WWE Armageddon Results (12/12/04): Was JBL Able To Hang On Again?

WWE Armageddon
December 12th, 2004
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

The show kicks off with "The End Is Here" themesong playing, then they show highlights for tonight's Main Event and we are live in the arena.

RVD & Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Dupree & Suziki

RVD is out first along with his partner Rey Mysterio Jr. This match is for the tag team titles and next out we have Suziki and Dupree. RVD leads off as he hammers on Suziki, but then quickly gets Rey Jr. tagged in. Rey takes a knee to the midsection as he is grounded to the mat and Dupree is tagged in.

RVD finally gets the tag and he hammers on both members of Suziki/Dupree connection. RVD tosses Dupree back into the ring and Rey Jr. goes to work on him.

Double team by RVD and Rey Jr. with a monkeyflip and kick to the chin and pin attempt, but Dupree is able to kick out.

Finally Dupree gains the advantage and sends Rey Jr. to the outside. He then goes on the offense against RVD and tags in Suziki when he returns to the ring apron.

Suziki locks in a reverse chin lock in the middle of the ring as Rey tries to get the crowd up to help RVD fight out of the move.

RVD delivers a kick to the jaw of Kenzo and gets over to Rey for the tag. Mysterio hammers on Dupree now in the corner as he runs in. Dupree is able to take advantage when the referee is distracted and they gain the advantage.

Torrie Wilson runs out to the ring apron to aid RVD & Rey Mysterio from outside interference. Dupree continues to work on Rey Mysterio on the inside of the ring. Dupree places a knee in the small of Rey's back.

The crowd tries to rally Mysterio as Suziki now works him over in the middle of the ring. Rey tries to get to the corner, but Dupree is able to cut him off and then turns around and delivers a cheap shot to RVD which sends him off the corner. As RVD tries to crawl into the ring and return the favor the referee is distracted and a double team ensues.

Suziki nails Rey with a huge right hand. They now have Rey backed into their corner. Rey Jr. is still in the ring and is hurting. He hasn't been able to make a tag in quite sometime. Finally Rey hits the hunacanrana and he tries to make the tag. He finally does and RVD hits the ring taking out Dupree. RVD hits a moonsault and goes for the cover, but Dupree is able to kick out.

Rolling Thunder by RVD and then a cover attempt, but Kenzo breaks up the count. Rey finally is able to aid RVD as he hits a double 619 on both Kenzo and Dupree. Then RVD goes up top and hits the frogsplash and the champions retain the titles in tonight's opening matchup.

Winners: Rey Mysterio & RVD

Kurt Angle vs. Santa Clause

Kurt Angle's music hits as he is escorted to the ring with two armed security guards. Angle tells us that he is going to put his gold medal on the line tonight in a match with Santa Clause. Santa Clause hits the ring wearing his suit and with a bag of gifts.

Angle tells Santa that he "does not like him" because all his daughter only wants to write to Santa Clause. Angle hits the olympic slam and an ankle lock on Santa as Santa taps out. Not quite sure what that was all about.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Tough Enough Boxing

Next up is the Tough Enough Boxing Match as they recap the entire show up until this point. I will try to do this round by round as each round is one minute long.

Miznan is first out to the ring, wearing his boxing trunks and gloves. Next out is Puder. They have a boxing referee for this and are using boxing rules, such as no knockdown rule etc...

Round one begins and headgear will be used. The guys are going nuts on one another...Miznan actually has done well and Puder goes down, but the referee ruled it a slip. They are slugging at one another pretty hard.

Round 2 begins and Miznan comes out firing and Puder catches him on the back of the head. Not alot of action, because they look to be tiring. It looks as though Puder won that round. Puder did get a sucker punch in however.

Round 3 starts and Miznan is out of breath, but he is giving it his all. He is really laying all out there and is actually doing very well, because he was not supposed to win this thing. Puder got one good shot in and Miznan got some small shots in.

Since there was no knockdown the crowd gets to choose the winner.

It was somewhat close on the crowd reaction, but they give it to Daniel Puder.

The Basham Brothers vs. Charlie Haas & Hardcore Holly

Next up we have the Basham Brothers who are going to take on Charlie Haas and Hardcore Holly in a "bonus match". As both men enter the ring the action begins with Hardcore Holly going up against Doug Basham. Holly is sent into the ropes and then to the mat with an arm drag takedown.

Danny Basham and Haas now go at it. Haas is tossed into the ropes as he slides under Danny and then hits an armdrag and then into an armbar.

Charlie Haas now works on Danny Basham in the middle of the ring. He gets us, but as he does he is tripped up by Doug Basham. The crowd is absolutley silent for this match.

Charlie Haas continues to stay grounded as he tries to make it to the corner and make a tag. Holly finally gets the tag as he goes to work on both Basham brothers. Holly goes up to the top rope and nails Danny Basham. After he does Dawn Marie and Miss Jackie run down to the ring and distract Charlie and as they do, Holly is rolled up and pinned.

