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Rajah.com is not only the best source for wrestling news on the web, but has an unbelievable amount of information as well. With the Monday Night Ratings Archive, Wrestler Bios, Title Histories, Mailbag, Record Books, and other various sections, the site is already a library of information. But for a long time now, Rajah.com readers have desired a somewhat more detailed past PPV section to be added to the already informative site. After months of requests, we're finally ready to give our readers what they want.

We've finally gotten around to starting a PPV section in which we examine all the past PPV's from the WWF in more detail, discussing the specifics of each match, and in necessary cases, the angles surrounding it and the events that led up to it. We'll begin with the first Wrestlemania in 1985, and work our way forward from there, adding one more PPV review every few days if all goes as planned.

We know that with the wrestling boom of the late 90's and 2000, many of our readers and wrestling fans in general may be newer to the WWF and might be eager to learn about past events, but may not have the resources to do so. Years ago it was easy to go back and rent videotapes from the PPV's you had missed, and learn about the past, as well as what many current wrestlers had been up to before you had started to follow them. I was actually able to do that myself and uncover years of wrestling that I had missed. But unfortunately, many old WWF tapes are becoming harder and harder to find, and in many areas, it's difficult to get your hands on anything that happened before 1998.

So that's why we've decided to go ahead with this section. We are confident that newer fans will be intrigued to read about they might have missed, but also that older fans will enjoy reliving the past through our reviews.

In our reviews, we'll write about each match and affiliated storyline, and speak about the match itself. Just for fun, I'll then "rate" each using the "five star system" which has been adopted my many wrestling gurus and critics on the internet. For those that don't already know, it is as follows:

***** Match of the year candidate

****1/2 An almost perfect match

**** Excellent

***1/2 Extremely good

*** Good

**1/2 Better than average but nothing special

** Average

*1/2 Below average but not atrocious

* Pretty bad, but at least some action

1/2* Terrible, but at least a high spot in there somewhere

DUD Of no value

-stars Not only terrible, but completely offensive to the ticket buying public

Of course all ratings are completely subjective and are pure opinions, so don't get too worked up if you see a rating you disagree with. The focus of this section isn't about one persons' opinion of a match. The rating system is merely an additional tool to contribute, and since it's used by many, I've already had people suggest to me that we might as well adopt it too. The main point of this section is to discuss the matches and cards themselves, what they were at the time, and how they've stood the test of time.

Many people on the internet have written similar reviews for PPV shows, using star ratings, and detailing the matches, and before we even begin this section, I am already beginning to anticipate the inevitable hate mail that will pour in, accusing us, no doubt, of ripping so-and-so off or copying somebody else. I can assure you this is not our intention. We believe that our PPV reviews will be an adequate source for the readers of our site to read about, learn about, and reminisce about PPV's of the past. We are not trying to copy or compete with anybody else that may do similar reviews. The fact is that many excellent (and not so excellent) reviews exist on the internet, and now we're doing our part as well. Hopefully our readers will enjoy it, because really, our readers are our only target audience, and this is merely an alternative to them that we think they will enjoy and find to be most interesting. And our readers are the ones that will benefit from this. At least that's the plan.

There's really not much more to say. Just sit back, grab your beverage of choice, and enjoy the Rajah.com version of detailed PPV Flashbacks.

Please contact me at: webmaster@rajah.com if you have any questions or comments.

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