WWE Smackdown! Report (2/5/04) - Taped in Cleveland, Ohio

Report by: 1wrestling.com

The SmackDown Royal Rumble from last week is recapped.

Paul Heymand welcomes us to the crown jewel of sports entertainment. He aknowledges that he turned a huge negative (Benoit leaving) into a huge positive (SmackDown Royal Rumble). He has made SmackDown the land of opportunity and Eddie Guerrero capitalized on it and will face Borck Lesnar at No Way Out for the WWE Title. But he won't rest on his laurels. Tonight will continue to be the land of opportunity. Later in the show, he will name the number one contender to the title come Wrestlemania. In the business, he says, they call that "the hook." And for those in the locker room, that means opportunity. Eric Bischoff, would stay out there all night talking, but Heyman understands time is money and so let's get on with the first match - for the WWE TAG TEAM TITLES!

Video is shown of how Rikishi and S2H were supposed to get their title shot last week, but were attacked by the Bashams.

Rikishi and S2H attack the Bashams before the match begins, dumping Doug from the ring. They double team Danny before Rikishi lands a 300+ legdrop on him. Doug clotheslines Scotty on the ropes while Shaniqua distracts the ref and the tide changes. Doug tags in and takes over on Scotty. Double slingshot on the ropes. Quick tags for the Bashams as they cut Scotty off from tagging out. Doug makes the mistake of trying to suplex Scotty too close to his corner and S2H reverses it. Rikishi is tagges in and the big man is on fire. Scotty is tagged in and is about to do the worm when Shaniqua grabs his foot from under the ropes and drags him out. Rikishi throws her in over the top in exchange and is about to gift her with a Rump Shaker. Doug pushes him off the ropes and connects with a legdrop. Rikishi kicks out at two. Rikishi hits the Smaoan Drop on Doug and takes the pin. WINNERS: NEW WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty

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A recap of the WWE Tag Title victory brings us back to the show. Tazz and Cole talk about the Guerrero win in the Royal Rumble last week for his shot at Lesnar. A video montage airs of last week's events.

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Big Show is on his way to the ring to defend his belt. Video is shown of the men ganging up on him last week to eliminate him from the Royal Rumble. Billy Gunn is out and is the opponent challenging for the US Title.

Face down in the center of the ring and Show shoves Gunn down. Cole reminds up Gunn is a ten-time WWE Tag Team Champion.They tie up and Show shoves him down again, telling him he's not very smart.Show goes for a clothesline and Gunn ducks it and comes back with a punch. Show kicks him down. Gunn fights back with a jawbreaker. As Show goes for a clothesline, Gunn pulls down the top rope and Show spills over. As Show climbs back in, Gunn slides out and dops Show's throat over the top rope. Both men in, Show nails Gunn with a fist off the whip.

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Show has Gunn in the corner and is working him over with chops and chokes. He tosses him from the ring. Gunn slowly gets back in and takes headbutt. Show continues to wear him down. The most amazing move of the night - Show clamps on a Cobra Clutch. Mad props for taking one out of Sarge's closet. Gunn rallies two people in the crowd and takes back the night with several clotheslines. Show goes for a chokeslam and Gunn dropkicks out of it and follows with the FameAsser for two. Gunn goes for a second FameAsser and Show catches him off the ropes and drops him down for the pin. WINNER: Big Show.

The Chavos are in the locker room. Heyman enters and asks what they wanted to talk to him about. Jr. says they had nothing to do with what happened to Eddie last week in the restroom and that Mysterio was out of line with his reaction. Heyman is waiting for him to get to the point. Finally, Heyman offers him a Cruiserweight Title shot at No Way Out, which Jr. is more than pleased with. Jr. wants to take his mask and Sr. wants to spank him, prompting Heyman to make a non-title match tonight with Mysterio and Sr. Sr. is none too pleased with that but Jr. convinces him that he can beat him.

Cole is in the ring and puts over Eddie Guerrero before bringing him down. The crowd pops huge. Cole congratulates him on the win and brings up his shot at Lesnar and asks what his chances are against him. As he's about to answer, Lesnar's music starts and he saunters to the ring. Crowd picks up the "Eddie!" chant. Brock congratulates Eddie an puts over his win in the SmackDown Rumble. But Brock reminds him he wasn't in that ring. He's beaten Hogan, Flair, The Rock and Angle. He's afraid of no one. He challenges Goldberg to come to No Way Out and take the front row seat Austin gave him. Most of all, he's not afraid of Eddie. Eddie aknowledges his "resume" and says if he had all those wins, he wouldn't be afraid of Eddie either. The only thing he's got going for him is that every obstacle that has been put in front of him he has overcome. People like Brock have always reminded him that he'd neve succeed in wrestling because of his size, personal demons, custody of his children....Eddie drops the mic and apears to be emotional but snaps around and stares at Brock with intensity. He says by the grace of God, he has overcome his demons and overcomes the obstacles. It's people like Borck who's voice he hears in his mind saying he can't do it. All he sees in Lesnar is a big, fat face of hatred and that makes him Eddie's next obstacle to overcome. Brock isn't facing Eddie, he's facing the fire within him and Latino Heat. Lesnar says all of those demons and people were right. Eddie is no one. Eddies snaps and unloads with a series of punches that make Lesnar bail from the ring, leaving the belt in the ring. Eddie puts it on and dances around. Tremendous segment!