Winners: The Basham Brothers

After the match, Hardcore Holly yells and Charlie Haas and tells him to use his head. They yell at each other in the ring. After that they show the Royal Rumble promo and it is absolutley FANTASTIC. You have too see it.

They show a recap of the John Cena, Carlitto, & Jesus Interaction and then we are set to go.

John Cena vs. Jesus

Cena is out to the ring first. Then Jesus is out to the ring, but he takes a good while to get to the ring. John Cena unloads on Jesus with punches until Jesus is down on the mat. He then hits him with a swift kick to the ribs. This match has "street fighting" rules. Jesus grabs a kendo stick and nails Cena in the kidney, but Cena is quickly able to recover and then nails Jesus with the stick across his skull and then over his back.

Cena is now on the outside as he chases Carlitto and Jesus is tossed over the barracade. Cena is all over the place. The referee is helping Jesus climb back over the barracade. Jesus has been busted wide open and is bleeding now with the bare knuckles of John Cena.

Pinfalls count anywhere and for the last two minutes Cena has been dragging Jesus up through the crowd. Carlitto is not far back, but he has his arm in a sling. This match has been long and methodical to this point with Cena just slapping Jesus around the building as they move back towards the ring.

Cena is looking under the ring for a piece of metal to tag Jesus with.

Jesus has had, I kid you not, one offensive move this entire match.

Cena then hits the FU. He gets the 1-2-3.

Not much of a match, but it was what it was.

Winner: John Cena

Dawn Marie vs. Miss Jackie

After the match, Cena grabs his steel chain and wraps it around his fist and then into the forehead of Carlitto.

Backstage we see Jackie and Charlie talking about tonight's match. We then see them kiss one another.

Miss Jackie has on a purple outfit looking nice, whild Dawn Marie has on a yellow outfit.

As both women tie it up, Miss Jackie takes the early control.

They slug at one another back and forth. Dawn Marie gets Miss Jackie into the corner and Dawn Marie rams her shoulder into the corner almost causing her breasts to pop out of her top.

Dawn Marie then drags her down to the mat and rolls her up by the tights. Some great images as you can see below. Dawn Marie gets the win amazingly, even though she cheated. After the match, Charlie Haas grabs the microphone and actually announces that Dawn Marie and him are having an affair. Jackie begins to cry. He takes the ring and puts it in front of Dawn Marie and says he has one question to ask her.."Why are you such a slut?" Dawn Marie is shocked.

Charlie then says he wouldn't marry either one of them and that he is out of there as both women are left in the ring with one another.

Big Show vs. Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak, Reigns

Backstage we see Big Show with Joy as she wishes him good luck with a long kiss.

Big Show makes his way to the ring and where he will take on three men. Jindrak is in the ring first as he poses for the Big Show. Angle now has Big Show grounded in the middle of the mat after some help from Jindrak with the double team. Big Show is in trouble because Angle can work so many submission moves in the middle of the ring. Big Show tries to fight out, but the double teams are too much for him as he remains grounded.

Big Show tries to fight up, but as he does he is once again slammed back down to the mat. Jindrak now has him on the mat with a reverse choke hold. He then rolls it into a semi-camel clutch.

Big Show continues to try to fight his way back to his feet but he has been unable to do it thus far. As he almost got up, Angle got into the ring with another cheapshot. Big Show fights his way back up and begins to take out all three members of the team. Face first goes Jindrak into the mat. Luther Reigns gets in Big Show's face and tries to get him down and both Angle and Jindrak are down.

Angle is back up now, but as he gets up Reigns is tossed over the top rope. Angle hits the Ankle Slam just like that.

He then hooks on the ankle lock, but Big Show beraks free. Big Show is back up now as he begins tossing Angle around. He tosses the steel steps out of the way and before you know it Big Show hits Jindrak with an F-5. Big Show rolls over on Jindrak and gets the cover and the win as Angle looks on from the outside in disbelief.

Winner: Big Show

Funaki vs. Spike Dudley

Backstage Funaki interviews himself and then Spike Dudley interupts as he tells Spike off.

Funaki now makes his way to the ring. Spike and Funaki tie up and then they exchange positions with go behinds.

Funaki gets a quick cover, but Spike easily kicks out. The men tie back up and as they do Funaki rolls Spike up in a small package and once again Spike kicks out.

Funaki hits Spike with a baseball slide and then tosses Spike into the ring as he goes for another cover.

Spike catches Funaki with a high elbow and tries to go up top, but as he does Funaki tosses him from the top turnbuckle, but once again Spike is able to kick out. Spike and Funaki tie it up, but this time Spike gets the better of Funaki. Funaki however is managing to hang on. Gutbuster by Spike. Funaki is now tied up in a submission move in the middle of the ring.

