WWE PPV Flashbacks: SummerSlam - August 22, 1999

August 22, 1999
Target Center, Minneapolis, MN

As the summer of 1999 drew to a close, it was once again time for the biggest event of the season - Summerslam. Coming off his rivalry with the Undertaker, and sending his arch-rival Mr McMahon packing from WWF television, Stone Cold Steve Austin continued his reign as WWF Champion. However a new contender was rapidly rising through the ranks in the Game, Triple H, who on this night would finally get his shot at the gold. He would not be the only man looking to become champion however, as the returning Mankind was also scheduled to battle for the championship in a triple threat match, a contest that would be officiated by none other than the legendary Jesse 'the Body' Ventura! Also tonight, The Rock battles Billy Gunn in a kiss my ass match. Lets get this show on the road. Please follow me and leave all feedback on Twitter at @Mpmcc91.

We kick the night off with a video package focusing on the various special guest referees that Austin has endured throughout his championship reigns and their controversial actions, before it focuses on the appointment of Jesse Ventura to the position tonight. We then head into the arena where our broadcast team of Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler welcome us to the show. Before we get the night going with our first match, we see Ventura backstage confronting Triple H and Chyna saying that he will uphold the law tonight. Elsewhere in the arena the recently debuted Chris Jericho yells at his newest Jerichoholic, Howard Finkel. More on that later.

WWF Intercontinental & European Championships:
D'Lo Brown (c) vs Jeff Jarrett w/Debra

The night is starting off in a big way as our opener sees not one, but two titles on the line in the I.C and European titles. We saw D'Lo defeat Mideon to win the European Championship last month at Fully Loaded, but at that same PPV, Jeff Jarrett emerged as the reigning I.C Champion. His brief reign would come to an end however on Raw is War a few weeks before this show when he was defeated by D'Lo. As a result, Jarrett challenged Brown to put up both belts tonight, which brings us to this match. Jarrett had also been having issues with Debra lately over her approval in the eyes of the fans, similar to Mero and Sable a year or so prior. Playing off that, he sends Debra backstage after making his way out tonight to some heat from the crowd. She runs into D'Lo backstage however, and she accompanies the champion to the ring instead as Jarrett looks on annoyed. He jumps D'Lo to get the match started, but the champion fights back to take control. Jarrett ends up bailing to the outside to regain himself before going back on offence with a sleeper. He follows up sending him into the barricade. Outside again Brown regains control though, sending Jarrett over the rail and then bringing the challenger back into the ring. D'Lo begins to build some momentum after Jarrett misses a manoeuvre, but Debra ends up getting on the apron to distract the official when D'Lo fails to connect with a splash from the top. With the ref distracted though, Jarrett goes for his guitar. Before he can strike D'Lo however, Mark Henry rushes to the ring and grabs the guitar. Its all a set up though as he smashes it over the skull of D'Lo, turning heel and putting an end to that friendship. Jarrett takes advantage and covers at 7:28 to win both titles, much to the disgust of JR on commentary. Debra reconciles with Jarrett afterwards. It would be revealed the next night that Jarrett had paid Henry off to help him win the titles. Decent enough opener here to get the show off on the right foot. Having both the Debra and Henry swerves in the one match was probably a bit much, but that was Russo's way.
Grade: **1/2

In the back, Michael Cole is standing by with Edge & Christian, who no longer have Gangrel at their side. They cut a generic promo about their upcoming tag team turmoil match. They'll be entering first and the winners will get a future shot at the WWF Tag Team Championship.

No. 1 Contender Tag Team Turmoil:
Edge & Christian vs Hardy Boyz w/Gangrel vs Mideon & Viscera vs Droz & Prince Albert vs The Acolytes vs Holly Cousins

