WWE Smackdown! Report (2/19/04) - Taped in Fresno, California

Report by: 1wrestling.com

Paul Heyman graces our screen. The new WWE Champion is Eddie Guerrero. While his celebration takes place tonight, the question is how long will it last. Tonight, he will make his first defense against Chavo Guerrero, Jr. He has assigned a special guest referee for the match.
SmackDown comes to you tonight from Fresno, CA!

Kurt Angle comes to the ring and grabs the mic. He asks if Fresno is ready to party. Tonight we celebrate the new WWE Champion, Eddie Guerrero. Kurt wants to be one of the first to come out and say congratulations. He knows what it's like to achieve the impossible and prove the critics wrong. He always knew Eddie had what it took to take the title. He always knew. That's why, as the number one contender, it will be an honor and a priviledge to face Eddie at Wrestlemania XX. Three cheers for Eddie Guerrero.

John Cena comes out and makes his way to the ring. He mocks Angles for sounding so "white." He asks iof Angle brought out some mile and cookies too. He agrees with the people that he sucks. They're gonna bring it down West Coast style. He gets into a little audience participation. He gets separate sides of the arena to chant "Latino" and "Heat." Cena puts over Angle going to Wrestlemania, but he says it sounds like, from the people that they think Guerrero's going to kick Angle's ass. Angle says how about if he kicks Cena's MC Hammer ass right now. Shoving match when Heyman appears on the big screen. He asks if they're trying to usurp his authority. He makes the matches on SmackDown, not them. He doesn't want to see them face each other tonight. He wants to see them team against The Bashams.

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Kurt Angle & John Cena vs. Doug & Danny Basham
Angle and Danny are in. Ground mat work and go behinds. Angle with a fireman's carry takedown into a headlock. Two deep armdrags into an armbar. Danny with knees in the corner. Angle with a clothesline off the whip. Cena tags in and Danny kicks his knee down before tagging in Doug. Cena takes over and pumps up after a spinning back suplex. Danny knees him from the outside but Cena still hits the spinebuster. Danny breaks up the count but Angle is in and takes over on him. Angle goes for a whip, it's reversed and Angle collides with Cena, sending him through the ropes to the outside. Angle with a Geran suplex on Basham. Cena gets back in and they begin to argue and shove each other.

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Doug is working over Cena's knee. Cena tries to tag out but Doug drags him back to his corner. Danny back in. Back to Cena's knee. In the corner, Cena kicks Danny to the face and a clothesline. He struggles to make the tag but Danny drags him back and tags in Doug. Frequent tags for the Bashams. Doug with a single leg crab. Cena finally gets in a DDT and tags in Angle who is a house of fire. Danny gets a German suplex and Doug gets a back bodydrop. Danny shoves Angle into a clothesline from Doug. Double-team on Angle. Angle slam on Danny and then an ankle lock. Danny kicks Angle out through the ropes but Cena tags in as Angle goes. Cena hits the FU on Danny and it's over.
WINNERS: Kurt Angle & John Cena

Photo recap of the Cruiserweight Title match at No Way Out.

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Wrestlemania Recall gives us a look back to 1989 and Morton Downey, Jr. in Piper's Pit.

A look back at Hardcore Holly beating Big Show last month in the street fight. The rematch is tonight with the US Title on the line.

Heyman is laying on the couch. Dawn Marie comes in and says Rey Mysterio wants to talk to him. Mysterio is standing right there. He claims he knows everything Mysterio is thinking and how he feels ripped off, but Mysterio tells him he's wrong. He wants a rematch, that's all. Heyman respects that and will reward his professionalism. If Chavo Jr. beats Eddie tonight, he'll have both titles. Next week, Mysterio will challenge for both belts. In exchange, Mysterio has to take the night off. Heyman tells him to trust him.

Eddie Guerrero is introduced and the crowd is on their feet. He comes in from the top of the lower level with confetti falling. Balloons drop and Guerrero is mobbed, not being able to get to the ring. He finally makes it in ad stomps on a few balloons. Fireworks go off. This is a classy moment for the WWE.

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The crowd chants, "Eddie!" He appears genuinely moved. He asks what all the fuss is about - him?! He says he's usually a little more shy. But tonight he can say he is the WWE Champion. Or should he say "WE" are the WWE Champions? For everyone who has supported him, he says, "Gracias - Thank you." For everyone who didn't support him...something in Spanish that I'm sure was pretty nasty. He didn't go through all the trouble of stealing this confetti and balloons for nothing Let's get the party started. The Chavos come out. They want to know where their confetti and balloons are.Crowd starts a big, "Chavo sucks!" chant, then switches to "Eddie!" Jr. says what a shock. He beats Rey Mysterio for the Cruiserweight belt, one of the biggest moments in his life, but all the attention is on Eddie. Eddie gives him a balloon. Jr. says Eddie has been lying and cheating his whole life and stealing Jr's spotlight. He tells him to savor and treasure the celebration because all of the celebration is going to be over once he beats him tonight and takes the title. Eddie says the only thing he's going to take is an ass kicking.Jr. says Eddie thinks he knows it all, but Jr has been talking to Paul Heyman. He knows who the special referee is. It's Chavo Guerrero, Sr.

