In Your House
September 24, 1995
Saginaw, Michigan
Saginaw Civic Center

Announcers: Vince McMahon, Jerry "The King" Lawler & Jim Ross

Because when you think Saginaw, Michigan, you think Pay Per View! Oh well, better there than Peroia, Illinois. This PPV marked the first time three WWF Titles would be on the line in one match, as WWF Champion Diesel would team with Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels to challenge the Tag Team Champions, Owen Hart and Yokozuna, in the main event. If either Owen or Yoko pinned Diesel or Michaels, they would win their corresponding singles Title, and if Michaels or Diesel scored the win they would become Tag Team Champions. This concept was recycled in 2001 with The Undertaker, Kane, Triple H, and Steve Austin, only in a much more contrived and forced fashion.

Savio Vega vs. Waylon Mercy
The short-lived Waylon Mercy gimmick was awesome! Waylon was portrayed by veteran Dan Spivey, and he was perfect for the character. On the surface, Mercy, who was a lanky 6'6 or so, was a serene, kind, laid back southern guy, decked out in an unbuttoned hawaiian shirt. But something about him just wasn't right. For one thing, he always offered to shake his opponents' hand with his left hand. A left-handed handshake? Who does that? He seemed peaceful on the outside, but something was clearly awry, and beneath that friendly exterior was an evil son of a gun who could snap at a moment's notice. One could tell there was more to him just by looking in his eyes. He wore white pants, but had jet black hair and a tatoo of a dagger on his forehead. Visual symbolism rules! I was really getting into the Mercy character and was hopeful, and pretty confident, he'd go over Savio here. He starts off well, with a slam on the floor and a hotshot back in the ring. We cut backstage as Dok Hendrix reports that Owen Hart has not yet arrived at the arena. Meanwhile Waylon Mercy cinches in a sleeperhold with a devilish look on his face. Vince throws around the term "no mercy", perhaps pondering better PPV names than "In Your House". Savio back suplexes out and makes the comeback with a bulldog. He does this cool forward russian legsweep right into a pinning combination and grabs a two count off it. Waylon responds with a clothesline and a dangerous looking brainbuster for two of his own. Savio manages a suplex of his own for two, then scores a roundhouse kick… for three at 7:07. Juh? ** Decent enough match, but how's that supposed to push Waylon Mercy? It's not, I guess. It turns out Spivey was injured shortly before this and ended up hanging them up for good a month or so later. It's a shame too. We can only wonder where the Waylon Mercy character would have gone in the long term.

Dok talks to Interim WWF President Gorilla Monsoon with Jim Cornette, Yokozuna, and Mr. Fuji. Gorilla assures the fans the Triple Header Main Event is not in jeopardy, but he's mad at Corny for Owen's absence.

Henry O. Godwinn vs. Sid
HOG's official face turn came when he slopped Sid and Ted DiBiase weeks prior to this. Sid fired back with a powerbomb on the floor, and as a result, HOG sells a back injury here. In fact, his back gives out on a slam attempt right off the bat, and Sid begins to soften him up. Henry hits the Slop Drop, but DiBiase pulls him off Sid when he covers. Godwinn then tries to run the ropes, but Teddy trips him up and Sid hits a leg drop, then powerbombs him for three at 7:25. Dull but not offensive or anything. * The crowd actually pops for the heel Sid. Bam Bam Bigelow runs down to try to jump Sid, but Kama follows and jumps the Bammer. The Corporation beats on Bigelow until Godwinn recovers and makes the save, slopping DiBiase in the process.

Gorilla tells Jim Cornette to find a replacement for Owen Hart because the main event will happen tonight.

