In Your House
May 14, 1995
Syracuse, New York
Onandaga War Memorial Arena

Announcers: Vince McMahon & Dok Hendrix

This was the WWF's first effort towards monthly PPV broadcasts. WCW had already started to do the same, and fearing their competition as well as realizing the opportunity to make more money, the WWF was forced to do the same and air monthly PPV's. They came up with the idea of having "In Your House" shows in months when one of the "classic" five PPV's weren't scheduled. These shows, while still being PPV's, wouldn't be as important as their "classic" PPV counterparts. They didn't have their own names or identities, were only two hours long instead of three, and as a result only cost $15 to purchase instead of $25 or $30.

Todd Pettengill narrates an awesome In Your House opening video package to kick us off.

The set for the show is simple and to the point; there's an actual house near the entrance.

Todd interviews Bret Hart before his opening match. The Hitman dedicates the match to his mom since it's Mother's Day.

Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Hakushi
Hakushi was a new impressive high flying Japanese wrestler who dressed in all white and had fake tatoos (sold as real ones) all across his face and torso. He started a mini-feud with Bret Hart after Bret was presented with an award by the Japanese media and Hakushi took exception. Hakushi never spoke but was still pretty over as a heel, as the fans respected his aerial ability. He's undefeated entering this match. They do some nice mat stuff to start, as each works the other's arm. Bret starts to control, so Hakushi wisely bails to think things over. Back in, Hakushi reverses a corner whip and Bret goes chest first into the turnbuckle. Hakushi slams him and connects with a pump splash. Jerry Lawler is shown watching on a monitor backstage and he likes what he sees. Lawler will also be wrestling Bret in a one on one match later in the night for reasons I'll explain later. A roll up reversal sequence results with Bret on the floor, where Hakushi's manager Sinja (doesn't he play rightfield for the Mets?) sneaks in a few cheap shots. Hakushi chokes him out, then tosses him back in where he lands his handspring elbow. Bret comes back but Hakushi goes to a gutwrench suplex. Hakushi hits a headbutt off the top rope, but Bret kicks out at two. Hakushi's springboard splash misses and Bret mounts a comeback.

The russian leg sweep and a bulldog get two and are followed by a backbreaker and the second rope elbow drop. He goes for the Sharpshooter, but Sinja gets on the apron to distract him. Bret goes over and nails him, then clotheslines Hakushi. Sinja trips Bret up when he goes off the ropes, so Bret nails him with a flying tope. Back in, a Hakushi dropkick gets two. Bret blocks a suplex and counters with one of his own, suplexing Hakushi all the way to the floor. Bret falls backwards too so it was a real suplex to the floor, not one of those cheap ones where only the opponent falls to the ground. This match is now approaching the ten minute mark so both men are understandably sweating. Hey Vince, the tatoos on Hakushi's head are disappearing. Hmmm... I didn't know sweat could do that to tatoos. Anyway, they struggle to their feet and Hakushi hits his awesome springboard moonsault right there on the floor. He actually used that as his finisher, then instead of throwing his opponents in the ring he'd leave them on the floor and take the countout win. He tries the same approach here, but Bret beats the count in, and a reversal sequence leads to a Bret Hart victory roll for the three count at 14:41. ***3/4 Awesome opener. Fireworks go off, as Bret is victorious. Bret leaves the ring to high five some of his ringside fans, but twists his knee when he jumps from the apron to the floor. He starts to sell the knee injury as the announcers remind us that he still has to face Jerry Lawler later in the evening…

I said I'd explain it later, so I might as well do it now. Lawler had been rekindling his feud with Bret, starting up with the comments about his family again while Hakushi was also starting to feud with him. Bret had already signed to wrestle Hakushi at In Your House, so Lawler challenged him to a match at the same event, in an effort to make himself look like a tough guy. He knew Bret would never accept since he already had a match scheduled for that show and intended to make Bret come off as a wuss, but Bret called his bluff and accepted the challenge anyway, hence the reason he has two matches tonight.

Stephanie Wyand hypes the In Your House drawing where one lucky fan will win an actual house, courtesy of the World Wrestling Federation.

