WWE Storyline "Leaks", Top Roster Spots Open, Pre RAW/SD Meeting

* The Feb 11 NWA-TNA show will be a taped event, thus the America's X Cup tournament will not be shown live.

* With the recent reports of Vince McMahon's enragement at recent pre-RAW and pre-Smackdown meetings concerning the "leaks" of upcoming storylines to internet websites such as this one, he stated that he and his staff will be watching these websites to determine the sources of such leaks. While most wrestlers don't like storyline plans making their way online, they also feel that it is unfair to blame the wrestlers since they are usually the last to know. One wrestler stated that they usually don't know what's coming up until the day or two before the show, much less a Pay-Per-View event 3 months away.

* In similar WWE news, the overall reaction to the Monday and Tuesday pre-show meetings is that backstage morale has improved because of these meetings. Many feel they're more a part of the team and can get a better feel of what they're doing right and wrong and what management is looking for. McMahon has told the wrestlers during these meetings that the spots are open and it's up to them to perform and work in order to move into these premire spots with the company.

* Updates on Sting, Undertaker, & Rock's WWE Return + Benoit's RAW / Smackdown Decision Info!

[News derived from the PWTorch Newsletter]