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. British Bulldog
Vince hypes Bulldog vs. Undertaker on Raw tomorrow night, which obviously means Davey Boy is going over here. Way to kill the suspense. Jim Cornette is shown backstage attempting to recruit Sid as Owen's replacement, but Sid seems to want monetary compensation for the job. Meanwhile, Davey Boy runs through the usual on Bam Bam. Bigelow does manage to crotch him, then hit his headbutt off the top rope, but Davey Boy clips his knee and starts to work on that. Bigelow pulls out an enziguri, but the Bulldog maintains control with a chinlock. I wonder why he's resting so much. Bulldog goes for a bodyslam but Bigelow falls on him for two. He goes for the moonsault, but misses and Bulldog gets two. Davey Boy gets two with a headbutt off the top of his own, then moments later reverses an irish whip and catches him with a powerslam to finish him off at 11:59. Long match for that combination. *1/2

A video package on Dean Douglas and Razor Ramon is shown. On an edition of Raw, Razor tried to help the 1-2-3 Kid in his match against Douglas, but the interference backfired and the Kid lost. He didn't exactly appreciate what he viewed as Razor's "sympathy help" either, and the duo's long standing friendship seemed to be on the rocks.

Bob Backlund rips on the crowd with his superflous vocabulary before introducing Dean Douglas for the next match.

Razor Ramon vs. Dean Douglas
Douglas takes the liberty of doing his own condescending introduction of his opponent. Jim Corette is shown backstage again, now discussing things with Mabel, as the announcers marvel at what a great team he and Yokozuna would be. Yeah… Razor and Dean do a nice wrestling sequence, won by Razor. Dean screws up a backflip and runs into a Ramon fallaway slam for two. Douglas tries to bail, but Razor brings him back in by the arm and works it for a bit. They exchange two counts and Douglas throws him to the floor and slams him out there. Shane works the back for awhile, with Razor showing signs of life every once in awhile to maintain the crowd's interest. Razor makes the comeback with his back suplex off the top, but Dean counters by shifting his weight in midair for a pinning combination. Razor, however, rolls through the reversal for a two of his own. The ref is bumped and Douglas misses a splash. Ramon hits the Razor's Edge, but there's no ref, so the 1-2-3 Kid runs out and counts three for his buddy. Razor gets up and thinks he's won, but soon realizes it was the Kid counting for him and shoves him to the floor. Douglas takes the opportunity to score with an ugly double leg roll up as the real official counts the three at 14:51. **3/4 After the match, Razor blames the Kid for his loss and referees are forced to break up a shoving match between the two.

Dok Hendrix interviews Diesel and Shawn Michaels, who coin yet another nifty nickname for themselves. Two Dudes With Attitudes? Nah, try Two Chaps With Four Straps.

Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Jean Pierre LaFitte
LaFitte is Quebecer Pierre repackaged with a crappy gimmick as a great-great-grandson of a pirate. Seriously. And just to prove he's evil, he stole Bret's beloved leather jacket to start a feud with him and give the WWF an excuse for this match. A totally by the book storyline straight out of 1986. Bret deserved better; that's all I can say. LaFitte wears Bret's jacket to the ring and Bret snipers him with a dive through the ropes right off the bat. Bret rips the jacket off him and beats the hell out of him, rightly so. In the ring, he charges in the corner, but Pierre moves and Hart's shoulder smacks into the steel post. LaFitte works it over, and we get a cool spot as Bret counters a rope splash by backdropping him over the top rope, but LaFitte lands on his feet, drags Bret out and sends his shoulder flying into the steel steps. Inside, a nasty Pierre spinebuster gets two. He goes to a chinlock for awhile but Bret manages a sunset flip for two. LaFitte retorts with a clothesline and a side suplex, then buries a top rope leg drop for another two count. Call it the Quebec Jam, I guess. He tries his Cannonball finisher (basically a Swanton Bomb, but by a near 300 pound guy) off the top, but misses. Ouch. Bret tries to hook the Sharpshooter, but LaFitte counters and boots him to the floor. He then tries to follow with a somersault over the top rope, but misses and lands hard flat on his back on the floor. OUCH. Bret takes him to the steps then rolls him in for his pattened russian leg sweep and backbreaker. He goes for the elbow off the second rope, but LaFitte sticks a boot in his face to counter. Jim Ross uses what has become one of his favorite lines, possibly for one of the first times on WWF PPV: "Pierre is tougher than a government mule." LaFitte counters a Hart crucifix attempt into a cool reverse fallaway slam. A Flair pin attempt in the corner gets two for LaFitte. He tried to steal the victory there. Get it? Steal? He's a pirate!... Anyway, Bret crotches himself on a crossbody attempt, but a LaFitte splash off the top rope misses. A double clothesline puts both men down, and while on the mat, Bret somehow hooks him in the Sharpshooter, then turns it over to gain the submission victory at 16:38. I love that Sharpshooter spot. That was one hell of a match too. **** It picked up a lot in the last ten minutes, and whenever that pertains to a sixteen minute match, that means the whole thing built really well.

