Rock @ Wrestlemania, Steve Austin's Future, Goldberg/Brock, more

- The Rock is scheduled to participate in Wrestlemania XX by teaming up with Mick Foley to take on Randy Orton and Batista, however, it is expected to be his only wrestling match of the year. There was a chance a few weeks ago that Rock may not be able to wrestle at Wrestlemania due to his movie committments, but he confirmed his participation during the recent Superbowl. If he had not been able to wrestle, WWE would have went with a Foley vs. Orton singles match.

- Wrestlers have continued to be told to change their wrestling style at house shows by eliminating low blows, ref bumps and disqualification finishes unless absolutely necessary. They also want referees to remove themselves directly from the action and instead serve as just referees while also tempering fan expectations, such as having fans chant "tables" during Dudley Boyz matches.

- Steve Austin recently went on record to state that he won't be wrestling at Wrestlemanania XX but that he would be involved in some capacity. Austin said he hoped to wrestle a Streetfight match with Vince McMahon but that it would probably end up being too rushed for that particular PPV.

- One storyline idea that could come to fruition at the PPV later today is that Goldberg will cost Brock Lesnar his title match, setting up Goldberg/Lesnar at Wrestlemania XX and making Eddie Guerrero the champ to defend against Kurt Angle.

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