WWE RAW Report (2/2/04) - State College, Pennsylvania

WWE RAW report for 02/02/04
Report by: Jason, rajahwwf.com reporter

This one's for Jack Tunney.

Hello again everybody and WELcome to your RajahWWF.com RAW report. I am your host Jason (Jason_of_RajahWWF on Yahoo messenger) welcoming you to the next two hours of WWE fun.

We begin with footage from last week of Royal Rumble winner Chris Benoit making his surprise debut on RAW to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania.

The music plays, the pyro blazes and we are LIVE from Penn State University. Jim Ross, Jerry "The King" Lawler and Jonathan Coachman will have the call as toNIGHT Goldberg will battle Kane and Shawn Michaels takes on Randy Orton. But first...

Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel
-Y2J welcomes us back to the Highlight Reel after a lengthy absence and introduces his guest, Chris Benoit. Jericho congratulates Benoit on his Royal Rumble win and compliments his leap through the legal loophole to come to RAW. But, Benoit won't just be dealing with Triple H; he'll be dealing with the rest of Evolution and Eric Bischoff. Benoit appreciates the warning, but he knows whom he'll have to deal with here on RAW. No one, and Benoit means no one, is going to stop Chris from becoming the World Heavyweight Champion. If Triple H feels differently, he can prove Benoit wrong. Has Benoit ever considered that the problem could be Benoit? The critics say he's the best technical wrestler around, but he can't win the big one. In fact, let's look at the JeriTron 5000, where just last week at the Royal Rumble, Ric Flair said Benoit always lets the brass ring slide out of his hand. You know Jericho, if Flair thinks...Dum DUM DUUUUUMMMM, Dah-DUM, here comes The Nature Boy. Flair makes his way to the ring to address Benoit. Is there something that Flair said to Chris last week that Benoit doesn't understand? Benoit is the greatest technical wrestler of all time, but in Flair's world Chris is a runner up. He always reaches for that brass ring, and it always slips away. This isn't Smackdown; this is RAW where Triple H rules the roost. Hunter lives by a motto that Flair made famous, "To be the man...Wooo...You got to beat the man." Flair is right, Triple H is the man and Benoit will take care of him at WrestleMania. But tonight, Benoit would like nothing better than to take Flair on one-on-one. No, no, Flair's just there to...I'M BACK, it's General Manager Bischoff. Bischoff is about being fair to all his talent, so tonight forget about the number one contenders match, Chris Jericho & Christian will get a tag title shot against Ric Flair & Batista. And Benoit, stay right where you are. Your very first match on RAW is coming...up...next!


Chris Benoit Vs. Mark Henry w/Theodore Long
-Referee Chad Patton calls for the bell and we're off. They chop it out at the start before Henry takes over with a clothesline. Benoit gets the boots up in the corner, but he takes a Bret bump in the corner off a whip and Henry clubs him to the mat. Ross notes that Benoit eliminated Henry in the Royal Rumble. Sledgehammer blows to the back by Henry, followed by a clothesline. Benoit fights back with chops, but Henry powers him back to the mat. Benoit goes to the leg with a dropkick and follows up with an inziguri as TRIPLE H makes his way down the ramp. Benoit hits Henry with a shoulder block off the top, but Mark won't go down. Benoit won't be denied though and he hooks in the Crippler Crossface for the quick tap-out at 2:45.
-HERE is YOUR Winner: Chris Benoit

Triple H applauds obnoxiously from ringside as Benoit stares him down.


In the back, Sheriff Austin stalks the halls until he comes upon Shawn Michaels. Is Shawn down because Chris Benoit is on RAW? Does Shawn feel like he's out of the title picture now? Hey, it is what it is, Steve. Well, Austin will make it simple for you, Shawn. You want a shot at the title? Do something about it.

Ross intros footage from last week of the return of Mick Foley and his vengeance on Randy Orton.