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We come back with video from Raw of Kane about to chokeslam Goldberg when the lights go out and "The Ring" video airs.

Jamie Noble comes to the ring and they recap Nidya turning on him from last week. Kidman is out and the match begins. Noble immediately with punches, chops and kicks. As Kidman is on the top rope in the corner, Noble pushes him over so that Kidman is draped by his knee. Noble works the knee over with submission holds and kicks. Kidman with an enzugiri but only a two count. Noble kicks out the knee and goes back to it with a modified figure four, Kidman breaks out and Noble slaps on a single leg crab. Nidya comes out and distracts Noble by throwing his money into the crowd. Kidman slams him down to get the pin. WINNER: Kidman

Up next, the world premiere of Rey Mysterio's new music video.

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Noble confronts Heyman in the back and complains about Nidya throwing his money into the crowd. He wants Nidya in the ring. Heyman gives him the match at No Way Out.

Rey Mysterio's "Crossing Borders" video premieres.

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Coming back, we're treated to the video of Austin talking to Goldberg on Raw about the front row seat for No Way Out.

RUe DeBona confirms Torrie and Sale will appear in Playboy together. Exclusive footage airs of the behind-the-scenes photo shoot.

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Up next, Mysterio versus Chavo Sr. But first, video of the incident last week in the restroom between Mysterio and both Guerreros.

Sr. starts out on offense with forearms, chokes and uppercuts. Mysterio dropkicks Sr. to the knee and follows with a senton. About to hit the 619, Jr. pulls Sr. out of the way but Mysterio swings around and ends up dropkicking Sr. into Jr. He goes for the 619 again and connects for the pin. WINNER: Mysterio

Jr. attacks Mysterio and tries to take the mask but is unsuccessful.

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Wrestlemania Recall recollects Hulk versus Andre in 1987.

Dawn Marie is giving Heyman a head massage. Heyman begs her not to have a costume malfunction on his show and to not mess up his hair. He has to announce who the number one contender is for Wrestlemania.

Angle and Holly is on. Mat wrestling starts the match. Even back and forth.They start working up and Holly taks over with punches and elbows, realizing he's going nowhere with technical wrestling. Angle connects with a clothesline out of the corner and a backbreaker. Shoulder blocks into the corner. He charges the corner and nails his shoulder to the post.

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Back to the match, Holly tags Angle with a dropkick but only gets two. Holly locks on a sleeper. Angle punches out but Holly resumes working over the arm. Holly with a powerbomb attempt but, as Angle punches him, falls back and drops Angle against the ropes. Both men struggle to get back up. Angle with a flying forearm. Two German suplexes. Holly kicks out of a pin. Angle Slam is reversed into a cradle. Holly goes for the Alabama Slam but Angle grabs the ropes. Holly kicks Angle in the crotch and delivers an inverted DDT for two. Holly goes up top and connects with a clothesline. Another two count. Alabama Slam! Angle gets his foot on the ropes at two. Full nelson on Angle but he spins out and hits the Angle Slam. Two count. Angle Lock is locked in. Holly swings inside and kicks Angle. Holly goes for another Alabama Slam but Angle slips down and reverses into the Angle Lock again. Holly tries to swing and reverse again but Angle holds on and Holly taps out. WINNER: Kurt Angle.

Heyman marches down to the ring and announces the number one contender will be...Big Show's music comes on and he comes to the ring.

Snow assumes the reason Heyman has Angle there to announce the number one contender is so Angle can congratulate Show on being named such. He dominated his match tonight and is the MVP of the Royal Rumble. The people love him. Angle interrupts and says since he was the last man eliminated from the Rumble, he deserves the shot at the belt. Angle challenges Big Show to any athletic competition, but pie eating contests aren't an official sport, so that's out. Show reminds Angle that he eats pieces of crap like Angle for breakfast. Angles asks him if he really eats pieces of crap for breakfast and calls him a sicko. Show demands that he repeats himself one more time. Heyman breaks in and compliments both men on their passion. The number one contender will be the winner of the match at No Way Out between Kurt Angle and the Big Sh.......John Cena's music and he's out. Spins a rap insulting both. Angle and Show insist that Heyman puts him in the match too. Heyman changes his mind and makes it a Triple Threat Match. Cena is happy but says he isn't done with Heyman. He reminds him he's in Cleveland and is going to give him a Cleveland Steamer. He's going to knock Heyman out and make him eat his s%@#.