chain to the forehead. Finally after HHH assaults Flair, the referee takes the chain away. HHH is now just slapping Flair around as Flair screams in pain. Knee to the back of the neck by HHH. HHH is now taking apart a very bloody Ric Flair. HHH isn't even trying to leave the cage as he is just having his way with Flair. HHH now hooks on the figure four. Flair is holding on. He's battling the figure four. He almost gets counted out. Flair is trying to roll it over. He's almsot got it. He's got it! Triple H tries to get out of it, he rolls Flair back over but grabs the ropes. The ref finally breaks the hold. Out of nowhere, HHH gets sent into the steel by Flair. Now Triple H is busted open. Ric Flair playing dirty now, bites HHH in the forehead and is opening him up. Flair is now on fire as he chops away at HHH. Flair is hammering on HHH's forehead. He's biting his head again. Both men have blood all over them now. HHH into the steel cage again, face first. Flair is making this match bloody. It's an absolute bloodfest as both men have been raked across the steel cage. Both men's chest is covered in blood it's so bad. Flair hits a big knee drop. Flair is doing his work slowly on HHH. Flair is really working over HHH with chop blocks to the knee. He is going after HHH's repaired Quad from a few years ago. Flair fighting old school as he slowly works on HHH. Flair hooks on the Figure Four! HHH is screaming in pain. HHH is trying to get to the ropes, but Flair pulls him back to the center of the cage. HHH almost gets counted out as both bloody mean scream. Flair has it hooked on tight as he hammers on HHH's knees. HHH pulls the referee into Flair to break up the hold. Both men are down now. Flair tries to escape. He's almost out and HHH catches him. Flair then tosses HHH to the ring canvas. Flair gets down and hits HHH with a lowblow. Flair is up and crawling again. He's trying to get out of the cage door. Flair is almost out. Flair has one arm out. He's got two arms out. Flair si trying to get a chair and bring it back in. He can't get out of the cage. HHH sees the chair and smashes Flair's hand. HHH gets the Chair. Flair begs not to hit him. Flair hits the lowblow!! Flair is gonna make it. He's got the lowblow. Chairshot from Flair. Another Chairshot from Flair. Another Chairshot from Flair. HHH is out. Flair goes for the door. He's got it open and he falls out!

Winner: Ric Flair

The fans are elated but the look of shock on their faces as the camera pans around them. They are in shock at the bloodfest we just saw. They show HHH getting out of the cage. The fans cheer for HHH out of a show of respect for that match. It's time for the Main Event now. Angle is out first, followed by HBK. Cena is out last to a huge ovation. WWE didn't waste anytime in between these two matches, so the canvas is still speckled with blood from the previous match. Doesn't take long for Angle and HBK to go at it. I guess there was no deal. Angle then goes after Cena and lays him out in the middle of the ring. Cena is back up. Cena takes down Angle with a suplex and then HBK with a kick. The action is all over the place. Backslide by HBK on Cena almost nets a 3 count. HBK now gets Cena up and hammers him int the corner. Angle is in now. He hits two German Suplex's. Then he hits three more on both men and has them both laid out. There are bodies flying everywhere as all men try their finishing moves, yet none of them connect. Now Angle and HBK work together on Cena as they get him in the middle of the ring and take turns on him with blows to the head. Cena is driven into the ringpost. He's now on the outside as Angle and HBK try to make him a non-factor in this match. Angle and Cena take him over towards the Spanish Announce Table. They both pick him up and drop him belly first on the announce table. Cena is laying motionless on the outside of the ring. Now Angle and HBK are ready to roll as they start trading blows. Angle and HBK now back in the ring. Angle goes for a quick cover, which HBK kicks out of. Cena is still laid out on the outside. Angle works on a scissors hold, but this is giving time for Cena to get back to his feet. Angle is driving his forearm into the face of HBK. Now it's HBK with the offense. Cena is still out as the fans begin to chant his name. HBK drills Angle and then into the ropes. Angle holds onto the ropes, but then out of nowhere hits the overhead belly to belly suplex. Angle walks around the ring and then takes HBK into the turnbuckle. The Champ is back. Angle hits an Olympic Slam from the top rope, but Cena is quickly in to take care of Angle. Cena then takes out both Angle and HBK. HBK lays out Cena out of nowhere. Now HBK goes flying onto Angle on the outsie. This action is moving so fast it's hard to really even keep up. Kurt Angle and HBK back in the ring. Angle hits a huge belly to belly over the top rope and HBK just falls to the floor. That was a wild move. Angle is laid out by Cena. Angle is up in the FU. Angle reverses the FU and hooks on the ankle lock. Cena can't get to the ropes. Kurt Angle and HBK back in the ring. Angle hits a huge belly to belly over the top rope and HBK just falls to the floor. That was a wild move. Angle is laid out by Cena. Angle is up in the FU. Angle reverses the FU and hooks on the ankle lock. Cena can't get to the ropes. Kurt Angle and HBK back in the ring. Angle hits a huge belly to belly over the top rope and HBK just falls to the floor. That was a wild move. Angle is laid out by Cena. Angle is up in the FU. Angle reverses the FU and hooks on the ankle lock. Cena can't get to the ropes. Angle has the ankle lock hooked on. There is no escape. Cena tries to hold on. He keeps holding on. HBK comes flying into the picture from the top rope with a huge elbow. Angle is down. HBK gets up and tunes up the band. He runs in for a Sweet Chin Music on Angle and hits it, but as soon as he does he's up in the FU from Cena and Cena plants him. Cena gets the win.

Winner: John Cena

Live Photos of Taboo Tuesday! 120+ From tonight's Lingere Match!