Survivor Series 1994
November 23, 1994
San Antonio, Texas
Freeman Coliseum

Announcers: Vince McMahon & Gorilla Monsoon

Razor Ramon, The British Bulldog, The 1-2-3 Kid & The Headshrinkers vs. Diesel, Shawn Michaels, Owen Hart, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart & Jeff Jarrett
This match was loaded with a lot of the premier talent in the Fed. Shawn and Diesel had been feuding with Razor for all of 1994 and when they won the Tag Titles in August it was from the Headshrinkers. Owen and Neidhart were thwarted by the returning British Bulldog at Summerslam, but it was also Neidhart who cost Razor his King Of The Ring finals match against Owen. Then there's Jarrett, who had feuded with the Kid and was almost ready to start moving up to challenge for Razor's Intercontinental Title. The heel side here actually has three of my all time favorites in Owen, Jeff and Shawn. The ring is loaded: four Cliquesters, three Harts, two samoans and a second generation star in Jarrett. It's like a who's who of wrestling in there. Owen and the Bulldog do an awesome sequence early followed by a good one with Razor and Jarrett, then the Kid and Jarrett. Shawn directs traffic from the apron but he and Diesel never tag in and opt to let their teammates do all the work instead. Owen finally makes a blind tag to Diesel and he Jackknives Fatu for three at 13:27. The Kid goes the same way at 14:09. Headshrinker Seone is next at 14:41 as the Diesel mega-push rages on. The Bulldog gets counted out at 15:42 to leave Razor alone one on five. Wow, he picked a lot of winners for his team. Shawn calls for another Diesel Jackknife to end things but Diesel denies and Razor mounts a comeback. Diesel backdrops out of a Razor's Edge attempt and now he hits a Jackknife. Shawn decides to tag in for the first time all match and instructs Diesel to hold Razor in place for the Superkick. Razor of course ducks it and Shawn nails Diesel right in the face with it. Diesel gets up, pissed, and even though his teammates try to hold him back, he punches them all and gives chase to Shawn down the aisle. The rest of the team continues to try to break it up and the ref counts them all out at 21:40. Cheap but somewhat necessary ending, as the Diesel face turn is completed. Good booking. Owen is pissed that they lost as Razor Ramon, already the reigning IC Champion, survives. ***1/2

Todd Pettengill tracks down a running Shawn Michaels, bags in hands, ready to leave the arena with Diesel in hot pursuit of him. Shawn drops his Tag Team Title on the ground and takes off in his car. This unofficially marked the forfiture of the Tag Titles. An eight team tournament was held to declare new Champs over the next two months.

Doink, Dink, Wink & Pink vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler, Queazy, Sleazy & Cheezy
This was in the midst of the ridiculous Doink/Lawler feud that stemmed from Lawler insulting Dink's height. Lawler introduced three evil "royal" midgets of his own (that he treated like crap) and Doink and Dink debuted Pink and Wink to set up this Survivor Series showdown. A funny bit on commentary goes down as Vince does some speculating: "Why would Lawler name them Cheezy, Queasy, and Sleazy?" Gorilla responds with, "I guess cause they rhyme, Vince." Heh, no kidding. Typical midget chicanery follows with the clowns outpranking Lawler's team. Lawler eliminates Doink at 10:36 just to kill all the suspense since there's now no possible way that the clowns can win and the eliminations of all the midgets will be academic. Queazy takes care of Wink at 11:11, Cheezy goes over Pink at 14:31, and Sleazy pins Dink at 16:09. After the match, Lawler takes all the credit and turns on his own partners, so all six midgets chase him to the back where Doink is waiting for him with a pie to the face. This match was worthless to the card but the midgets provided some fun for the whole family. Probably the best DUD I've ever seen.

Todd talks to Bull Nakano despite the fact that she can't speak english. Bull apparently beat Alundra Blayze for the Women's Title last Sunday in Japan.

WWF Title, Submission Match: Bret "Hitman" Hart (Champion) vs. Bob Backlund
In 1983, Bob Backlund lost the WWF Title to the Iron Sheik when his manager Arnold Skaaland threw the towel into the ring to signify a Backlund submission. Backlund took a nine year sabbatical from the ring, but upon his return in the summer of 1994, Backlund got his first shot at the Title since he'd lost it. He wrestled Bret Hart in a match on WWF Superstars, but it was Bret that came out on top. After the match, Bret offered a handshake and Backlund snapped and locked him into the painful Crossface Chickenwing submission hold. In the following weeks and months Backlund snapped on everyone he crossed paths with and put them all out of comission with the chickenwing. It was put over as the most dangerous move ever used in the WWF to date. The reason Backlund snapped was because he was bitter of the way he was originally cheated out of the Title and as a result, this is booked as a submission match. Both Hart and Backlund will have cornermen at ringside with towels; The British Bulldog with Bret, and Owen Hart with Backlund. The match won't end until one of them throws the towel into the ring on behalf of the wrestler they're representing to signal a submission.

Since it's a submission match, they trade submissions holds from the start, first trading a bunch of sequences on the mat. Bret goes for the sharpshooter quickly, but Backlund wiggles away and eventually manages an armbar. The crowd cheers like nuts for Bret to come back and he does, working Backlund's knee a bit, then hooking on a Figure Four leglock. Backlund yells for Owen to throw in the towel, but Owen refuses to comply. Backlund reverses it and Bret breaks the hold. Backlund gets the chickenwing but Bulldog doesn't throw in the towel and Bret makes it to the ropes to break. They do a double knockout spot and Bret gets to his feet first and hits his side russian leg sweep, backbreaker, and elbow off the second rope. Bret applies the Sharpshooter but Owen again refuses to throw in the towel. Owen runs in and breaks up the Sharpshooter, causing Davey Boy to chase him around ringside. The Bulldog finally gets within striking distance and makes a lunge towards Owen, but the King Of Harts moves and Davey Boy smacks his head right into the steel steps and knocks himself out. Awesome bump. In the ring, Backlund hooks the Chickenwing, but even if Bret wanted to submit, Bulldog is now out cold and can't throw in the towel.