Razor Ramon vs. Jeff Jarrett & The Roadie
This was originally supposed to be Razor & The 1-2-3 Kid against Jarett & The Roadie, but the Kid got hurt, so we get a handicapped match instead. Jarrett is still the Intercontinental Champion and wears his awesome blinking hat and sunglasses to the ring. The heels stall and the announcers start to bicker about something or other. Dok to Vince: "Hey, you don't make the rules around here." Jarrett starts with Razor and handles him with ease for the first few minutes. The Roadie tags in for a clothesline and some elbows. Hey, when did he get a huge moveset like that? Jeff, clearly the captain of the ship so to speak, tags right back in for a near fall sequence, but maintains control. Razor shows signs of life but Jarrett backdrops him to the floor. The Roadie jumps off the second rope to the floor with a nice clothesline. Yeah, Dogg. Razor beats the count back in. Jarrett lands a huge cross bodyblock off the top rope. A dropkick and a neckbreaker get a two count. Jarrett rules. He misses a rope splash and a fast sequence off the ropes leads to a collision. Razor hits a back suplex, but Jarrett has the Roadie to tag and Razor has no one. The Roadie hits a second rope kneedrop for two, then goes to a chinlock. He tags Jarrett back in and Razor makes his comeback. He gets the Roadie with his pattened back suplex off the second rope, but Jarrett is the legal man and clips his knee. A Figure Four attempt is blocked by Razor, as he sends Jeff flying into the Roadie. The Razor's Edge finishes Jarrett at 12:39 so Razor can get his heat back without regaining the Title after doing all those jobs to Jeff earlier in the year. *** The two on one heel beatdown starts up again after the match. Aldo Montoya runs in and takes out the Roadie for whatever reason before they beat him up too and resume their concentration on Razor. Some guy in street clothes runs out of the stands to take them out and make the save. Officials restrain him and the cops eventually come in and take him out. This was the debut of Savio Vega, but at this point we still aren't told his name, as the announcers are baffled as to his identity.

Jerry Lawler is shown backstage arguing with WWF President Jack Tunney. He wants the match right now so he can cash in on Bret's knee injury, but it's scheduled for later and Tunney refuses to move it up on the card.

Sid hype. He's nuts. That's all you need to know.

King Of The Ring Qualifying Match: Adam Bomb vs. Mabel
This is the first KOTR qualifier, so someone saw fit to put it on PPV. Makes sense. Men on a Mission are coming off a recent heel turn where they dropped their manager Oscar and most of the rapping. Now Mo merely accompanies Mabel to the ring for his singles matches. Hey, say what you will about the gimmick, but Adam Bomb was kind of cool and I always saw potential in him. Anyway, Mabel hits a quick avalanche, but a second one misses. Bomb shoulder blocks him to the floor and follows with a pescado. Nice. Back in, Bomb slingshot clotheslines him for two. He goes up top and hits a clothesline but only gets a one count, as Mabel pushes him off. Mabel hits his heel kick, then catches him with a powerslam to pick up the win at 1:54. Quick match, but solid action. *

Todd interviews Razor Ramon, who introduces his friend as Savio Vega, a fiery Puerto Rican, and an old friend.

Lawler comes out to the arena and demands Bret Hart now, but Bret is still icing his knee backstage and the match won't be held until later.

Tag Team Titles: The Smoking Gunns vs. Owen Hart & Yokozuna (Champions)
This is the Gunns' rematch from Wrestlemania and the idea is that now it's a fair fight because the Gunns know who Owen's partner is before the match and this way they can adequately prepare for them. Vince mentions that Bart beat Owen in a singles match leading up to this. Ugh, Owen jobbed to Bart Gunn. The Gunns start off hot but an Owen enziguri on Billy turns the tide for the heels. Yoko has his way with him on the floor but misses an avalanche and runs into the steel post, nearly knocking himself out. This spells trouble for Owen, who's the legal man in the ring. Billy makes the hot tag to Bart and they clean house on him. A hot sequence ends with Bart missing a crossbody. He's sent to the floor where a recovering Yokozuna leg drops him, then feeds him back in to Owen, who pins him to retain the Titles at 5:47. Fun little match. **3/4

Todd talks to WWF Champion, Big Daddy Cool Diesel.

