In Your House
October 22, 1995
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Winnipeg Arena

Announcers: Vince McMahon, Jerry "The King" Lawler & Jim Ross

Tony Wilson sings the Canadian National Anthem to kick us off.

We begin with the news that WWF Interim President Gorilla Monsoon has stripped Shawn Michaels of the Intercontinental Championship and rules that since Dean Douglas was his scheduled opponent tonight, that makes Douglas the new champ. Dean, however, must defend his newly attained Title against Razor Ramon. Shawn was unable to wrestle because of the very real situation that saw several "thugs" jump him outside a Syracuse bar. Sean Waltman (The 1-2-3 Kid) and Davey Boy Smith were also present, but were held back while the tough guys did a number on Shawn. They roughed him up pretty good, leaving him with a black eye and several bruises. He didn't miss any substantial amount of time, but was in no condition to wrestle this show, and thus the decision was made to take the Intercontinental Title off him.

Fatu vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Wow, Rikishi vs. Triple H. My how times have changed. Four years later Triple H would help bring Rikishi back from obscurity and put him over by wrestling with him in a WWF Title Match as the main event of the first Smackdown of 2000. That was the first time in his career he ever got over as a singles wrestler, and he hasn't looked back since. A year after that they would reveal their devious scheme to try to end Steve Austin's career by conspiring to run him down with an automobile. Back in 1995. however, Fatu is in the midst of his "Make A Difference" Fatu gimmick, a failure to say the least. He transformed from savage foreign Samoan into a nice regular guy from San Fransisco that could actually speak english and vowed to make a difference and help the youth of America by being a positive influence. He also wore a lot of different colors. I wonder why that didn't get over. Hunter was of course still a Greenwich snob, which at least drew some heat. Fatu starts off hot but Helmsley runs through his offense. Fatu comes back but misses a splash and Hunter hits the Pedigree for the win at 8:05. Totally standard match. *3/4 After the match, Henry Godwinn, Hunter's newest rival, runs down to try to slop him, but Hunter avoids it and heads for the hills.

Dok Hendrix interviews The British Bulldog and Jim Cornette. Davey Boy is wrestling Diesel for the WWF Title in the main event tonight. Vince makes reference to the elusive but much talked about "Record Book", and mentions that the Bulldog does hold a pinfall victory over Diesel in the past.

Tag Team Title: The Smoking Gunns (Champions) vs. Razor Ramon & The 1-2-3 Kid
The "aisle" here in the Winnipeg Arena is right where the edge of the hockey rink would be. The only reason I'm mentioning that is because I try to pound as many different observations (no matter how meaningless they may be) into each review, even if it really screws up the flow of my writing. Observe... Both teams are babyfaces, but the Razor/Kid split has been teased before. The announcers discuss the fact that Razor might be preoccupied with his Intercontinental Title shot later in the show. The Kid and Billy start with a fast back and forth exchange, then Razor and Bart go at it. The Kid pulls the top rope down on Bart, sending him spilling to the floor, to try to establish his team as the heels for the match, but the crowd pops huge because the Kid and Razor are a lot cooler to cheer for than a couple of cowboys. Razor fallaway slams Bart, then tags the Kid in and fallaway slams him on to a standing Bart to pick up a two count. Nice. The King mentions the term brama bull as Vince probably notes that would be a good nickname for a star someday. Dean Douglas is shown backstage taking notes on Razor Ramon. Bart and Razor do a double knockout spot and both tag out. Billy hits a backdrop and an elbow on the Kid for two. The Gunns isolate the Kid and hit their cool suplex/dropkick combo move. Billy misses a huge avalanche and does a great oversell while Razor Ramon talks to the ref. Bart sneaks in and puts Billy on top of the Kid for a cover, but the ref catches him and Razor sneaks in and reverses it, placing the Kid on top of Billy. The ref turns around and counts two. The crowd liked that spot. Ramon tags in and hits the Razor's Edge on Billy. The Kid apparently wants the glory of scoring the winning pinfall, so he demands Razor to tag him back in. Ramon is torn as to what to do, so hesitates before deciding to tag the Kid in. The Kid non-chalantly covers Billy and as a result Billy is able to reverse it and cradle him for three to retain the Titles at 12:46. I was digging that match. Good action that went along perfectly with the storyline the whole way. ***1/4 The Kid is pissed at the loss but has only himself to blame. He jumps the Gunns out of frustration and takes their Tag Team Titles, but Ramon takes them from him and hands them back over to the Gunns. He applauds the Champions to maintain his status as a babyface. The Kid, on the verge of the first heel turn of his WWF career, remains upset.

Dok shills for Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels life size cutouts. It's like being in the room with the stars themselves, only without all the egos and verbal squabbles.