In the back, Mick Foley paces the halls when he runs into Test. Test calls Foley for what he did to him at the Royal Rumble when Randy Orton waffles Foley from behind with the Intercontinental belt. Orton chases Test away when he tries to join in the fun and then stomps on Foley himself. "Make no mistake, Mick. You ARE my bitch."


WWE Sting of the Night: Last week on RAW, Miss Jackie flashes Rob Conway, allowing Rico to get the win.

Rene Dupree w/Rob Conway Vs. Rico w/Miss Jackie
-Conway gives Miss Jackie an earful from the floor before the bell. Rico gets the best of things early with a drop toehold and some bronco busting as Dupree tries to crawl away. Conway goes after Jackie on the outside, which allows Dupree to get the drop on Rico on the floor. Rene tosses Rico back in and batters him in the corner as referee Jack Doan admonishes. Snapmare by Dupree, settling into a neck vise. The ref checks in, but Rico won't quit. The crowd wills Rico back into it, but Dupree brings him to the mat with a reverse chinlock. Jackie pounds the mat to motivate Rico, but her breasts don't pop out. Dupree returns to the neck vise and Jackie leads the crowd in a "U.S.A." chant. Dupree moves back to the reverse chinlock and Rico finally fights out. Inverted atomic drop by Rico, followed by a backdrop. Rico with his stiff springboard kick in the corner for a near fall. Rico with the reverse mule kick. 1-2-kickout by Dupree. Dupree drop toeholds Rico into the middle buckle as STACY KEIBLER makes her way to the ring. Rico manages to reverse things off the distraction and goes for a monkey flip, but Conway grabs Dupree's trunks and keeps him in place. Stacy gets up on the apron and shakes that ass, which really gets Rene's attention. Rico quickly moves in with the standing spinning heel kick and gets the 1-2-3 at 5:29.
-HERE is YOUR Winner: Rico

Stacy takes the stick after the bell and says if Playboy is looking for the sexiest pair of WWE Divas, they've found them in herself and Jackie. Keibler calls for her dance music (which happens to be her cut from WWE Originals) and she and Jackie dance.

In the back, Trish Stratus runs into Christian, who's reading up on the break-up of The Beatles. He makes some Yoko comparisons with Trish and wishes her luck in her match tonight.


The Coach intros clips of WWE latest drive to get out the vote earlier today in Washington D.C.

Trish Stratus Vs. Molly Holly for the Women's Championship
-What ever happened to Victoria's title shot? Eric Bischoff appears on the TitanTron and says he's made a mistake booking this match because Trish isn't even the number one contender for the Women's title. But, he knows that Trish came here ready to wrestle tonight, so...

Trish Stratus Vs. Kane
-Trish is clearly terrified as Kane makes his way to the ring. Senior referee Earl Hebner is little help as he calls for the bell. Trish tries to make a run for it, but Kane catches her and hoists her up for the chokeslam. Here comes CHRIS JERICHO! Jericho nails Kane from behind, freeing Trish. Jericho knocks Kane to the outside and tells Trish to run. She does as Jericho goes out after Kane, but the monster is ready and he smashes Jericho's knee with a steel chair. Kane then seizes Jericho up and drives Chris's already injured knee into the ring post. Kane regains the ring and ignites the fires of hell as Jericho writhes on the floor.
-No Contest


In the back, the trainer is seeing to Chris Jericho when Trish Stratus rushes in to check on him. Jericho should have known better than to trust Eric Bischoff, but more importantly there's something he has to tell her. Christian bursts in and starts a rant about what's just happened, but Jericho gets in his face and tells him to just focus on their tag title shot.

