Undertaker as "Dead Man", Goldberg/Lesnar Update, Torrie/Playboy

* In today's edition of The Ottawa Sun, Torrie Wilson discusses posing for Playboy, her husband Billy Kidman's reaction, and making the leap from WCW to WWE. Click here to read the article in its entirety.

* The current plans is to have Goldberg on both RAW & Smackdown! leading up into his WrestleMania XX match with Lesnar. It has even been discussed of having Lesnar possibly appear on Raw as well. The WWE has not reached a new deal with Goldberg at this time and would like to get the most out of him before his contract ends shortly after Mania.

* The Undertaker appears on the new Smackdown! Magazine cover, with the headline "The Dead Man Returns" - 3/14/04. The Undertaker is seen in his old traditional garb, sporting the Deadman look as has been seen on his promos with Kane at both Raw & Smackdown! You can pick the magazine up at any newstand currently to check out the Undertaker's new look.

Off-Camera No Way Out News + LIVE IMAGES of the PPV & Goldberg/Lesnar Backstage News!

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