Marty Jannetty vs. Goldust
We'd been seeing Goldust vignettes on television for a month or two now, and I remember the first time I ever saw him he scared the hell out of me and nearly gave me nightmares. The gimmick turned out to be a great one and was definitely a character years ahead of its time, as Vince used Goldust's apparent sexual deviance to push the envolope further and further at every possible moment. During Goldust's vignettes, I always wondered how he managed to grow his hair out so long so fast when he had a crew cut just months earlier in WCW. This is Goldust's in ring debut, so I was curious to see him in action. He gets a completely over the top "silver screen" entrance, complete with stoic music and gold glitter descending from above. Oh, and the long hair turns out to be a wig. I should've known. Marty, back in the WWF for the first time since early 1994, gets off to a hot start. Goldust bails and stalls quite a bit to establish his patience. JR talks about Marty's personal demons holding him back. It's a shame too because Marty was always one of my favorites, and while it's not fair to say he could have been a big of a star as Shawn Michaels, I always thought their talent as far as pure in ring ability goes was comparable. Goldust slaps the taste out of his mouth, but runs into a Marty hurricanrana. Goldust shoves him and starts to play mind games with him. Goldie catches him with a big clothesline so Jannetty can work in his 360 sell. Goldust goes to a chinlock. A backdrop sends Marty over the top to the floor, but Marty comes back on the apron and snap mares Goldust over the top rope. They fight on the floor and Goldust sends Jannetty into the post, a spot Marty decides to sell by smacking the thing and flipping to the floor. Jannetty is bumping around like crazy here to try to make the newcomer look good. Goldust suplexes Marty into the ring for two, then goes to the chinlock to kill more time. Goldust's makeup starts to wear away, so it must be time to go home with this one. Vince uses the resthold to mention that there's a 100 year old woman in the audience tonight. Cue Lawler's Helen Hart jokes… now. Marty screws up a flip over Goldust's back, then misses a corner charge where the camera captures a freaky looking fan in attendance. Unfortunately I didn't write anything more descriptive in my notes, so I don't now what it is that makes him so freaky. Goldust gets a DDT for two, but Marty soon segues an armringer into the rocker dropper. He heads up top for the fistdrop, but lands on his feet when he sees Goldust start to roll away, and drops an elbow instead for two. The crowd remains dead, as they either don't know what to think of Goldust or aren't very concerned about the match. Marty clotheslines him and tries the fistdrop off the top again, but this time Goldust sticks a boot in his face. Goldust hits Jannetty with his apparent finisher, a front suplex, to end it and get the win at 11:16, as Lawler declares that he's "shattered the dreams of Marty Jannetty." ** A good debut for Goldust, and a decent match, though one that definitely had its ups and downs.

On Raw recently, Mabel and Yokozuna double teamed the Undertaker and crushed his face in, putting him out of action in the process. As a result, Gorilla has decided to punish them by forcing the heels to wrestle each other. Divide and conquer, baby!

Yokozuna vs. Mabel
In other words, 645 lbs. vs. 568 lbs. for those keeping score at home. I would guess Yoko will play the face in this match, and he kind of does, as they do a lot of stalling in between a couple of slugfests. Mabel connects with a big flying clothesline and an avalanche. Yokozuna takes Mabel down with a clothesline but misses a leg drop. Mabel misses an elbow and they trade headbutts. Mabel tries a bulldog but Yoko won't go down, then decides to sell it anyway. That one was pretty ugly. They brawl on the floor and Yokozuna posts Mabel, then accidentally falls on his own manager, Jim Cornette. Ha! The ref counts them both out of the ring at 5:12 to thankfully put the kibosh on it. DUD After the match, Cornette and Mo organize a hug, as it's apparent that Gorilla Monsoon's attempted divide and conquer strategy hasn't worked after all.

A Survivor Series promo is shown, hyping the Undertaker's return and Bret Hart's WWF Title shot.

Dok Hendrix and Gorilla Monsoon stand in the ring, and Dean Douglas is introduced. Shawn Michaels slowly walks to the ring with the Intercontinental Title with a bunch of bruises on his face. Shawn is trying to milk this for all it's worth, and judging by the sympathetic crowd, it's working. A teary eyed Heartbreak Kid slowly goes to hand the strap to Gorilla and Douglas swipes it out of his hands and raises it in the air. I'm sure he enjoyed that. Dean Douglas, the new Intercontinental Champion via forefit, straps the belt around his waist and parades around with it as Shawn sulks to the back. Douglas totally plays it up and why not since he knew he was about to job it…

