Dustin Rhodes Debut, Mark Henry Update, Juvy Injures Jerry Lynn,

* Last night at the NWA-TNA PPV, Dustin Rhodes made his debut as Jeff Jarrett's mystery opponent. It is unclear as of this report whether this was a one-time thing or if Rhodes has signed with the company.

* Mike Tenay announced during last night's NWA-TNA PPV that NWA-TNA will begin airing this Friday on Sunshine Network at 10 pm ET.

- Jerry Lynn was accidentally dropped on his neck in his match last night with Juventud Guerrera which resulted in a stinger. Juvy was said to be working very sloppy through the entire match and neglected to apologize to Lynn backstage which really upset some of the wrestlers since Lynn had made him look so good during the match.

* Mark Henry's shoulder injury that he received on RAW this week looks to keep him out of action for the next several months.

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[credit: pwinsider & pwtorch]