This has basically been thrown together to get a whole bunch of guys on the card. The tag division wasn't at the hot point of the Attitude era just yet, but it was getting their as we can see from this match. As I already mentioned, the winners get a tag title shot on Raw the next night. Edge & Christian start this one out with the Hardy Boyz, who have dumped Hayes in favour of Gangrel to become the New Brood since losing the tag titles. They go at it with Jeff and Christian starting things out. The Hardy Boyz take the advantage, hitting the Poetry in Motion and Swanton Bomb in the early going, but Edge makes the save and gets the hot tag. Things break down on the outside shortly after and we get a cool spot with Edge and Jeff both running the crowd barriers leading to a spear in mid air from Edge. Christian follows by diving from the top and so does Matt. Shortly after the action returns to the ring and the Canadian natives build momentum, with Christian pinning Matt following a top rope elbow. With the Hardy Boyz eliminated, the next team out is Mideon & Viscera, who are pretty much the remnants of the Ministry, which has basically fazed out by now. Viscera starts out using his power advantage to decimate Christian, but E&C get back into it once Mideon is tagged in. Viscera attempts to interfere illegally, but the faces send him out with a double shoulder charge, and Edge follows up with a spear to Mideon to score another elimination for his team. Out next is Droz & Prince Albert (the latter being the man you know today as Tensai). Albert gets in and works over Edge in the corner, but Christian gets the tag and comes back with a Downward Spiral to score a third victory for the team. The Acolytes are the next team to enter, and the former champs make their way out before the three is even counted. They take control with their usual power offence on Edge. After an extended beatdown, Christian and Faarooq both get tagged in and things break down into a brawl. The Holly Cousins end up heading out to the ring as Edge & Christian build momentum, which causes them to get distracted. Bradshaw takes advantage, ending the streak of the young team with a Clothesline from Hell to Christian scoring the three count. Of course, the Holly Cousins are the final team and are Hardcore Holly and the recently debuted Crash by the way. Faarooq works over Crash and hits the Dominator, but Hardcore saves him. The cousins end up getting into an argument as they often would though, which allows the Acolytes to regain control. The whole thing turns into the brawl you would expect from these teams, with Faarooq finally ending it with a spinebuster to get the pin on Hardcore at 17:27 total. The Acolytes are the number one contenders once again and look to regain their titles the following night, whilst the Hollys get into an altercation following their loss. As far as the match itself, it was fine for the tag team turmoil concept. Its a match type I've always enjoyed if only for the different combinations you get. Nothing spectacular, but a basic showcase of the increasing depth of the tag division.
Grade: **

Speaking of tag teams, we cut to the back where we see Undertaker & Big Show arriving. They'll be challenging the champs for the titles tonight. Elsewhere, the crazy Al Snow is seen talking to him dog Pepper, warning him about the Big Bossman.

Back in the arena, the Hardcore Championship match is scheduled to take place next, but the Road Dogg makes his way out first. He's getting a shot at the winner tomorrow on Raw is War, so he wants to watch the match. He is interrupted however, by the entrance of Chris Jericho, making his PPV debut. He had debuted in spectacular fashion on a recent episode of Raw, interrupting the Rock and going toe to toe with the Great One on the mic after years of being under utilised in WCW. Anyway, he's obviously a heel and he is on a stage in the crowd here. He calls the show Summersham and then proceeds to rip into the locker room. He calls Road Dogg the worst of them all and runs down his choice of attire in typically great Jericho fashion. Dogg tells him to shut up and challenges him to get into the ring with him. Jericho decides to leave though and Road Dogg joins the announcers for the next match. I can't remember this Jericho/Road Dogg issue really going anywhere, but that was the Attitude era.

WWF Hardcore Championship:
Big Bossman (c) vs Al Snow

This is pretty much just a continuation of the rivalry between these two, with Bossman defeating Snow last month to win the Hardcore Championship. Snow makes his entrance here, but gets up on a crane structure making part of the set and jumps Bossman to gain the early advantage. Dogg leaves the announce table and says he's going to be a roving reporter for the match instead, following the action around. Snow meanwhile grabs a chair and hits Bossman before the action heads into the back. Bossman and Snow brawl in the corridor, using whatever they can to whack each other in typical Hardcore fashion. Bossman ends up throwing Snow into a vending machine, but Snow manages to roll out of the way before it crashes down on top of him. The fight moves into the parking lot and out onto the street into a nearby bar. No its not the Friendly Tap for those wondering. They brawl through the furniture with Road Dogg still following. Bossman even hits Snow with the Yellow Pages of all things. Snow gets back up and after whacking Bossman with a broomstick, the brawl goes into the bathroom. Snow gets soap in Bossman's eye and back in the bar, he follows up by moonsaulting the champion through a table. Bossman ends up getting sick of Road Dogg when he recovers and throws a drink in his face which leads to the Dogg whacking him with his nightstick. That puts Bossman down for the three as Snow climbs on top of the champion to score the abrupt victory at 7:25. Typical comedy Hardcore title match as we have come to expect by this point. Snow regains the title, but his issues with the Bossman are far from being over. After picking up the victory, Snow rushes back to the arena to check on Pepper, but he gets into a brawl with the Blue Meanie and recently debuted Stevie Richards instead.
Grade: **1/4

Elsewhere in the arena, Jesse tracks down Mankind and gives him the same kind of speech he gave earlier to Triple H about enforcing the rules tonight. Mankind wants to talk politics instead however.

