WWE PPV Flashbacks: No Mercy - October 22, 2000

No Mercy
October 22, 2000
Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY

The weeks leading up to No Mercy 2000 were about one thing in the WWF - who ran down Stone Cold Steve Austin the previous year? Austin had returned at the previous month's PPV and had vowed revenge on his assailant. It would end up being revealed that the man who ran Austin down was none other than Rikishi, and the two would face off in a no holds barred match tonight. Also tonight, the WWF Championship is on the line as the Rock defends his title against the rookie of the year - Olympic Gold Medallist, Kurt Angle. Lets get this one on the road. Please leave your feedback on Twitter at @Mpmcc91.

Our opening video package has no mention of the WWF title match but is instead all about Austin/Rikishi. I understand them hyping the match big time as it was Austin's first match back in almost a year, but it was surprising to see no mention of the match actually headlining the show. Anyway, we kick things off from the arena with our announce team of Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler, and we are ready for our first match off the bat.

Tables Invitational Elimination Match:
Too Cool vs Lo Down vs Tazz & Raven vs Dudley Boyz vs Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather

We kick the night off with what is essentially a showcase of the tag division, as the Dudley Boyz issued an open challenge to all the teams on the roster to compete in a tables match equivalent of the tag team turmoil. The idea is that two teams start off and one is eliminated when one member goes through a table. At that point the next team comes out and so on until we have a winner. Anyway, the popular Too Cool are the first team in the match, now no longer having Rikishi by their side (but more on that later). Their first opponents are a new team on the scene - Lo Down, comprised of D'Lo Brown & Chaz (formerly Mosh of the Headbangers). Neither guy had been doing anything of note for most of the year following D'Lo turning heel on the Godfather shortly following Wrestlemania, so they were thrown together as a lower card team in the division over the summer. Lo Down start this one off in control, with D'Lo delivering the Sky High on Grandmaster Sexay. He puts Sexay onto a table whilst Chaz attempts to superplex Scotty through another. Scotty counters and sends the former Headbanger through, whilst Sexay also moves, sending D'Lo through the wood off a Lo Down attempt. This eliminates the heel team and they are replaced by the next entrants, Tazz & Raven, who we saw unite last month. Their feud with Lawler is basically over at this point, but the King is still showing animosity on commentary. Anyway, after some brief Too Cool offence, Tazz locks the Tazzmission in on Sexay, who's feet accidentally break a table, but its not an elimination since he wasn't put through it. In other words, that wasn't meant to happen. Too Cool fight back and build momentum with a Worm from Scotty under a table, but Tazz & Raven respond by suplexing Scotty through the table to eliminate Too Cool from the match. This brings out the ever popular Dudley Boyz ready for action in their specialty match type. They work in the Wazzup spot to Raven and quickly dispose of the heels shortly afterwards following D-Von delivering a legdrop to Tazz through the table. Its now time for the last team to enter and its the Right to Censor representatives of Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather. The referee goes down early following an errant shot from Buchanan. The Dudley Boyz come back and Bubba powerbombs Bull through a table, but of course nobody sees it with the ref down. The crafty Goodfather whacks Bubba with a chair and pulls him onto the broken table whilst pulling his own partner from the wreckage. The referee recovers and awards the match to the RTC. That is until another referee comes out and explains what happened resulting in the match being ordered to continue. Moments later, the Dudley Boyz hit the 3D on the Goodfather through a table to come out victorious, with the whole thing going 12:18. This was okay for what it was - a chance to showcase the depth of the tag division and for the Dudley Boyz to come out and put people through tables. Their issues with the RTC would continue from here. Whilst it wasn't the best match in the world, the crowd always enjoyed people being put through tables, so this worked as the opener.
Grade: **

We cut to the back where Rikishi is standing around holding his sledgehammer. He's waiting for Austin to arrive at the arena. Elsewhere we see T&A along with their manager Trish Stratus. They are in action next and Trish seems to have a plan against their opponents. We then go to a brief set of highlights leading to our next match.