Dok Hendrix talks to Gorilla Monsoon, Jim Cornette, Mr. Fuji, Yokozuna and… The British Bulldog, Owen Hart's replacement in the main event. Hey, when in doubt, go with your own guy. Gorilla has stated that for this one night only, the Bulldog and Yokozuna are the WWF Tag Team Champions so that the main event can go on as planned.

WWF, Intercontinental and Tag Team Titles: Diesel (WWF Champion) & Shawn Michaels (Intercontinental Champion) vs. Yokozuna & The British Bulldog (Tag Team Champions)
The scenario is very intriguing, as Yoko is a former WWF Champion, Bulldog is a former IC Champion, and Diesel and Shawn are former Tag Champions. The announcers don't play this up, but the obvious advantage goes to the singles Champions in this match since they're fighting for the common goal of winning the Tag Team Titles whereas the Tag Champs each want to win singles gold and could eventually selfishly prevent each other from scoring a winning pinfall. JR keeps getting stepped on by Lawler and Vince on commentary. I'm not sure why that's notable exactly, but it is. Shawn and Davey Boy start with a hot sequence, then all four come in the ring and the babyfaces clear out Camp Cornette. The heels regroup, but Diesel boots Yoko right back out again, enabling the Bulldog to score with a cheap shot. His first suplex attempt fails, but the second one doesn't, as he turns it into his trademark delayed suplex on the seven foot tall WWF Champion. The Bulldog hooks a chinlock, but Diesel fights out and tags Shawn. Diesel slams Davey Boy, then Shawn splashes him off the top of Diesel's shoulders (just because those six extra inches Diesel's shoulders have over the top turnbuckle makes a world of difference). The heels somehow recover and work over Shawn. Yoko goes to his nerve hold, then misses the Banzai Drop, allowing Shawn to make the hot tag to Diesel. Diesel destroys the Bulldog, then whips him into Yoko. Davey Boy Flair Flips and a fatigued Yoko collapses on him. Diesel big boots the Bulldog, but Yokozuna samoan drops Diesel. Shawn helps out and Superkicks Yoko out of the ring to the floor. The British Bulldog hits his running powerslam on Diesel, but Shawn comes off the top rope with an elbow drop to break up the cover. Owen Hart makes his first appearance all night, as he rushes down to ringside and tries to interfere on behalf of Yoko and Davey Boy, but Diesel catches him and Jackknives him. Diesel covers Owen and the ref counts three at 15:44 and awards the WWF Tag Team Titles to Diesel and Shawn Michaels. Two Chaps With Four Straps indeed. *** Good match with a hot finish, but unfortunately for Diesel and Shawn, the celebration was short lived.

The next night on Raw, Gorilla Monsoon correctly ruled that he had made the Bulldog and Yokozuna Tag Team Champions for that night and that night only, and so Diesel's pin on Owen Hart couldn't have possibly constituted a Tag Team Title change. The belts were returned to Owen and Yoko, who lost them to the Smoking Gunns later that night. It turns out that the real reason Owen was late in arriving at the arena was because he was with his wife Martha for the birth of their second child. The show-long storyline about a replacement was sent into motion as a result just in case Owen was unable to make it to the arena at all, but he finally did show up in order to do his run in.

In Your House Key Stats
Matches: 6
Total Wrestling: 73:45
Average Match: 12:18
Average Match Rating: **1/2
Top Moments: Waylon Mercy in action, the replacement storyline, Razor/Douglas, Bret/LaFitte, the main event, Owen's run in

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