Owen does a top flight acting job and begins to ponder some of life's deepest questions right in front of our very eyes. He actually begins to shed a tear or two as he realizes that Bret, his own brother who he's been feuding with for a year, is in excruciating pain in the middle of the ring. Owen finally begins to show remorse for everything he's done the past year, and starts to turn into a babyface all over again. Watching this live I didn't even care about the match anymore; all I could think about was the fact that after a year of fighting with his own family, Owen had come back and it looked like a reunion with his brother was on the horizon. Owen cries, "That's my brother in there," as Backlund continues to cinch in the chickenwing. Owen begins to make his way to his parents, Stu and Helen Hart, at ringside and plead with them to do something. He holds the Bulldog's towel in his hands. Stu, sensing something fishy, takes it away from his son as Owen begs for Helen to help Bret. Helen finally can't take it anymore, grabs the towel from Stu, and throws it in the ring to end the match at 35:37. ****1/4 Bret's towel has been thrown in the ring, therefore the winner of the match and new WWF Champion is Bob Backlund. Owen raises his arms in victory, wipes his fake tears away, and runs down the aisle beaming. He hadn't turned face after all; he had put on an act to cost his brother the WWF Title. It was all a scam. Awesome job by Owen. This was viewed as a monumental upset by just about everyone watching, as no one really believed that Backlund had a chance against Bret. Even though Bret lost the match, he never technically submitted and actually lasted for nearly ten minutes in the chickenwing, a hold most guys didn't last thirty seconds in. As a result, Bret is put over as having major guts. Backlund is awarded the WWF Title and straps it around his waist in a very surreal scene.

Todd interviews an ecstatic Owen Hart who reveals that it was indeed a trap all along for all the really dumb people watching that didn't understand it the first time around. Owen says that like his brother Bret, he'll go on to become a Tag Team Champion, an Intercontinental Champion, and a World Heavyweight Champion. Well, he did make good on two of those three claims and was deserving of the last one, but never got it. I'll always contend that Owen Hart was by far the best wrestler to never win the WWF Championship, which is exactly why he should have won it.

Lex Luger, Mabel, Adam Bomb & The Smoking Gunns vs. King Kong Bundy, Bam Bam Bigelow, Tatanka & The Heavenly Bodies
The first three members of the heel side are all in Ted DiBiase's Million Dollar Corporation. Luger and Tatanka start it off and Luger no sells everything Tatanka throws at him thus killing whatever heat he may have had left. The Tatanka heel turn was an excellent storyline but it flopped miserably because he got lost in the shuffle of the other Corporation members. Mabel goes at it with the Bodies and squashes Pritchard with a crossbody for the pin at 5:02. Mabel and Bundy go next, then Mabel and Bigelow do a nice big man sequence that ends with both spilling to the floor where Mabel is counted out at 7:20. Billy Gunn and Jimmy Del Ray trade some offense, then Bigelow ends up in there with Adam Bomb. Bigelow lands the moonsault at 9:17 to eliminate Bomb. Luger goes over Del Ray with the forearm at 11:05 to even up the score again. The babyfaces destroy Tatanka. The Gunns' sidewinder gets a two count but Tatanka recovers with his Reverse Fallaway Slam on Bart for the pin at 14:40. The heels squash Billy Gunn, and Bundy finishes with the avalanche at 17:28. Luger is now down three on one. The heels start a long heat segment on him, but Luger gets Tatanka with a fluke small package at 23:30. Bundy immdeiately hits a splash at 23:38 to finish off Luger. *** Bundy and Bigelow survive, and they continue to beat down Luger. Luger's teammates all return to make the save and clear the ring.

Todd is with coked out WWF Champion, Bob Backlund. Bobby says he'll take on anybody and goes on one of his wacked out rants on morality. He almost sounds like an RTC member.

Casket Match: The Undertaker vs. Yokozuna
This is the rematch from the Royal Rumble. To prevent a repeat of what happened there, Chuck Norris is the special guest enforcer. The video wall splits in two for the Undertaker's entrance for a pretty cool effect. Yokozuna is of course intimidated by the Undertaker, as Taker no sells everything Yoko throws at him. Yoko puts him down with a rock bottom and follows it up with a leg drop. He tosses him into the casket, but Taker fights out and they brawl inside it. Back in the ring, Taker hits his flying clothesline off the top rope. King Kong Bundy and Bam Bam Bigelow run down and distract Norris in the aisle while IRS comes through the crowd to do a number on the Undertaker. A sleeper puts him out in the casket, but when Yoko tries to shut the lid, the Undertaker fights his way out. Jeff Jarrett tries to interfere but Norris superkicks him in the aisle. The Undertaker comes back on Yoko and a big boot sends the big guy into the casket. The Undertaker shuts the lid at 15:27 to win the match and blow off his feud with Yokozuna once and for all. *1/4

Survivor Series 1994 Key Stats
Matches: 5
Total Wrestling: 112:31
Average Match: 22:30
Average Match Rating: **1/2
Top Moments: Diesel's face turn, midget madness, the awesome Hart soap opera, the Undertaker's revenge

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