APA & Lita vs T&A & Trish Stratus
After having done the whole protection for hire thing since the start of the year, Faarooq & Bradshaw have officially changed their team name to the Acolyte Protection Agency (APA) in the weeks leading up to this show. This actually stems from a strip poker game between the APA and T&A on Sunday Night Heat a week prior to this show. Trish had run out of clothes to take off, but before she was forced to remove her bra, T&A jumped the former Acolytes. Later that week, Lita, still the reigning Women's Champion, was set to defend her title on Smackdown against Trish Stratus. T&A would interfere in that match which drew out the APA looking for revenge, which brings us to this intergender tag match tonight. Lita makes her way out to the ring first, but we quickly cut to the back where the APA are jumped by Test and Albert. Realising she is all alone, Lita goes to head to the back, but she is stopped in the aisle as the heel trio make their way out. The match never gets started and instead T&A assists Trish in slapping Lita around. This eventually brings out the Hardy Boyz, who were of course aligned with Lita at this point, for the save. They run the heels off and that's all we get here. This was just storyline advancement obviously.
Grade: N/A

In the back, Lillian Garcia is standing by with Edge & Christian. They claim that they were not able to compete tonight in the tables invitational due to a case of food poisoning, but they are feeling better now. After a bunch of nut puns, they wish the Los Conquistadors luck in their tag title match with the Hardy Boyz later on. More on that storyline later, but the implication was that E&C were actually the masked Conquistadors for those not familiar with this time period.

Elsewhere Rikishi is still waiting at the arena entrance with his sledgehammer. JR cannot explain why Austin has not yet arrived.

Steel Cage Match:
Chris Jericho vs X-Pac

I always forget that these guys even feuded in 2000 despite this being their second PPV match in a row. That said, their past encounters have been pretty solid. After defeating X-Pac last month at Unforgiven, Jericho faced off with his adversary the next night on Raw is War, this time in a first blood match. X-Pac would win that match, but Jericho would get him in the Walls of Jericho afterwards to set up the rubber match inside a steel cage at this show. In the weeks that followed, the two men were involved in each others affairs to keep their issues going. By the way, this s the third cage match on PPV since July. Anyway, Jericho gets on the mic before X-Pac comes out and rips into his opponent. X-Pac comes out and the two meet in the aisle for a brawl outside of the cage. X-Pac ends up smashing the cage door against Jericho's skull and from there they get inside so the match can officially begin. Jericho comes back and uses the cage against his opponent and attempts to escape, but X-Pac stops him in his tracks. Jericho responds with some more offence but X-Pac turns the tide with a Bronco Buster. Pac attempts to pin Jericho following this, but apparently you can only win this one by escaping the cage - there was never any consistency with this rule! Anyway, after realising this, X-Pac attempts to scale the cage, only to be caught by a Y2J powerbomb from the top back down to the ring. Awesome spot. As Jericho goes to escape, X-Pac manages to grab his foot, which results in Y2J getting crotched on the ropes. From here, the injured X-Pac attempts to crawl to the door, but Jericho reaches out and grabs him by the foot as well. Pac managed to reach a chair outside and brings it in to whack Jericho with it. We get a little more action on the cage walls from here until Jericho locks in the Walls on his opponent on top of the cage! X-Pac fights through and kicks Jericho off and manages to climb over the top. Before he can reach the floor though, Jericho drop kicks the cage door which results in X-Pac landing on it crotch first. With X-Pac in pain on top of the door, Jericho delivers one final swing into the cage to his adversary before stepping out the door to win the match at 10:40. Once again another solid match between these guys with Jericho going over to win the feud. As I've said before, these guys had great chemistry together and never had a poor match.
Grade: ***

We now cross to WWF New York where the reigning Hardcore Champion, Steve Blackman is swinging his kendo sticks for the crowd.

