Kane Against Wrestling Websites, Foley's Status, McMahon's Meetings

* While Vince McMahon continues to hold weekly meeting before RAW and Smackdown, there isn't really much new to report from the meetings. He does continue to speak out against the leaking of storylines and related info to various media sources and he also keeps pushing the "new style" of wrestling with more realistic tactical moves and longer selling of those moves.

* In light of his new on-air role, Vince Russo doesn't appear to have much more responsibility than producing shows. Although some wrestlers are under the impression that the shows are still being written by Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantel they have seen signs of Russo's influence.

* When asked in a recent Byte This interview on WWE.com about wrestling websites, Kane stated "I think it's exposed our business in ways that it never should have. I'm all for our fans feeling that they're part of something. But, I think that what happens with the internet is that you have a certain group of fans that exclude everyone else and they try to become part of something that they're not. I think most don't appreciate what we do and think they can do it better."

* Mick Foley plans to wrestle periodically in big PPV matches, but he is set agains making any kind of a full-time return to the ring at this point.

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[News derived from the PWTorch newsletter]