WWE Confidential Recap (2/14/04) - Torrie Wilson, Sable, more

We start the show tonight with a behind the scenes look at Torrie Wilson and Sable
in Playboy. We will also see Chris Jericho in Japan and we'll hear Valentine's
Stories from the WWE Superstars.

Torrie starts the segment off by saying that she believes Sable is sexier than her.
They both wanted the shoot to be very classy and very retro. They went for the 70's
look. Sable says she doesn't know what is so interesting about the thought of two
girls together.

Up Next: Rey Mysterio Films His First Music Video


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Rey Mysterio filmed a music video for a song he sang on the WWE Originals CD. It was
filmed at Universal Studios. The song, "Crossing Borders", is all about what he has
done in his career. The scenary represents a true hispanic community, according to
Rey. The set featured low-riders, dancing women and lots of people. Rey says he
never expected to ever have his own music video.

Up Next: The Legion of Doom vs. The Nasty Boys

Raw Calendar


Jindrak and Cade say that their favorite match comes from SummerSlam 1991, where the
LOD took on The Nasty Boys for the World Tag Team titles.
Usually, I would give a "move by move" description, but this was a street fight all
the way LOD wins the match after the Doomsday Device to capture the titles.

Up Next: Jericho in Japan


Chris Jericho recently visited Japan during the Raw Tour. Some of the things he did
during his tour were: First, he made a cow out of paper. Next, he talks to a Rock
impressionist. Then, he gives a guy an autograph on a Duddley Boyz poster. He then
takes a ride on the oldest ferris wheel in the world. Finally, he visits the John
Lennon museum.

Up Next: Valentine Stories from the WWE Stars


Here are some Valentines Day Stories from the WWE:
Rikishi says he just likes to relax and loves the day.
Mark Henry says he would like for someone to give him a bath ( however many days
that might take ).
Randy Orton likes the stuff that happens after dark.
Coach goes out looking for single woman on Valentine's Day.
Victoria says she loves to eat, so Valentine's Day Dinner is her favorite part.
Chuck Polumbo would rather have chocolates than roses.

Up Next: Torrie and Sable Sign Autographs


Torrie and Sable appeared at a book store in New York to sign copies of their
Playboy. Fans turned out in droves to see them. One girl said they were the hottest
two women in the world. Torrie says she really appreciates that coming from a woman
because girls don't compliment very often.

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