Funaki breaks out, the crowd is dead for this. Funaki now has Spike tied up in the ropes as he starts to fire up on Spike.

Funaki hits a bulldog on Spike, but Spike is able to kick out. Spike is barely hanging on as Funaki has had about 3-4 near falls at this point. The tide is about to turn as Spike hits a solid right hand on Fuanki.

Funaki is then hit with a shoulder to the gut. Spike goes for the Dudley Dog and then Funaki rolls him up and gets the win.

Winner: Funaki - New Cruiserweight Title

Backstage we see JBL holding onto the belt and making his way to the ringside area.

JBL vs Undertaker vs Booker T vs Eddie Guerrero

They show the highlight package before this match and then all four men make their way to the ring. After several minutes we finally get this match underway! JBL promptly jumps out of the ring as he goes after Booker T and Eddie Guerrero. JBL jumps back in the ring, but the referee does not see him trying to get the cover on Booker T.

After Booker kicks out JBL rolls back outside the ring. JBL finally gets back in the ring, but he is immediately attacked by all three men. Undertaker goes for the cover, but as he does, Eddie and Booker both trounce on him. It looks as though Booker and Eddie are going to be working as a unit in this match.

They are both working on Taker's knees and then tying him up in the ropes. Eddie and Booker have now disposed of Taker to the outside of the ring. They now go after JBL and send him to the mat. Undertaker tries to climb back in and Booker T shoves him off the mat.

Eddie hits a bodyslam on JBL and then goes to the top rope and nails JBL in the sternum. Again Booker T cuts off Taker when the tries to get back in the ring.

Undertaker gets back in the ring and takes out Eddie Guerrero and then hits a devstating DDT on Booker T. He goes for the cover, but JBL breaks it up.

It's not JBL and Taker going at it on the outside. Taker sends Bradshaw's face into the steel steps. Eddie Guerrero sneaks up from behind and jumps on the back of the Undertaker. Booker T is now outside also as they work on the Undertaker together. JBL is down on the canvas on the outside.

Taker somehow fights off both men and sends them to the mat. Bradshaw gets back up and hits a thumb to the eye and then begins to take apart the announce booth.

Taker reverses and hits a back bodydrop on JBL. Taker gets Eddie Guerrero back into the ring and almost gets a 3 count on him.

Booker T catches Undertaker on the top rope and then gets JBL on the mat and almost gets the win. JBL and Booker T now tie it up as JBL gets some offense in. JBL is firing off right hands.

JBL goes for the cover, but Eddie Guerrero breaks up the count. Taker is now back in as he nails Guerrero.

Taker has Eddie down in a camel clutch, which Booker T breaks up. Booker T now has Taker on his knees. Taker pops up as Booker T comes off the ropes and hits him with a spinebuster. Everyone else is still down. Taker now goes up to the top rope as Eddie Guerrero tries to bring him down, but Undertaker remains balanced and nails both Booker T and Eddie Guerrero.

Huge clothesline by JBL on Taker on the outside and suddenly he is now in control of the match as he goes for a cover on Booker T.

JBL now chokes Booker T and is hoping that he will pass out. Eddie Guerrero goes to get a ladder. All of the sudden we have all hell breaking loose in the ring. Booker T is now in control he hits the scissors kick on Eddie Guerrero, he takes out JBL and Taker and almost had the belt won. Booker T sits up as Eddie barely kicks out in disgust.

Booker T now goes to the outside and works on JBL and then delivers a huge kick to the Taker.

JBL gets control for a second and lays Booker T through the announce table. As both men are down, Taker gets up and sends JBL through a table with the last ride.

Undertaker is in full control as both Booker T and JBL have gone through tables. Eddie see's what's up and plays like he is hurt in the middle of the ring. When Taker gets in, he jumps up, but Taker catches him in the last ride.

Eddie reverses...bam next thing you know Eddie hits two Frogsplashes on Taker. It looks like it is over and Taker kicks out? Amazing..two frogsplashes. Taker sits up. Eddie then goes and gets the ladder and nails Taker in the head.

Eddie sets up the ladder and hits a huge frogsplash from the top of the ladder. As he goes for the cover, JBL is in the ring to break it up.

Eddie now works on JBL. He hits the three amigos. He hits him with a ladder. Then he goes for the cover, but Booker T is in the ring. He hits the scissors kick and Eddie kicks out. Taker is now back up.

All four men are now back in the ring. Undertaker is now delivering chokeslam after chokeslam. Undertaker signals that the match is over.

He picks up JBL. He then sets him up for the tombstone. As he drops JBL, Heindreich is in the ring. He nails Taker and completely takes him out of the match.

JBL goes over to Booker T as he kicks out at 2. JBL then goes to Eddie and he kicks out at 2. JBL now goes over to Taker, but before he gets there Taker sits up. Heindreich comes back and grabs the Undertaker and pulls him out of the ring. JBL then nails Booker T and gets the 3 count.

Winner: JBL

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