WWF Women's Championship:
Ivory (c) vs Tori

Its been a while since we've seen the Women's Championship on PPV. Last we saw, Debra was the reigning champion, however she was actually defeated by Ivory on Raw is War back in June. Ivory is also no longer associated with D'Lo, now having a bitchy heel type persona. She was a worthy champion as she was probably the best women on the roster ringwise at this point, with her opponent tonight being one of the few able to give her a run for her money. People talk about the diva's division today, but the talent is much better than it was in 1999. Anyway, Ivory got into an altercation with Tori to set this up which ended with Ivory spraying the words slut and skank on the challenger heading into this show. As far as the match goes, its very basic and the crowd don't seem to care either. Tori starts out taking the fight to the champion with a powerslam and continues her attack with a series of suplexes. Ivory mounts some brief offence, but Tori responds with a spear to the champion. She messes up a sunset flip to follow up, so she goes for a second one, but Ivory comes through and reverses it, pinning Tori to retain the title at 4:11. Pretty messy match. Maybe Tori wasn't as solid as I remembered. Post-match, Ivory attempts to rip off some of Tori's clothes to wake the crowd back up, but Luna makes the save to set up the next feud for the division. She gets booed for her efforts.
Grade: 3/4*

Backstage, Michael Cole is standing by with the Rock. Rock rips on Cole, insulting his choice of tie before turning his attention to Billy Gunn. Yep, Mr Ass had a high profile feud with the Rock at Summerslam. They really wanted this guy to get over. Speaking of Mr Ass, we see him elsewhere with a person under a tarp, promising a surprise for the Rock later on.

The lion's den match is up next for the second Summerslam in a row, although this time its taking place in the actual arena. We recap the rivalry between Steve Blackman and Ken Shamrock beforehand.

Lion's Den Weapons Match:
Ken Shamrock vs Steve Blackman

I can't recall any major developments in this feud since Shamrock defeated Blackman fairly decisive in the iron circle match at Fully Loaded, but alas here we are inside the Lion's Den once again, playing off Shamrock's UFC past, which is where he'll be headed again soon enough. This time there are weapons hung inside the cage to be used though. Blackman takes advantage of this early on and goes after Shamrock with the nunchucks. He takes control and begins to choke the World's Most Dangerous Man before Shamrock counters and throws the weapon away. He follows up, dishing out the punishment by ramming Blackman up against the cage and pounding on him. Shamrock goes for the kendo stick but its blocked, and Blackman takes the time to unleash some punishment on Shamrock against the cage. After a few shots with the sticks, Shamrock fights back and we get a little back and forth. Shamrock eventually gets the better of the exchange, connecting with a belly to belly suplex and following up with a kendo stick shot to Blackman's skull. That knocks Blackman out and gives Shamrock the victory at 9:05 as a result. This was decent enough for what it was supposed to be. Shamrock wins the feud decisively, but was pretty much done with the company after this to go back to UFC. He could be an okay worker with the right opponent, but I wouldn't really miss him too much.
Grade: **1/2

Before our next match, we see footage of Shane McMahon jumping Test earlier in the night on Heat. Kevin Kelly follows up by getting a word with Test who says the time for talk is over. Back at ringside, a couch is set up in the front row and the Mean Street Posse make their way out to support Shane in the upcoming match. They were recently beat up by Test so they are injured here.

