Survivor Series 1993
November 24, 1993
Boston, Massachussetts
Boston Garden

Announcers: Vince McMahon & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

Razor Ramon, 1-2-3 Kid, Marty Jannetty & "Macho Man" Randy Savage vs. IRS, Diesel, "The Model" Rick Martel, Adam Bomb
Razor gets on the mic before the match and announces that Mr. Perfect couldn't be here tonight (actually due to a reaggravated back injury) but they have a more than suitable replacement in Randy Savage. The main issues in this match are between Razor and IRS and Diesel and Perfect, so now that Perfect is out this is solely an excuse to further the Razor/IRS feud. Lots of good action in this one. The heel team has a bit of a miscommunication early, and it almost leads to a brawl, but IRS plays peacemaker and calms everyone down. Savage gets a hot tag and and pins Diesel with the Flying Elbow at 10:19 for the first elimination of the night. He's about to do the same to IRS, but spots his rival, Crush, in the aisle. Savage tries to go after him, but his teammates won't let him and admist the confusion, IRS rolls him up and pins him at 16:46. Savage gives chase to Crush, sparking a wild brawl in the aisle. When the action calms down, Heenan has a funny line as he asks Vince, "Haven't you ever cheated anybody?" Vince is taken aback, but manages a bewildered "Pardon me?" "Yeah, cheating people is great," replies Heenan. "You should try it sometime." Screwing with the boss on the air. Gotta love the Brain, folks. Speaking of Heenan, this was his last show with the WWF, as he would leave the company a few weeks after this. It was a damn shame when that happened. Back to the ring, Razor hits IRS with the Razor's Edge and pins him at 19:34. A melee breaks out, and IRS sneaks back in and nails Razor with his briefcase, sending him to the floor. As a result, Razor is counted out at 20:44, leaving it down to Rick Martel and Adam Bomb against Marty and the Kid. They double team the Kid, but the underdog capitalizes with a pinning combination out of nowhere to eliminate Martel at 25:49. He immediately tags Jannetty, who sunset flips a charging Adam Bomb for three at 25:59. Just like that. ***3/4 Awesome opener. Marty and the Kid, who no one expected to fare well, survive, and would go on to upset the Quebecers for the Tag Team Titles in early January.

Todd Pettengil talks to Shawn Michaels.

Ray Combs, host of Family Feud, interviews Bret, Owen, Bruce, Keith, and Stu Hart. Because it's a family feud, you see.

Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Bruce Hart & Keith Hart vs. Shawn Michaels, Red Knight, Blue Knight & White Knight
Originally, Jerry Lawler and three of his mysterious masked "royal knights" were supposed to be taking on the Harts, stemming from Lawler's long running feud with Bret Hart. But a few weeks before this show, Lawler was accused of rape (charges that were later dropped). The WWF made no mention of him on TV at all, and instead inserted Shawn Michaels, fresh off a month-long suspension, into the angle as if nothing had happened at all. Michaels picked up where Lawler left off, insulted the Hart family week after week, and was substituted into this match. Michaels is carrying around an Intercontinental Title belt here, despite the fact that Razor Ramon is the reigning Intercontinental Champion. When Michaels was suspended in September, the Title was vacated. Razor Ramon and Rick Martel were the last two remaining participants in a 20 Man Battle Royale on Raw and thus earned the right to wrestle for the Title the next week. Razor won the match and the Title, but when Shawn returned from his suspension, he claimed that since he had never lost the belt in the ring he was still the true Intercontinental Champion, and he had a belt to prove it.

