Mick Foley Interview: Wrestling At WMXX, TV Deal, more

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Mick Foley on Between the Ropes Recap
by Richard Trionfo

Tonight on Between the Ropes, hardcore wrestling legend and best selling author, Mick Foley joined Fritz, Dickerman, and Vito to talk about many topics.

Mick started off by talking about how he is now more famous as 'Mick Foley' than as any of his other incarnations. He was glad to see the WCW footage on the DVD, including the uncensored match with Vader that was not aired because it was too brutal. Mick wanted to make sure that the matches on the DVD were the ones that he wanted to see, but he wanted to make sure that there were some 'misses'. Mick mentions that the Sandman match that was included was one of the worst matches that they had against each other, despite the number of good matches they had. He was glad to see some of his ECW promos on the DVD.

Talk moved on to the promo that Mick had with Randy Orton on the Raw after Royal Rumble. Mick said that he was able to bring out some of his Cactus Jack persona into the character since people often remember him as the 'lovable commissioner'.

Mick talked about how when he returned to the back, the talk was not about the promo but about the tribute they had for a child who was ill. Foley has told Randy that he has been able to make this angle work, and if he didn't think it would work, he would not have come back

Mick was asked about how long he might be back, and he thinks it might be through Wrestlemania, with some more appearances. His situation was compared to Shawn Michaels, but says that there are many differences that prevent him from making a full comeback.

Mick was asked about Vader's attempt to enter the world of shoot fighting. He said that one of the people in their matches was 'shoot fighting'. Mick said that he has talked to Vader about writing his memoirs, and hopes that there will be an audience for Vader because of his career. Mick wishes Vader luck, but does not want him to be embarrassed.

Mick was asked about his television deal, and said that CBS has passed, but UPN is still looking at it, as long as they can add some sex appeal to it. Mick was asked about his writing career, and his next book. Mick was asked about an award nomination for Tietam Brown in the UK, and you can vote for it online. He is happy with the book despite some negative reviews.

The interview ended with Mick commenting about performing in Madison Square Garden for Wrestlemania XX, and how he has gone to many shows in that arena. He is honored to be able to participate in one of the biggest shows, and that he has lasted beyond the typical six week retirement period.

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