Greenwich Street Fight:
Test vs Shane McMahon

The basic idea here is that Test is dating Stephanie McMahon, after earning his way into her good books by joining the Union in their fight against the Ministry of Darkness earlier in the year. Shane McMahon however was furious upon discovering that Test was dating his sister and sent his boys in the Mean Street Posse after him. As previously mentioned, Test would take them out, which led to this match being made, a no DQ match with a unique stipulation. If Test were to win, Shane would have to stay out of his relationship with Stephanie, however if Shane won, Test would have to leave Stephanie. Test makes his way out alone here, ribs taped up from the assault on Heat. Its pretty much all Test in the early going, as despite some offence from the Boy Wonder, Test does the most damage, eventually sending Shane hard into the ring steps. They brawl into the crowd briefly, and Shane tries to dive from the barricade, but Test catches him in a powerslam to regain control. He follows up by tossing Shane across the rail again and onto the Posse, tipping the couch over in the process. Shane recovers and fights back thanks to the assistance of the Posse, including smashing a portrait over the head of his opponent as the crowd start to get behind Test. Back in the ring, Test regains control but Rodney of the Posse distracts the official. Test attempts to hit him with the big boot, but strikes the ref instead, which brings in the rest of the Posse. They beat on Test onto the announce table and Shane drops the elbow through it. Its not enough to keep Test down though, nor is the continued Posse interference. Patterson & Brisco, who remained loyal to the McMahon women following Vince's heel turn, end up deciding they have seen enough and brawl with the Posse to even things back up. Shortly after, Test hits Shane with a pump handle slam followed by a flying elbow drop which is enough to score the pinfall victory at 12:14. This was a pretty good match and easily one of Test's best. The crowd was behind him big time, and at this point it looked like he was in line for a major face push. Shane of course was his usual crazy bumping self as well. Enjoyable stuff here. After the match, Stephanie runs down the ringside and embraces her lover and as per the stipulation, Shane cannot do anything about it.
Grade: ***1/2

After a recap of the events behind our next match, Michael Cole gets a word with X-Pac & Kane, once again the reigning WWF Tag Team Champions. X-Pac says they aren't underdogs tonight due to the strength of their friendship.

WWF Tag Team Championship:
X-Pac & Kane (c) vs Undertaker & Big Show w/Paul Bearer

We saw the issues between these teams last month at Fully Loaded when Undertaker & Kane decimated their opponents tonight following Show's match with Kane at that event. The union between Taker and Show continued over the next few weeks now that Taker was moved out of the main event scene. Taker would take Show under his wing and convince him to embrace his inner evil by unorthodox approaches such as wrestling handicap matches and being abandoned by his mentor out in the desert. In a way, this run saw Taker's character more humanised than ever thus far, something that would continue over the next few years. Meanwhile, of course the Acolytes left Fully Loaded as the WWF Tag Team Champions. They would lose those titles to former champions Kane & X-Pac a few weeks later however on Raw is War. Taker & Show would continue to lay out the new champions over the weeks that followed which really brings us to where we are now. Taker and Show have a pretty cool remix of their entrance themes here, whilst Kane is wearing his awesome inverted colour attire for this match. After a brawl between all four men, things finally settle down to start us off with X-Pac going at it against Taker. Taker gets in control, but Pac makes the tag to Kane setting the stage for the brothers to renew their old rivalry. In a funny spot, Kane sends Taker to the outside and X-Pac crotch chops the Phenom which results in Taker elbowing him in the face. Anyway, Kane comes to his partner's aid and we get some back and forth until Show is tagged in and the challengers take control. Show and Taker work over Kane with a power beat down but he eventually gets the hot tag to X-Pac. Pac attempts to build some momentum, but the size discrepancy is too much, leading to Show beating him down and dropping a knee on the little man. X-Pac finally catches a breather with a low blow to the big man which allows him to tag in Kane once more. The big red machine clears house and in the ensuing chaos X-Pac attempts a Bronco Buster on Big Show but gets chokeslammed for his efforts. X-Pac manages to kick out, which brings in Taker. The Phenom pounds on X-Pac and finishes him off with the Tombstone Piledriver, scoring the victory for his team at 12:00. Taker & Show are the new WWF Tag Team Champions and will defend against the Acolytes on Raw, but Taker is pissed that he had to pick up the win for Big Show, continuing their uneasy mentor/student relationship. Another decent, but relatively unspectacular match in the grand scheme of things. Neither of these teams would last much longer as Taker would take an extended hiatus very shortly after this event, and as far as Kane & X-Pac go, we'll get to them down the track.
Grade: **1/2

We now see Jesse talking to Steve Austin about the main event. Its more of him explaining that he isn't going to take any crap, but Austin blows him off and leaves him on his own.