Intercontinental Title: Razor Ramon vs. Dean Douglas (Champion)
Razor enters for his second Title shot of the night, and starts to work Douglas's arm. On commentary, JR and The King squabble about something and Vince plays the peacemaker. Today they argue about him (until Lawler left the WWF in February 2001 that is). Cute, eh? Razor hits the fallway slam and clotheslines him to the floor as it becomes pretty noticable that they're running through the same match they had at last month's In Your House. Razor douses him with some water on the floor. He tries for a Razor's Edge back in the ring, but Douglas backdrops him to the floor. He crawls in, and Dean goes upstairs, but Ramon catches him and chokeslams him off the top. Douglas lands a reverse bodypress off the top, but Razor rolls through for two. Douglas dropkicks Ramon for two, then Razor ducks a right hand and back suplexes him. Razor drapes his arm over Douglas as it appears that all four shoulders are down, the ref counts three, and the victory goes to Razor at 11:01. Razor Ramon becomes the WWF Intercontinental Champion for the fourth time. **1/2 Douglas is pissed and tries to tell the referee that his foot was outside the ring during the pinfall, but the official will hear none of it. Douglas got squashed here, and this whole situation is one of the many reasons he holds a grudge against Shawn, Hall, and all their buddies to this day. The Clique pretty much ran the WWF at this time, and Douglas felt they were trying to hold him back. He was vocal about it and got into several verbal confrontations with Shawn Michaels, who was of course a WWF veteran, which meant that their backstage rivalry didn't put Douglas in a very favorable light with management. Instead of putting the IC Title on Douglas when Shawn went down, they used Douglas to transition it to Shawn's buddy, Razor right away. It all started to add up and Douglas, who looked to have such a promising gimmick, ended up being so frustrated that he didn't last the rest of the year, and left the WWF for good in December. He still has the distinction of being the shortest reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time, with a reign somewhere in the neighborhood of fifteen minutes. So I guess he literally got his fifteen minutes of fame… but eleven of those were Ramon treating him as if he were a jobber.

Bret "Hitman" Hart makes his way out to commentate the main event. Lawler is aprehensive about Hart coming to the broadcast table, and Bret ends up nailing him and chasing him away, leaving himself, Vince, and JR in charge of the announcing duties for the night. Bret is to get a WWF Title shot against the winner at Survivor Series.

WWF Title: Diesel (Champion) vs. The British Bulldog
Why Davey Boy got the pseudo-main eventer push in late 1995 and 1996 instead of Owen Hart, I'll never know, though he certainly did manage to have some good matches with Shawn and Bret in that role… this however is Kevin Nash, and the Bulldog is not the one to carry him to a watchable performance, as is evidenced by this match. This has the distinction of being the main event of a WWF PPV that garnered one of the lowest buyrates of all time. Not surprisingly, an errant camera shot reveals that the camera side of the building is barely occupied, and all those in attendance were shuffled to the opposite side to give the illusion that the place was packed. The match gets underway and Diesel outmuscles Davey to start. Bulldog dropkicks him to the floor and Diesel stumbles backwards into Bret Hart, seated at the commentary table. Bret tries to catch him, so Diesel turns around and palms his face as if it were a basketball, shoving him backwards. The Bulldog clips Diesel's knee from behind as Bret regains his composure. The Bulldog works the knee for a (long) while in the ring, then sends him to the floor where Jim Cornette drops an elbow on his knee. Back in, Davey Boy goes to a Boston Crab but Diesel powers out. A Bulldog leg drop gets a two count. Diesel struggles to his feet, and Bulldog clips the knee. Diesel blocks a suplex and suplexes Davey Boy, then follows it up with a back suplex. The Bulldog recovers and traps Diesel in a horrible sharpshooter, leaving Diesel to power out of that as well. Bulldog picks Diesel up for a slam, but Diesel falls on him for two. Davey Boy goes for the running power slam, but Diesel counters and boots him. Diesel flips Cornette into the ring from the apron and he and Bulldog collide. Diesel goes for a rope splash, but it fails due to his bad knee, and the Bulldog posts Diesel out on the floor. Davey Boy slaps Bret at ringside, so Bret runs in and kicks his ass to cause the DQ at 18:13. *1/2 Diesel pulls Bret out and a slugfest develops. The fans aren't quite sure who to cheer for. The referees, officials, and several wrestlers come down to separate them, as our Survivor Series Title match is now set to be Diesel vs. Bret Hart. As for this Diesel/Bulldog match, it was pretty psychologically sound, but really boring.

In Your House Key Stats
Matches: 6
Total Wrestling: 66:33
Average Match: 11:06
Average Match Rating: *3/4
Top Moments: Watching Fatu vs. Helmsley in hindsight, the Tag Title match, Goldust's in ring debut, Shawn forefiting the gold, Douglas getting screwed

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