Back in the arena, Rikishi confronts Commissioner Foley in his office, wanting to know where Austin is. Foley doesn't have an answer for the big man, but says if Austin does not show up, he will personally raise Rikishi's hand in forfeit. We then cut to a video package highlighting the end of the Eddie/Chyna relationship prior to our next match.

Billy Gunn & Chyna vs Steven Richards & Val Venis
This all stems from the RTC interrupting Chyna's Playboy unveiling on the Raw is War after Unforgiven. This led to Chyna defeating Steven Richards later that week on Smackdown, and stripping down to her bra and panties afterwards. From here, Chyna & Eddie teamed together to take on the RTC on Raw despite their relationship being on the rocks. During that match, Chyna was distracted by footage of Eddie getting in the shower with two other women. With the Ninth Wonder of the World devastated, the RTC would attack Chyna after winning the match, only for the returning Billy Gunn, still doing the Mr Ass thing, to make the save, turning face in the process. Gunn would be granted an I.C title match at this PPV by Commissioner Foley, whilst Eddie would dump Chyna and let her fall victim to another RTC beating. With Eddie a heel once more, Gunn would again make the save for Chyna and had his sights set on the I.C title. However on Heat before the PPV came on the air, Eddie told Commissioner Foley that he was unable to wrestle due to injury. Instead this match was made, giving Chyna & Gunn a chance to get some revenge on the RTC members. Anyway, Richards gets on the mic before the match and calls Gunn "rectally challenged". The faces head out after this and we start things out with Venis against Billy. The RTC work over Mr Ass in the early going and there's not much to talk about here. Richards and Chyna get in a scuffle on the outside which leads to Chyna grabbing Richard's tie and throwing him around with it. Meanwhile Val continues to work over Gunn until he gets the hot tag to the Ninth Wonder of the World. She comes in and hits the handspring elbow on Val. Billy hits a Fameasser on Richards, which brings the rest of the RTC out. With the referee distracted by the interference, out runs Eddie Guerrero, and he whacks his former lover with a lead pipe loaded bouquet of roses. That allows Val to score the pin, giving the win to the Right to Censor at 7:10. Really just a filler match. Eddie was legitimately injured in a match leading into this show hence why we didn't get the I.C title match initially planned. Nothing special here. The RTC gets their momentum back after losing in the opener whilst the Chyna/Eddie issues continue.
Grade: *1/2

We now go to the locker room where Triple H is with Stephanie. He's still in the tweener role here and is against Benoit tonight. Stephanie wants to be at ringside for his match, but Triple H says he won't allow it. She instead gives him a tape of Benoit locking him in the Crippler to get him fired up before telling him that she needs to talk business with Kurt Angle.

Up next we get a video package for the upcoming No Holds Barred Match between Stone Cold and Rikishi.

