Updated WWE RAW Preview (3/29) - A New Day for the RAW Brand, HHH Returns, more

The following was derived from WWE.com.

WWE RAW - March 29, 2004

Venue : US Bank Arena Box Office

City, State : Cincinnati, Ohio

Preview :
The draft lottery ordered by Mr. McMahon brought one of the most wild nights in the history of RAW. Not only was Triple H sent to SmackDown! (he later returned to RAW in a trade for Booker T and the Dudley Boyz), but RAW ultimately featured three championship matches, a change in World Tag Team Champions, and the return of Edge -- who is now a member of the RAW roster.

The first night for the "new" RAW comes to you from Cincinnati. What will the reaction of the RAW Superstars be to the wild events of last week? Many Superstars expressed happiness when Triple H was drafted by SmackDown! Now that he's back, how will they react? Find out on RAW!

Also last week, RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff announced that the main event at Backlash will be Chris Benoit against Shawn Michaels. Will either man have anything to say about this match? Will there be any other announcements concerning Backlash? Watch RAW to find out!

RVD, Dudleys, Booker t, Bradshaw going to the NEW ECW Brand? Discuss now!