Kiss My Ass Match:
The Rock vs Billy Gunn

So the Billy Gunn main event push culminates here in the second biggest match on the biggest PPV of the year. This of course stems from Gunn interfering in the Rock's match with Triple H at Fully Loaded and subsequently playing a role in costing the People's Champion a shot at the WWF Championship. That brings us to the first ever Kiss My Ass match, which in true fittingness to the Mr Ass character, the loser of the match has to kiss the rear of his opponent. Or so its supposed to be. Remember that surprise Billy promised? He comes out to the ring with his mystery associate and reveals that since the Rock is not good enough to kiss his ass, he's found someone for Rock to kiss instead. He then takes off the tarp to reveal a fat woman as Rock's surprise. Anyway, Mr Ass blind sides Rock with a cheap shot to get this one started, but Rock fights back, sending his opponent to the outside and into the crowd barrier. The two men then brawl their way up the aisle before heading back to ringside, where Gunn turns the tide by ramming Rock into the ring steps. The advantage doesn't last long however, as Rock responds by ramming Gunn into the announce table and putting King's crown on Billy's head before decking him with a right hand. They head back into the ring with Gunn going back on the offensive following a choke hold, but the Rock once again fights back with the DDT and a swinging neckbreaker. He attempts to follow with the Rock Bottom but Gunn counters into the Fameasser, however it only gets a two count. At this point, the woman gets into the ring, but Rock sends Gunn face first into her and connects with the Rock Bottom successfully this time. He follows up with the People's Elbow to score the victory, and at 10:11 the push of the Ass Man is over. Pretty basic match that was an example of why Billy Gunn didn't have what it took to be a main event level superstar. I'd say it was underwhelming for a high profile match, but I really didn't expect much else.
Grade: **

The main event is up next so we get a video package chronicling the build. Back in the arena, Jesse Ventura makes his way out to be the referee. He addresses the crowd, stating that he was proud to be their tonight despite the media and his contemporaries calling him a disgrace for associating with the WWF. Rightfully so as there is nothing that annoys me more than people who make out wrestling to be something to be ashamed of. Anyway, we then cut to the back to see all three competitors getting ready to head through the curtain. Its time.

WWF Championship:
Steve Austin (c) vs Mankind vs Triple H w/Chyna
Special Guest Referee: Jesse Ventura

With Undertaker now well and truly out of the WWF Championship picture, a new contender for Austin's title had to be crowned. That was not without controversy however. This all started with Triple H took out Austin prior to a match on Raw is War a few weeks ago, after having earned a future title shot at Fully Loaded. Commissioner Michaels would respond by putting up his old partner's title shot in a triple threat match against Taker and Chyna, a match which Chyna would shockingly emerge from victorious. Pissed that Chyna had stolen his shot at the title, Triple H berated his associate the following week, which led to a match between the two being set with the title shot up for grabs. The Game's quest would fail however, when the returning Mankind interfered and cost the man who took him out the match. Commissioner Michaels would then grant Mankind a chance to face Chyna for the title shot, and with the interference of Triple H, Mankind would emerge victorious. The following week, yet another contender match was made, this time between Mankind and Triple H, with Shane McMahon and Shawn Michaels both serving as guest referees. The match ended in controversy when both men pinned the other simultaneously, with each official counting for a different competitor. The result led to the match being declared a draw, and both Mankind and Triple H were set to face Austin at Summerslam. Talk about a handful. Anyway, back to the PPV, despite their previously mentioned issues, Chyna still accompanies Triple H, but a change was in the works for her going forward. The Game and Austin start brawling, but Mankind pulls Triple H to the outside and the two faces beat up their hated opponent. We get a funny spot following this where Mankind offers to shake Austin's hand, but Austin instead punches him in the face. Anyway, the action spills back around ringside with all three men getting their shots in. Chyna ends up playing a part in the match when she sends Mankind into the ring post, and as she is scalded by Ventura, Triple H nails Austin with a chair. Before he can capitalise, Mankind gets back in and locks in the Mandible Claw on the Game, but Chyna breaks it up, which causes Ventura to eject her from ringside. Meanwhile Austin recovers and we get a bit of back and forth until Mankind and Trips decide to work together on the champion. Their allegiance doesn't last long though, as they come to blows following a Mankind pin attempt and the two end up brawling through the crowd. Back in the ring, Austin hits Mankind with a stunner, whilst Triple H brings the chair back into play. Ventura refuses to make the count though following the use of the foreign object so Shane McMahon runs down to ringside. His presence doesn't have much effect though as Austin stuns him, which is followed by a Ventura punch to the Boy Wonder, which as the Body says is for his old man. From here, the match really picks up as we get various finisher reversal spots from all three men. Triple H looks to be closing in on victory when he hits the Pedigree on Austin with Mankind downed, but Mankind recovers and hits the double arm DDT on the Game, which scores the shocking three count at 16:24. For the third time, and in what was an upset at the time, Mankind is the new WWF Champion! He celebrates his victory with Jesse and leaves. A decent enough triple threat match to end the show despite the illogical result would mean nothing within 24 hours time. But more on that next time. For now, it was good to see Mankind get another moment on top and Jesse's involvement led to some enjoyable spots in a solid championship match. This really was Triple H's match to win though.
Grade: ***3/4