No Holds Barred Match:
Steve Austin vs Rikishi

In the weeks since his return at Unforgiven, Stone Cold Steve Austin had been on a quest to find the man responsible for him being run down almost a year ago taking him out of action. Austin would interfere in match after match until being told by Commissioner Foley that he would face consequences if he continued to do so. This led to Austin defying authority like old times and laying the Commissioner out with a stunner! Nonetheless, Foley was also investigating the identity of the culprit and things came to a head a few weeks later on Raw is War after the Rock & Rikishi were victorious in a tag match against Kurt Angle & Kane. Foley would hit the ring and told the world that Rikishi was the man responsible for the hit and run. Rikishi would then admit to the crime, claiming he did it for the Rock, so that the Samoan wrestlers would no longer be held down. With Austin out, Rock had indeed rose to the top, but the Great One denied all involvement in the incident. Rikishi cleared Rock's name by claiming he was acting on his own accord, but nonetheless, the big man had turned heel and ditched his dance and theme music for the memorable "Bad Man" theme. With Rikishi showing no remorse for his actions, Commissioner Foley booked a no holds match between him and Austin for the PPV, a match that would be Austin's first match back. Austin would not wait to get his hands on his attacker however, and the two would brawl in the weeks leading up to their big clash. Rikishi would even attempt to run Austin down again only for the Rattlesnake to jump out of the way of the car thus time. Anyway, as we heard earlier, Austin was not yet in the building come match time, so Rikishi comes out and demands Foley declare him the winner. The Commissioner comes out and dejectedly is about to do so, when all of the sudden we see Austin's truck outside the arena, and the Rattlesnake speeds all the way out into the aisle with it ready to fight. The match is on after all! Now this is a less a match and more a total beat down. Austin comes out of the truck and absolutely annihilates Rikishi, quickly tossing him into the stairs, whipping him with his belt and choking him out with some cables around ringside. This continues around the ringside area until Rikishi throws Austin over the Spanish announce table to regain himself before going for a chair. He attempts to hit Austin with it, but the Rattlesnake ducks and takes the chair off his opponent, then proceeds to bust him open with it. Austin continues to pound on Rikishi, both with the chair and his sledgehammer, before loading the Bad Man into the back of bis truck. Clearly with something on his mind, Austin gets back in the driver seat and drives the truck back out onto the street. Outside, Austin gets out and pulls the battered Rikishi off the back. He throws his bloody carcass up against a wall and then gets back into the truck. Just as the Rattlesnake attempts to run his assailant down in retribution, a police car swerves in and takes the hit. More police arrive on the scene and arrest Austin, whilst the announcers mention that the Rattlesnake has taken things too far. Nonetheless the match is a no contest at 9:21. Now you can really look at this in two ways. On one hand, Austin came out and took out months of frustration on the man responsible for him sitting on the sidelines for almost a year. On the other hand though, Rikishi was basically destroyed here which gets rid of any credibility he could have gained as a main event heel right off the bat. He would end up drawing the short straw in all this, as it would later be revealed that Rikishi was a mere means to the end of the real climax of this storyline over the next month or so. Anyway, this served its purpose which is really all it needed to do. Ambulances arrive once Austin is taken away, and Rikishi is tended to. Meanwhile the driver of the police car is also taken off to a medical facility.
Grade: **3/4

Before moving on we see replays of the whole thing with the announcers talking in their serious voices. JR says Austin is his friend, but he does not condone his actions here tonight.

WWF European Championship:
William Regal (c) vs Naked Mideon

Up next we have a new champion and the return to PPV of two men we have not seen in a while. Naked Mideon is quite obviously Mideon who we last saw as a member of the Ministry of Darkness, now a male stripper like future roster member Big Dick Johnson. Losing his clothes turned him face in the process it seems. In stark contrast to the challenger, is the former Steven Regal, now going by the more known name of William Regal. Regal quickly faded from WWF TV after the 1998 Survivor Series to deal with some personal demons, and would crop up shortly after for another stint in WCW. He would return to WWF TV on an episode of Raw is War in September, taking on the persona of a refined Englishman, the good will ambassador. Regal would quickly establish himself by defeating Al Snow a few weeks later to win the European Championship, and this match has really just come out of nowhere. Anyway, Regal, awesome entrance music and all, makes his way out to the ring and gets on the mic before the match. He says that he is disgusted with the thought of having to wrestle a man named Naked Mideon, and he has forced the Commissioner Foley to make his opponent wear some clothes for the match. Mideon comes out fully clothed to the delight of everybody, and we get this one going. Regal starts out by dominating his opponent until Mideon makes a come back and rips off his clothes in the process leaving a thong underneath. Regal is absolutely disgusted by this show and stops his opponent's momentum by crotching him on the ropes. He goes to lock in the Regal Stretch on his downed challenger, but reconsiders due to his lack of attire. Instead, the good will ambassador for England hits the Regal Cutter on the naked one to retain the title at 6:10. This was a really basic match, but thats generally what you expect from Mideon. Good to see Regal back in the mix anyway, and he'd be around much longer this time around. He'd also have many better matches.
Grade: *

At this point we go to some footage from earlier in the night on Heat, where Kurt Angle "interviewed" the Rock. In actuality he questions a series of edited together Rock clips (complete with the Rock wearing different clothing in each) to make it appear as though the Great One admits to having Rikishi run down Austin. Great stuff. Meanwhile the Rock is in his locker room and watches the footage on TV before shutting it off.

