WWE Confidential Recap (2/21/04) - Mr. Perfect, Lita, more

Perfect. That is the theme for the evening. Tonight, we take a look at the life of
"Mr. Perfect" Curt Henning.

All the superstars tell us that when they heard he had passed away, they couldn't
beleive it. Curt was the perfect athlete in high school, and he opted to pursue a
career in professional wrestling instead of college, to be like his father. He
started with the AWA in 1986 and it wasn't but two years later that he began his
"perfect" career in the WWF. He started with the WWF in 1988 and , according to many
superstars, is the greatest Intercontinential Champ ever. Shawn Michaels tells us
that Curt gave him the nickname of "The Heartbreak Kid". Basically, the bottom line
is that Curt Henning was a stand-up guy, who loved his family and didn't make any

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Wrestlemania XX Promo


After Lita was injured last year, she began volunteering at a local animal hospital.
According to the nurses at the hospital, Lita helped with everything, and yes,
scooping poop was included. Lita tells us that scooping up animal poop was her
favorite part. Of course, the most horrible part was when an animal had to be put to
sleep. Lita tells us that animal over-population is so bad that everyone in the
world would have to own 14 animals, and their offspring would have to own 7 in order
to lower the population.

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The APA went to a lake ( the location was not given ) to shoot the pilot episode of
their fishing show. Bradshaw says that he wants to see a fishing show with an edge,
and not something that's boring. We see some typical antics by the APA, drink beer -
fish - drink beer - fish - knock guy into lake, you know, the usual stuff.

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Ric Flair tells us that Tully Blanchard was the ultimate, in that, he could work
like no one else and he could cut one hell of a promo. He could wrestle for 60
minutes or for 5, it didn't matter. Tully tells us that alot of people think he
retired from wrestling, but he actually failed a drug test given by the WWF and was
terminated. He says he didn't mind though because he was going to the NWA to
wrestle, but Ric Flair called him up and told him that the NWA didn't want a drug
addict either, so Tully went unemployed for 18 months. During that time he lost
everything. Now he has turned his life around, he works for a ministry called,
"Champions For Life", in which past stars talk to inmates and teenagers to warn them
of the dangers of drugs. He wanted to give others a second chance.

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Most of the wrestlers say that Mr. Perfect was, in fact, perfect. They say that all
those promos of him playing sports weren't fake. I have trouble believing that he
threw a long pass and then caught it himself, funny though. Eric Bischoff says that
he had an uncanny ability to say he was going to do something and then do it.

Up Next: What Would The WWE Stars Be Doing If They Weren't Wrestling


Various WWE stars are asked the above question and they all said they would be
playing another sport, except John Cena, who would be a rapper.

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