Now then, Combs introduces various Hart family members that are at ringside for the event, including Martha Hart with a very young Oje. Heenan is on fire with all the Hart jokes on commentary. At one point, Vince starts to call the masked Blue Knight "Greg", but then trails off. Funny. The real identities of the knights are Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, Barry Horowitz, and Jeff Gaylord (not Glen "Kane" Jacobs, no matter how many people say so). It doesn't really matter anyway since this is their first, last, and only appearance, and their real identities never mattered for TV purposes. At 10:48 Owen finishes the White Knight with a missle dropkick. The Knights work over Keith's arm, but he hot tags Bret, who eliminates the Red Knight with a Sharpshooter at 18:08. The heels work a heat segment on Bret until he tags Owen. Shawn scurries to the floor, where Stu knocks him silly with a big right hand. Shawn sells it like he's been shot. This match is all Harts. Inside, Owen turns his version of the Sharpshooter (this is one of the first time he uses it) on the Blue Knight for the submission at 23:46. Now Shawn is all alone, and the Harts whoop him from pillar to post. Shawn manages to work over Bret for a few minutes, but Bret is able to tag Owen in for a huge Owen belly to belly suplex. Then it happens; a famous turn of events: Bret, still dazed, is standing on the apron to recover, and Owen goes off the ropes. He inadvertantly nails Bret off the apron, into the steel guard rail at ringside. Everyone checks on Bret, Owen stares at him, unaware of what just happened, and Shawn sneaks over and rolls Owen up for the pin at 27:15. Owen is angry that he's been eliminated, as all four Harts had been in cruise control and were on their way to surviving as not only a team, but as a family as well. Owen leaves, still mad, while Heenan sneaks over and gives an exhausted Shawn some water to revive him. Shawn fends off Bruce and Keith, but when Bret tags in again, he decides to take the countout at 30:55. Bret, Bruce, and Keith Hart survive. ***1/4 Owen comes back out and gets into it verbally with Bret and his other brothers. He's upset that they survived without him, and blames Bret for his elimination.

A Wrestlemania X promo is shown. Ten years in the making.

Jim Ross and Gorilla Monsoon, doing the Radio WWF broadcast, switch with Vince and Bobby to call the next match for TV.

An All Americans/Foreign Fanatics video package is shown. First Ludvig Borga ended Tatanka's undefeated streak, then Yokozuna Banzai dropped him a few times to put him out of action. The Americans then named the Undertaker as their replacement during an interview that Howard Finkel actually conducted. Later, Lex Luger knocked Pierre out of action, and the Fanatics replaced him with Crush.

Smoky Mountain Wrestling Tag Team Title: Rock N Roll Express (Champions) vs. Heavenly Bodies
This is a non-sanctioned WWF match and is only here as part of the WWF-SMW relationship that the WWF wanted only so they could obtain the services of Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies. This match is fast paced and not so formulaic at first. The Rock N Rollers run wild over the Bodies for the first eight minutes, but the Bodies soon work over Ricky Morton. Some of the offense here is a bit advanced for 1993, as DDT's, powerbombs, hurricanrannas, and moonsaults all get two counts. It should be noted that at that time in the WWF all four of those moves were considered finishers. Robert Gibson gets the hot tag and a melee ensues. Morton is thrown over the top rope, and Gibson assumes that's an automatic DQ because of SMW's old school rules, but it isn't so, and the match continues much to his surprise. Good thing they brought JR in to announce this match. Morton comes back in and covers Tom Pritchard, but Jimmy Del Ray comes off the top with Jim Cornette's tennis racket. Prtichard covers Morton for three at 12:42 just before Gibson can make the save. **** New SMW Tag Team Champions. This was never mentioned again on WWF TV, and the Bodies, despite being very talented, were jobbed out in early '94. Tom Pritchard would thankfully hang around, however.

There's a blatant edit job in my tape.

Men On A Mission & The Bushwackers vs. Bam Bam Bigelow, Bastion Booger & The Headshrinkers
The faces are all in Doink facpaint since the match was billed as Four Doinks vs. Bigelow's team. This is probably the height of the stupidity for the Doink gimmick. How they managed to kill off such brilliance so quickly is beyond me. This match is supposed to be comic relief, but it doesn't work because it's filled with total debautchery. Scooters are involved. Yes, scooters. Booger and the Headshrinkers are stuffing turkeys and bananas down their throats. It's disgusting. Samu is pinned at 3:01, and we say bye bye to Booger at 6:02. Fatu slips on a banana peel and is pinned at 8:33. Seriously. All four "Doinks" then pile on Bam Bam to finish him off at 10:59. -** Yep, I dipped into the negative stars for that one. All four faces celebrate their win, then the real Doink taunts Bigelow from the video wall. Complete waste of time. Let us never speak of this again. Next.