Elsewhere, Kevin Kelly is standing by with Los Conquistadors, the number one contenders to the WWF Tag Team Championship. They say a lot of random words in Spanish.

WWF Tag Team Championship:
Hardy Boyz (c) vs Los Conquistadors

After winning the tag titles from Edge & Christian inside a steel cage last month at Unforgiven, the Hardy Boyz successfully defended their newly won gold against the former title holders in a ladder match the next night on Raw is War. As a result of a stipulation made by Commissioner Foley, due to Edge & Christian losing, they would not be granted another shot at the titles for the foreseeable future. This led to the return of the 80s team Los Conquistadors the following week as they would attack the champions in a title defence against Lo Down. A few weeks later, the Conquistadors won a battle royal on Raw to earn a shot at the titles tonight. Of course, the running gag was that the Conquistadors were really Edge & Christian under the masks, looking for a way back into the title picture, but this was never proven. It was a fun little twist to the rivalry between the teams. Anyway, the Hardy Boyz start this one out in complete control in the early going and attempt to rip off their opponents masks. They hit Poetry in Motion and proceed to dictate the match until the referee is distracted and the Conquistadors go on offence following some illegal double teaming. They work over Jeff a little until Matt gets the hot tag back into things. After some brotherly miscommunication from the champs, one of the Conquistadors hits a reverse DDT on Matt, but Jeff breaks up the subsequent pinfall with a Swanton Bomb. This allows Matt to hit the Twist of Fate on his opponent upon recovering, and he rips the mask off afterwards. However, the Conquistador is wearing a second mask underneath. Following the unexpected turn of events, the other Conquistador comes in and hits the Unprettier (hmm I wonder who that is?) on Matt and pulls the switcheroo to make the pin at 10:52. Los Conquistadors are the new WWF Tag Team Champions! This was a decent match but it was obviously driven more by the storyline than anything else. Edge & Christian were unable to have their usual great match with the Hardy Boyz due to the Conquistador gimmick, so this isn't up to the quality of other encounters between these teams. Nonetheless, the storyline was interesting and it paid off with Edge & Christian getting one over the Commissioner to regain the gold - although they don't unmask here.
Grade: **1/4

We now cut to the outside of the arena where we see Austin's truck being towed away as the announcers discuss what happened earlier in the show. Backstage, Triple H is watching the Benoit video that Stephanie gave him and gets fired up. We get a video highlighting the Triple H/Benoit issues as that match is up next.

Triple H vs Chris Benoit
The mini-face run of Triple H continues another month with this new rivalry. This started the night after Unforgiven, when Chris Benoit challenged the Rock once again for the WWF Championship. Triple H would get involved and cost Benoit the match, which led to the Wolverine snapping and taking out his frustration with a diving headbutt to Stephanie McMahon. Triple H was enraged, but Benoit would continue to provoke the Game when he cost him a number one contender match against Kurt Angle the following week. In the weeks that followed, Benoit and Triple H would come to blows, with Benoit injuring the Game's arm in the process. This led to Commissioner Foley making a match between the two at this PPV, with Triple H subsequently telling Stephanie not to be at ringside due to Benoit's past actions. Anyway, the Game gets a huge pop here which shows there was potential for a longer face run here if that side of the roster wasn't so stacked all of a sudden. He unloads on Benoit's knee in the early going until Benoit fights back and goes after his opponent's injured shoulder. Benoit punishes Trips with a series of suplexes and submission holds, but following a headbutt, the Game comes back with a roll up. He proceeds to set up the Pedigree moments later only for Benoit to counter into a series of German Suplexes. Trips takes a whole lot of punishment culminating in Benoit locking in the Crippler Crossface but Stephanie makes her way to ringside. She slaps Benoit across the face and the Wolverine gets pissed and stalks her until Trips makes the save, leading to some more back and forth. I'm pretty good at watching Benoit matches after the events of 2007, but I can't help but find him going after Stephanie a little disturbing. Its nothing that detracts from the match at the time though. We get some countering of finishers until Stephanie gets up and distracts the official. This allows the Game to hit Benoit with a low blow and he follows up with a Pedigree which gives him the win at 18:43. This was another amazing match on Triple H's resume for 2000, and Benoit is no stranger to awesome matches. These two didn't hold anything back and took the fight to one another. Stephanie's involvement was a pivotal part of starting this feud, so it made sense that she interfered and was able to assist her husband in getting revenge on Benoit. Really good stuff here. The Triple H face experiment would not last much longer though.
Grade: ****1/4

