WWE Thoughts & Stuff From a Nine-Year Old Kid

By Sujal Kumar, 9 years old.

Hi, I’m back! Thanks to everyone who read my last column. And the people who emailed me!

First I will talk about Raw guys. This week on Raw, Jeff Hardy won the battle royal to face the Miz for the IC Championship. I was surprised when I saw him win because I didn’t think that he would be in singles action this early! But I still feel he is a better wrestler then Matt because back when him and Matt used to wrestle before, Jeff Hardy won some titles like against Triple H.

About Enzo Amore, it seems he has introduced a new finisher! Hopefully that’s the move that we will see win the Cruiserweight championship!

I found it weird how John Cena and Roman Reigns will face each other at No Mercy, and yet there a tag team! And they worked together more then I expected!

Alexa Bliss won the title on Raw and lately there has been a lot of title changes. Perhaps it's because they want to bring Nia Jax in the story. Also she hasn’t won the title yet. The way Nia attacked Alexa it happened all of a sudden and I think what they should have done is have them have problems with one another for a few weeks and then had the attack happen to build it up more.

Shelton Benjamin is Chad Gable’s new tag team partner after Jason Jordan turned into Kurt Angle’s son! The way that Chad Gable is acting now is kind of weird and I don’t think that Shelton likes it based on the faces he makes. So I think soon he will turn heel and turn on Chad! Then they will have a rivalry.

Kevin Owens screwd Sami Zayn on Smackdown by becoming the ref. It sounds kinda strange because Sami and Kevin have already had a long rivalry. Most of the times Sami Zayn lost to Kevin Owens! So I don’t know what is next for these two superstars.

Recently Breezeango has been getting attacked, and I got an e-mail asking me who I think it is. Well I'm here with the answer. After losing his NXT title Bobby Roode came to Smackdown so maybe its same with the Authors Of Pain! They lost their titles and ever since that's when the attacks have been taking place!

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