Triple H Interview: His Wrestling Future, the WWE Movie, Stephanie McMahon, Blade, more

Thanks to reader Mr. X for sending in the following:

Triple H was interviewed in the latest issue of Muscle & Fitness Magazine. Says in "Blade: Trinity" he plays the heavy of a group of vampires that's trying to ensure they become the dominant species on the planet and they're out to kill Blade. Says he wears teel fangs instead of real ones to give the image he, like Blade, is half human and everytime Blade and his crew escape, HHH comes out of nowhere. His character's name is Jarko Grimwood.

Says the director of Conan the Barbarian, John Milius, told HHH if Arnold became governor, he wanted HHH to take the role of Conan in the new film which would be called King Conan. He said it's all up in the air right now.

Says the WWE Production movie, Jornanda de Muerte, should begin filming in April. It's about a motorcycle gang that's into drugdealing and he plays a guy, who, in his words "is a piece of sh*t in a lot of ways, but because of the circumstances and because he has a strong moral code--kind of an "honor among thieves" type of thing---he gets himself into a situation where he's in the right"

Says he likes a good storyline in a movie, not just some movie filled with special effects. Says he prefers action movies to star in than any others. To quote one sentence of his, "Nobody's going to book me to do Shakespeare, nor should they, because I know what I am and what I do."

Also disses Ben Affleck, by saying that "there's a huge need for a pure action star and nobody buys Ben Affleck as an a**-kicker."

Says he lifts four days a week.

Says although he has nothing more to accomplish in wrestling. He just enjoys performing and wants to do it as long as he can.

When asked what his role was behind the scenes he says that "talent is always asked opinions, and we have the ability to speak up. Because I have done that, and because I've proven I'm good at it, I'm asked a lot."

Talks how he stayed involved through the quad injury by attending the live events.

Says his quad will NEVER be 100%.

When asked if his relationship with Stephanie is better or worse that they're both in the same business, he says the good thing is that they both share a passion and she works harder than anybody and they understood what the other is going through.

Says he doesn't know how much longer he can wrestle. He said if you asked him four years ago, he would have said forever. Then he tore his quad, so things change. Says he's just going to enjoy every moment.

I left out the weight-lifting related stuff. But overall, it was a very pleasent read.

Thanks again to reader Mr. X for sending that along.

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