We now go backstage where Edge & Christian come across the Los Conquistadors in an attempt to prove it wasn't them after all. They congratulate the new champions and mention they look forward at a shot against them.

Up next we get a video package highlighting the build to the upcoming main event. Back in the arena, the Fink announces the match is now a no DQ match, which is news to JR.

WWF Championship - No DQ Match:
The Rock (c) vs Kurt Angle w/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley

As I mentioned earlier, Kurt Angle earned this title shot by defeating Triple H in a number one contender match on Raw thanks to the interference of Chris Benoit. Angle had his sights set on culminating his rookie year by winning the WWF Championship from the Rock, but he also wasn't done creating tension between the McMahon-Helmsley couple. Following Triple H banning Stephanie from ringside in his matches due to him considering her a liability, Kurt would offer Stephanie the chance to become his business advisor. Stephanie would accept, and whilst Kurt would try to hug her, she would respond by shaking hands with her new client, hence her involvement at ringside in this match. In the build to this match, the Rock was meanwhile going through the implications of him being linked to Rikishi in the Austin hit and run, which he denied outright. Nonetheless, Angle would continue to push the Great One's buttons, hence the funny "interview" on Heat that we saw earlier in the show. Anywho, the Rock can't wait to get his hands on Kurt so he rushes to the ring. Stephanie manages to distract the champion however, which allows Kurt to jump Rocky from behind. Nonetheless, the Great One fights his challenger off and proceeds to beat on his candy ass as the two men brawl up to the entrance and Rock sends Angle through the set. The fight continues around ringside before going back into the ring. Once in, Rock quickly locks in the sharpshooter, and Angle actually taps out, however Stephanie distracts the ref so he doesn't see it. Rock releases the hold and chases Steph around ringside, only for Angle to catch the champion in a belly to belly to turn the tide. Rock fights his way out of a subsequent chin lock and we get some back and forth on the outside. Angle ends up decking Rock with the title belt but back in the ring, Rock responds with a superplex. Kurt comes back with a German Suplex and follows up with a moonsault, but it only gets two. Rock delivers the DDT but it also only gets two. Stephanie intervenes when Rock attempts the People's Elbow, but she takes a Rock Bottom for her efforts. This brings Triple H out and he decks Angle before hitting Rock with the Pedigree in retribution for his wife. Rock kicks out as Trips leaves tending to Steph, and Rikishi heads out shortly after, all bandaged up from earlier. He goes after Angle since he wants Rock to win the title for the islander superstars. Rock hits Angle with the Rock Bottom but only gets two, so Rikishi intervenes on his own accord once more. He ends up accidentally hitting Rock not once but twice though, and Angle takes the big man out with the Olympic Slam. He follows up with an Olympic Slam on the wounded Rock at that gets the three at 21:01. Eleven months into his career, Kurt Angle is the new WWF Champion! This was an awesome match between two men who could work. Angle deserved this chance to shine and he would have a decent reign going forward. He had very good chemistry with the Rock, and it would only grow down the line. The interference made sense due to the interweaving storylines these guys were involved in, although it was strange at a glance to see the heel Rikishi attempting to stop the heel from winning the title. Then again, the story was the Rock didn't want Rikishi's help, and he was doing it all on his own accord. An excellent match to end the show and create more issues going forward at the top of the card.
Grade: ****