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US TITLE MATCH: Big Show vs. Hardcore Holly
Holly charges the ring and attacks Show. He goes for two clotheslines but on the third, Show clotheslines him down. Show's knee is hurting. Beal throw on Holly. Holly gets in kicks to the injured knee. He lands a clip off the ropes. Holly with the Alabama Jam. Holly goes for a missle dropkick but Show swats him away. Show hits a chokeslam and takes the win.
WINNER: The Big Show
Cena's music is on, he's out and he raps classic, challenging Show at Wrestlemania for the belt. Show says he's the most dominant US Champion in history. He accepts and calls the match Cena's funeral.

Joshj in the back says Bock Lesnar has arrives and is somewhere loose in the arena.

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Last Sunday at No Way Out. Brock Lesnar challenges Goldberg. The title match is then recapped.

Brock Lesnar comes to the ring slowly and obviously depressed. He says he's not even supposed to be there tonight, but he couldn't stay home. He has too much pride and the WWE Championship meant too much to him. It was his life, not like Eddie. Eddie will probably just pawn it off. It was everything to Brock. He's an All-American kind of guy. He doesn't understand why the people treat him like they do. He's a great US citizen. He's an outstanding guy. An NCAA Champion. In his heart, he was the greatest WWE Champion in history. Eddie Guerrero is a lying, cheating champion. That's how he won Brock's title. Eddie capitalized on Bill Goldberg and stole his title. He may be the champion, but his day will come and Brock will again wear the belt. But Brock has a score to settle with Goldberg. It's because of him that he lost his title. His life hasn't been the same since. Goldberg hasn't felt the pain, so he is going to break him in half. He begs Mr. McMahon, getting down on his knees, to give him Goldberg at Wrestlemania XX.

Jr. is in the back with Sr. Sr. has a referee's shirt. Jr. says after he beats Eddie tonight, there will be an even bigger celebration for him next week in Kansas City. He asks his dad to please call the match down the middle.

Cole and Tazz shill SmackDown magazine and recap the Kane/Undertaker happenings.

Heyman is racing through the back. he comes across Chavo Sr. being attended to by paramedics. Angle is angry and asking Heyman how long this is going to keep happening. He insists Eddie Guerrero did not do this but that it could be Heyman next.

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Heyman runs up to Angle in the back. He agrees with Angle's thoughts. He needs Angle to be the referee and slaps a shirt over his shoulder.

WWE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Chavo Guerrero, Jr. w/Sr. vs. Eddie Guerrero
Eddie hands Angle the belt then asks for it back. He tosses it at Jr. and goes on the attack. Stomps in the corner followed by a high kneelift off the ropes. Eddie slingshots in with a flip onto Jr. Punches back and forth Jr. with a whip and charge into the corner. Big bodydrop. Jr. has Eddie in the corner. Eddie with a thumb to the eye and he takes it back. Hammerlock bearhug on Jr. Eddie chokes him while turning him so Angle can't see. Ten punch in corner but Eddie takes the tag rope and wraps it around Jr's neck. Standing surfboard. Jr. slips down and armdrags Eddie but Eddie dropkicks him. Jr. with punches and a whip into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Jr. chokes Eddie in the corner. Triple suplex on Eddie. Jr. up top for the frogsplash but Eddie brings up his knees. Jr. charges him but Eddies sends Jr. over the top. As he prepares to slingshot over, Sr. comes to the ring and yells at Angle and Eddie. Jr. from behind with a rol-up. Eddie kicks out and hits the triple suplex. Sr. goes up to the apron and Eddie knocks him off. Back suplex on Jr. Eddie goes for the frogsplash but Sr. pulls Jr. out of the way. Rey Mysterio runs to the ring and delivers a 619 outside the ring. Punches on Sr. Referees out to drag Mysterio back.

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Jr. is kicking Eddie's knee. Modified single leg crab. Eddie rolls him through for two. Jr. uses the ropes to work over the knee some more. Dropkick in the corner. Dropkick to the knee. Reverse Indian deathlock into a bridge then surfboard. Back to the crab. Eddie kicks Jr. then hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Two clotheslines and a hurricanrana off the top. Jr. dropkicks the knee again. He goes up top but Eddie cuts him off and gives him the superplex. Eddie with a powerbomb and he goes up. Frogsplash. Angle counts one then stops and sneers. When Eddie looks at him, angle punches and kicks him down. Outside the ring, Angle drops him over the railing then whips him into the steps. Eddie is bleeding. Angle throws him back in and continues to work him over. Mysterio runs down to the ring and goes for a hurricanrana off the top, but Angle powerbombs him. Angle throws Mysterio over the ropes with a press slam. Angle gets the title belt and, after raising it, wallops Eddie with it.