McMahon Considering Launching 3rd Brand, WWE Divas/Playboy Info

* With the upcoming Torrie / Sable Playboy issue coming out, it should be noted that Stacy Keibler, Lita, and Trish Stratus have all turned down similar offers to pose for a shoot with the men's magazine.

* In a recent Business Week article Vince McMahon talked as if he was considering the launch of a third brand to compete with RAW and Smackdown. With the recent toning down of sorts of the current product, the new brand would be geared toward the 20-30-year old males and will be more "Wild West" according to McMahon. The current idea is to replace Confidential with the new brand's show which could possibly be called ECW since McMahon does own the name, although that is just speculation at this point. The new brand would also result in an increase in PPVs from 12 to 16 per year.

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[News derived from the PWTorch newsletter]