Todd interviews the Foreign Fanatics. Jim Cornette does all the talking because Jim Cornette is the man. Got to love Jim Cornette.

Lex Luger, The Undertaker & The Steiner Brothers vs. Yokozuna, Ludvig Borga, Crush & Jacques
Before we start, Jacques offers Scott Steiner a handshake and Scott responds with an obscene gesture for all to see. I thought this was deplorable at the time and might ruin Jacques' Thanksgiving, but then I remembered that he's canadian, and their Thanksgiving is in October, so it's all good. Rick Steiner tags in against Yoko, who tags out to Borga. Rick comes off the top and they screw up a spot. Rick actually hits a crossbody, then Ludvig kicks out, and just rolls him over and pins him at 5:05. It was pretty obvious Borga was supposed to catch him in midair and powerslam him there, but oh well. Actually, Rick looks like he's legitimately injured as he rolls out of the ring. Crush press slams Scott out to the floor. Savage comes out, thirsty for revenge, but is restrained in the aisle by about thirty officials. He tries to make a run for the ring again two minutes later, and this time Crush goes after him. He's counted out at 11:36. The heat segment continues on Scott. A Jacques piledriver gets two. Scott comes back with a press slam and hot tags Luger. A Luger second rope elbow drop gets... three? Ugh. 14:05. Scotty and Borga go. It's hard to believe that at this point rumors have it that Borga was being groomed for a World Title run. But then again so was Luger. Yoko tags in, squahes Scott with a leg drop, and pins him at 16:57. Vince and Bobby simultaneously declare that we're now down to the nitty gritty. Luger and Yoko go at it. Yoko misses a charge, and the Undertaker tags in for the first time all match, twenty-one minutes in. He hits his trademark flying DDT, but then walks into a belly to belly suplex. Yoko hits the Banzai Drop, then goes for another, and Taker sits up out of the way. No one had ever sat up right after a Banzai Drop before. Yoko can't believe it. The Undertaker hits the flying clothesline and they brawl on the floor. Undie no-sells his head to the steps, and Yokozuna becomes terrified, realizing that he can't hurt the guy. Taker then rams Yoko into the steps and both are counted out at 23:26. It's down to Luger and Borga now. Borga hits a suplex, a powerslam and a clothesline, all for two counts. Luger blocks a suplex and hits one of his own. A double clothesline puts both men down. Corny distracts the ref so Borga can hit Lex with Fuji's salt bucket, but a cover only gets two. Luger hulks up and hits a DDT. A powerslam gets two, but the Running Forearm gets three. Lex Luger is the sole survivor at 27:58. **1/2 It starts to "snow" in the arena, and "Santa Claus" comes out to "celebrate" with Luger. Oops, one too many quotation marks.

This show was pretty solid top to bottom. Except for the Doink match, everything was pretty good, and Heenan's doing commentary with Vince, so you can't go wrong there. This show helped to set things up for 1994, as Owen started his heel turn (which led to several classic Bret vs. Owen matches), Shawn returned still claiming to be the IC Champion (which led to his classic Ladder match with Razor Ramon), and Lex Luger was the sole survivor of the main event (which thankfully led to nothing as it became apparent that Bret was more over than him anyway). We also saw some development with a hot Savage and Crush feud, the unlikely duo of Marty Jannetty and the 1-2-3 Kid, and some solid advancement with the Razor/IRS feud.

Survivor Series 1993 Key Stats
Matches: 5
Total Wrestling: 108:33
Average Match: 21:43
Average Match Rating: **3/4
Top Moments: Hot opener, Hart Family controversy, impressive SMW action, solid wrestling throughout

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