Post-match, Chyna makes her way back out to ringside and holds off officials as Triple H destroys Austin's knee with a chair out of frustration. This would write the Rattlesnake out of action for a few weeks, but he'd still be on TV in a big way. The show ends with Triple H standing tall as the uncrowned champion.

Overall, a fairly average show, featuring a solid, albeit not hugely spectacular undercard, with a very good main event. I really am not sure why Triple H didn't go over here. I've heard stories about Austin not wanting to put him over, so the title was moved on to Mankind as a transitional reign, but considering Austin would indeed put the Game over on future occasions (not too far down the line in fact in one instance), I can't really put much weight on that. The timing seemed perfect to pull the trigger on Triple H winning the title, but that would instead happen the following night on Raw. I'm guessing they may have been booked into a corner with Jesse being the ref wanting to have a face go over to create a feel good moment. Speaking of Jesse, it was great seeing him involved here, and I wish he had stuck around for longer, maybe as a Commissioner type role considering that Shawn would vanish for a while from here, but he obviously had other ventures to pursue in politics. As far as the other matches go, the only other match that really stood out to me was the street fight. This was definitely the best night in Test's career as he looked like a break through star to watch, but that would all fizzle out as others on the roster would overtake him soon enough. Speaking of the roster, this show was a bit of a transition for much of the talent involved, as a major name in the Undertaker would take some time off to heal up injuries, whilst guys like Shamrock were out the door, and failed pushes like that of Billy Gunn would come to an end. Things were changing in the WWF, and we would see that over the next few months.

Three Stars of the Night:
1. Mankind - emerged as the unlikely champion after a solid match. His involvement in the main event scene would not last very long here.
2. Triple H/Steve Austin (tie) - for their involvement in the main event. Triple H was really ready to make it to the top here after several months of being pushed strongly, whilst Austin was always his awesome self.
3. Test - as I mentioned before, I was surprised by how good he looked here in his match with Shane. The crowd were strongly behind him which shows they were invested in his relationship with Stephanie.

I have to give an honourable mention to Shane McMahon and Jesse Ventura here as well.

FINAL GRADE: 6 out of 10

What I do here is add the three stars of the night with each review so as to keep track of who we can say overall is the greatest PPV performer to any given time. First place scores 3 points, second 2 and third 1.

Bret Hart = 83
Steve Austin = 82
Shawn Michaels = 67
Mick Foley = 32
Randy Savage = 28
The Rock = 27
Undertaker = 25
Owen Hart = 21
Triple H = 21
Hulk Hogan = 18
X-Pac = 18
Diesel = 15
Ultimate Warrior = 13
Vader = 13
British Bulldog = 11
Ted DiBiase = 10
Razor Ramon = 10
Vince McMahon = 9
Ric Flair = 8
Jim Neidhart = 7
Jerry Lawler = 6
Dynamite Kid = 5
Arn Anderson = 5
Roddy Piper = 5
Mr Perfect = 5
Marty Jannetty = 5
Bob Backlund = 5
Ricky Steamboat = 4
Ax = 4
Smash = 4
Bobby Heenan = 4
D’Lo Brown = 4
Greg Valentine = 3
Tully Blanchard = 3
Tanaka = 3
Bam Bam Bigelow = 3
Sato = 3
Jake Roberts = 3
Hakushi = 3
Yokozuna = 3
Savio Vega = 3
Ken Shamrock = 3
Brutus Beefcake = 2
Paul Orndorff = 2
Shane McMahon = 3
Andre the Giant = 2
Rick Rude = 2
Sgt Slaughter = 2
Jeff Jarrett = 2
Jesse Ventura = 1
Texas Tornado = 1
Tito Santana = 1
Virgil = 1
Scott Steiner = 1
Rick Steiner = 1
Lex Luger = 1
The Roadie = 1
Billy Gunn = 1
Bart Gunn = 1
Marc Mero = 1
Flash Funk = 1
Animal = 1
Hawk = 1
Taka Michinoku = 1
Christian = 1
Test = 1

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