Kane Vs. Goldberg
-Goldberg stops at ringside to hug the little girl he met on the Maury Povich Show. Say what you like about Goldberg, he's really good with stuff like that. Kane starts out with hard shots in the corner, but Goldberg responds with a clothesline and he hammers away in the corner. Goldberg with a sloppy shoulder block and some knee lifts, but Kane manages to get some separation with a big boot. Kane chokes Goldberg on the mat as referee Chad Patton tries to warn him off. The crowd chants for Goldberg somewhat as Kane scores a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Kane with a reverse chinlock on the mat. Goldberg fights up, but Kane scores a nice uppercut. Kane buckles Goldberg's bean and drives in the right hands in the corner. Choke in the corner by Kane, but Goldberg reverses a whip into a powerslam. Clotheslines by Goldberg, but he runs right into a chokeslam. Suddenly the lights go out and a fireball shoots from the rafters and hits the ring. Goldberg is nowhere to be seen and Kane is alone in the ring in a blue spotlight. The TitanTron comes to life with a random, fragmented video. The lights come back on and Goldberg is lined up for the spear. He hits it and looks for the jackhammer, but the ring begins to fill with fog and Goldberg bails out. The Undertaker's gong sounds and Kane sits up. The lights go out again and Kane topples out of the ring, clearly scared of what's going on. The show's signal sputters and snows out, leading to a...


The announcers recap what just happened in the Kane/Goldberg match.

Booker T Vs. Matt Hardy Version 1.0
-This is a rematch from last night's Heat. Matt has never run out of gas while driving. Matt's chest hair grows swiftly. Hardy clobbers Booker at the bell as referee Mike Chioda admonishes the use of the closed fist. Hot shot by Hardy, followed by a clothesline in the corner and a bulldog out of the corner. 1-2-kickout by Booker. Sleeper by Hardy, but Booker won't fade. Booker squashes Hardy in the corner to break the hold, but Hardy comes off the second rope with a neck breaker for a near fall. Matt gets another two count before cinching in a modified sleeper on the mat. He switches it to a full nelson and Booker fights up. Matt quells that riot with a knee to the gut and a cover for two. 1-2-Booker kicks out again. Hardy works the neck again, this time with a rear chinlock. Booker surges up again and fights out with elbows. Matt dips his head and Booker scores a kick, but Hardy works the Side Effect for a close fall. Hardy walks right into a spinebuster and both men are down. They stagger up and Booker beats Matt to the punch. Booker with a dropkick and a reverse kick. 1-2-Matt kicks out. Matt eats elbow on a corner charge and Booker drills him with a spin kick. 1-2-Matt gets the shoulder up. Matt works a Flair pin, but Chioda catches him in the act. Booker comes back with a sidekick. Spinaroonie! Matt tries to attack, but Booker manages to land the scissors kick and he gets the 1-2-3 at 6:26 to beat Matt for the second straight night.
-HERE is YOUR Winner: Booker T

In the back, Randy Orton approaches Shawn Michaels as HBK is cleaning Triple H's blood off his boot. Orton tries to intimidate Shawn for their match later tonight, but nothing doing. It's a staredown.


Triple H Vs. Spike Dudley
-This is a non-title affair, kittens. Hunter takes the stick before Spike is introduced, saying that Chris Benoit had better be careful what he wishes for, because now he's going to get it. Next week he and Benoit are going to sign the contract to wrestle for the title are WrestleMania XX. Triple H refers to himself as "the best there is." Hmmm. Hunter saw what Benoit did to Mark Henry earlier tonight, but let's see what he does against Ric Flair next week. Hunter laughs Spike off at the bell and turns his back. Spike attacks immediately, but Triple H soon takes over in the corner with punches. High knee by Hunter, followed by a knee drop. Spike tries to fight back, but Triple H easily locks him up in the Pedigree for the 1-2-3 at 1:26.
-HERE is YOUR Winner: Triple H


WWE Rewind: Last week on Smackdown, Brock Lesnar says that Goldberg is a Brock Lesnar wanna-be.

In the back, Sheriff Austin goes in to see Goldberg. He gives Bill a front row ticket to No Way Out that he can't use.