Guess what, its another good PPV from the WWF. 2000 has really been an excellent year with only two months left to go. This show wasn't a classic like some of the other PPVs earlier in the year, but it was still very good. Both the WWF title and Triple H/Benoit matches were excellent and the cage match was also a lot of fun. Overall the undercard was a little shaky, as we got some poor matches mixed in with some decent ones. It was good to see Austin back in the mix as well as his involvement changes the dynamic of the whole company. On the other hand, Rikishi, fresh off a huge push as a main event level heel looked like a fool tonight, both being destroyed by Austin, and then being unable to achieve his goal in the WWF title match. He was about to be swept down the ladder with a shocking plot twist to come anyway though. It was also strange that Undertaker and Kane, two major players in the company, were nowhere to be seen on this show, yet I didn't realise that until it was over. Very strange, but it shows the depth in the main event scene at the moment. Anyway, the big story tonight is that Kurt Angle is the new WWF Champion, and despite the interference in the main event, he still looks pretty good in his victory. Overall, pretty good stuff here.

Three Stars of the Night:
1. Kurt Angle - the biggest night of his young career so far as he won the WWF title for the first time in an excellent match - it wasn't even the best of the night either!
2. Triple H - awesome showing as usual from the Game. The brief tease at a face turn in 2000 was working too.
3. Chris Benoit - excellent match against Triple H. He'd drop down the card a bit after this show but has been on fire since arriving at the start of the year.

FINAL GRADE: 7.5 out of 10

What I do here is add the three stars of the night with each review so as to keep track of who we can say overall is the greatest PPV performer to any given time. First place scores 3 points, second 2 and third 1. Triple H overtakes the Rock to claim the fourth spot.

Steve Austin = 84
Bret Hart = 83
Shawn Michaels = 67
Triple H = 46
The Rock = 45
Mick Foley = 38
Randy Savage = 28
Undertaker = 25
Owen Hart = 21
Hulk Hogan = 18
X-Pac = 18
Diesel = 15
Ultimate Warrior = 13
Vader = 13
Chris Jericho = 13
Matt Hardy = 13
Jeff Hardy = 13
British Bulldog = 12
Christian = 11
Ted DiBiase = 10
Razor Ramon = 10
Vince McMahon = 10
Edge = 10
Ric Flair = 8
Kurt Angle = 8
Jim Neidhart = 7
Jerry Lawler = 6
Bubba Ray Dudley = 6
D-Von Dudley = 6
Dynamite Kid = 5
Arn Anderson = 5
Roddy Piper = 5
Mr Perfect = 5
Marty Jannetty = 5
Bob Backlund = 5
Chris Benoit = 5
Ricky Steamboat = 4
Ax = 4
Smash = 4
Bobby Heenan = 4
D’Lo Brown = 4
Greg Valentine = 3
Tully Blanchard = 3
Tanaka = 3
Bam Bam Bigelow = 3
Sato = 3
Jake Roberts = 3
Hakushi = 3
Yokozuna = 3
Savio Vega = 3
Ken Shamrock = 3
Shane McMahon = 3
Chyna = 3
Brutus Beefcake = 2
Paul Orndorff = 2
Andre the Giant = 2
Rick Rude = 2
Sgt Slaughter = 2
Jeff Jarrett = 2
Jesse Ventura = 1
Texas Tornado = 1
Tito Santana = 1
Virgil = 1
Scott Steiner = 1
Rick Steiner = 1
Lex Luger = 1
The Roadie = 1
Billy Gunn = 1
Bart Gunn = 1
Marc Mero = 1
Flash Funk = 1
Animal = 1
Hawk = 1
Taka Michinoku = 1
Test = 1
Big Show = 1
Dean Malenko = 1
Scotty 2 Hotty = 1

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