Jerry Lawler is in the ring with his attractive "mother" who is actually several decades younger than him, much like his current wife. Vince has some fun, dismissing the obvious fact that it isn't Lawler's real mother, then sends it to Todd with Bret in the gorilla position, called so by Vince. Bret reveals that his knee is just fine, and always was, and it was all a ruse to one-up Lawler. Vince, Todd, and Bret share a laugh at the King's expense as Bret starts to make his entrance.

Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler
Lawler still doesn't know that Bret's knee is alright since he didn't see the aforementioned interview. Bret pounds away on him and shows Lawler that his knee is fine. I don't think he should have done that so early; he should've played possum for a few minutes first, but oh well. It was still a cool angle. Bret easily dominates Lawler, but the King catches him with a boot and a piledriver. Bret no sells it and gets right up with a bulldog. Now Bret piledrives Lawler. Sinja runs out as Earl Hebner takes a tough ref bump, landing with his foot caught between the second and bottom ropes, hanging upside down over the floor. Only Earl could take a ref bump like that. Bret hits his russian leg sweep and the elbow drop off the second rope and covers, but there's no ref to count. Hebner is all tied up. Hakushi runs in and nails Bret with three consecutive headbutts off the top rope. Sinja helps free Hebner, and Lawler covers Bret for three at 5:03. Another fun match despite the finish. **3/4 After the match, Bret ducks a Hakushi clothesline that ends up hitting Lawler, and Bret whoops on Hakushi and Sinja. Vince: "Bret Hart is angry; I don't think I've EVER seen him as angry as this." Just give it a few years, Vince.

Sid talks to the camera.

Todd and Stephanie hype the house. Someone is going to win a very extravagant home in Orlando, Florida. Todd rakes the letters and Stephanie climbs in the pile of allegedly over 340,000. They call the winner on the phone and on the second try they get through. Matt Pomposilli, age 11 of Henderson, Nevada, wins the house. His old man thinks it's some sort of joke. Heh.

WWF Title: Diesel (Champion) vs. Psycho Sid
Sid had his awesome psychopath music going at this point and had recently joined Ted DiBiase's Million Dollar Corporation. With the possible exception of the Hogan feud, this is my favorite part of Sid's career. I'm not sure why, really. Maybe it's all relative. Diesel surprisingly dictates a quick pace here at the start when he's on offense, but Sid soon takes control with a long camel clutch. And I do mean long. Diesel breaks it but Sid hits a chokeslam and the powerbomb. He stalls (as to not kill his own finisher) before covering Diesel, who of course kicks out at two. Sid misses a charge in the corner. Diesel delivers a buckleshot, a big boot, and hits the Jackknife, his own powerbomb. He covers, but Sid's fellow Corporation member, Tatanka, comes out and nails Diesel at two for the DQ finish at 11:30. A heel Corporation beatdown follows, but newly turned babyface and ex-Million Dollar Corporation member, Bam Bam Bigelow, makes the save for Diesel before Sid can powerbomb him again. Diesel retains his Title. A decent start and a decent finish to the match, but the middle dragged a lot. * The finish set up the main event for King Of The Ring, which would feature Diesel & Bigelow against Sid & Tatanka.

My tape has a Coliseum Video exclusive bonus match after this which was a dark match that occurred at the arena but was never aired on PPV. It's a good thing too because the match happens to be the Undertaker going up against Kama. It's a long and boring match that gets decent about ten minutes in, not surprising since it's booked to go thirteen. Taker takes it with the usual at 13:09. 1/2* I'm glad they didn't make people pay for that.

In Your House Key Stats
Matches: 6
Total Wrestling: 51:34
Average Match: 8:39
Average Match Rating: **1/2
Top Moments: Bret/Hakushi, Bret's mind games with Lawler, Jarrett's performance, Owen's match, Lawler's "mother", Lawler's cheap win, the house giveaway

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