Chris Jericho & Christian Vs. Ric Flair & Batista for the World Tag Team Championship
-The announcers recap what happened earlier between Jericho and Kane. What the heck is Lillian Garcia wearing, by the way? Christian and Flair start with Ric in control on the mat with wrestling. Christian comes back with a shoulder block and an abdominal stretch. He turns it into a cradle for two from referee Earl Hebner. Batista makes the blind tag as Christian whips Flair in and Batista clobbers Christian from behind. Slam by Batista. Tag to Flair. Chops, punches and Wooos in the corner. Christian goes to the eye and scores a reverse elbow. Both men are down. Tag to Jericho for chops on Flair. Clothesline by Jericho and he catches Batista coming in with an inziguri. All four guys end up in there and Batista is double clotheslined over the top. Christian planchas out onto Batista and Jericho drops Flair in the ring. Jericho goes for the Lionsault, Flair rolls out of the way, Jericho lands his feet but he torques his injured knee. Flair moves in, but Jericho cinches in The Walls. Batista posts Christian's back on the outside and tosses him back inside. The referee tries to roll Christian out for some reason and Flair takes the opportunity to tap out. Hebner never sees it of course and Batista comes in and clips Jericho's injured knee. Flair quickly follows up with the figure four as Batista slides out and Jericho taps at 4:46 to end it.
-HERE are YOUR Winners and STILL World Tag Team Champions: Ric Flair & Batista


WrestleMania Recall: At WMXII, Shawn Michaels enters the arena via zip line.

Randy Orton Vs. Shawn Michaels
-This is a non-title match. Referee Mike Chioda has to separate them in the corner before Orton scores a cheap shot. Michaels comes back with chops and a roll-up for two. Shawn takes Orton over into a side headlock on the mat. Orton fights up and scores a reverse elbow for a near fall. Orton hammers away on Michaels' back and drives the kicks into Shawn's gut in the corner. Chops by Michaels and he dodges a dropkick that blasts the referee instead. Chioda tumbles to the outside as Michaels lands more chops in the corner, but Orton whips him hard into the corner, where Shawn takes his upside down back bump. Orton goes to the timekeeper's table and brings it into the ring when the glass breaks and SHERIFF AUSTIN drives his ATV to the ring with referee Earl Hebner aboard. Austin takes the title belt off the apron where Orton dropped it as Hebner climbs into the ring to take over as referee. Austin then puts Chioda up on the ATV and drives him to the back. Meanwhile Orton and Michaels collide and both men are down...


..We return with Michaels in an Orton rear chinlock on the mat. Michaels fights out, but Orton drives the knee into Shawn's belly and re-establishes the chinlock. The crowd wills Michaels back into it and Shawn fights up. Shawn ducks a clothesline and rolls Randy up for two. Orton scores a two count of his own before going back to the rear chinlock. Hebner checks in, but nothing doing on the submission. Shawn starts to fade before surging up and firing in with right hands. Michaels shoots Orton in and catches him in a sleeper on the rebound, but Randy back suplexes out of it and get two. Scoop slam by Orton and Randy heads to the top. He leaps, but Michaels dodges the cross body block and Orton crashes and burns. Both men are down. Hebner gets to seven before they rise and slug it out. Flying forearm by HBK and he kips up. Shawn to the top for the flying elbow. Michaels tunes up the band, but Orton blocks Sweet Chin Music. Orton looks for the RKO, but Michaels counters it as MICK FOLEY makes his way to the ring to ruin a good match. Michaels seizes the opportunity and works a tight roll-up for the 1-2-3 at 13:37.
-HERE is YOUR Winner: Shawn Michaels

Foley gets into the ring after the bell and hammers away on Orton. Randy flees into the crowd with Foley in pursuit as the balance of Evolution runs down the ramp. Ric Flair and Batista hop the gate and chase after Orton and Foley as Triple H gets into the ring for a cheap shot on Michaels. Hunter mounts Shawn for punches, but here comes Chris Benoit. Benoit takes the ring and Triple H backs down. Hunter slowly leaves the ring, saying Benoit has made a big mistake all the way up the ramp. In the ring, Benoit offers his hand to Michaels and Shawn reluctantly accepts it.


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