WWE Confidential Recap (2/7/04) - Vince McMahon, Randy Orton, more

Tonight, we take a look at how rich Vince McMahon truly is, as Tazz gives us a tour
of his Luxary Jet. We also see Stone Cold at an autograph signing in London, and we
go Outside The Ropes with Randy Orton.

First, we start off in an airplane hanger, Tazz steps in camera view and we see Air
McMahon in the background. Tazz let's us know that he shares the jet with McMahon.
Now we see an interior view of the plane and Tazz introduces us to the pilot, Joe.
Joe says that the plane is a Challenger 604, flies about 530 Miles Per Hour, and
only uses High Grade Karosene. Oh yeah, the plane doesn't have a horn. Now Tazz
shows us the bar which has the finest china, mahogany, and granite money can buy.
There is also a "Coporate Area" which has two chairs and a table for business.
Finally, we see the lounge, which has two long couches and a TV.

Up Next: HBK Does A Photo Shoot For RAW Magazine
WWE Originals Promo
Wrestlemania Recall: Wrestlemania 2000 (16) - Jeff Hardy does a Swanton Bomb to Buh
Buh Ray Duddley through a table.

RAW Magazine, next month, will feature an article on the 10th Anniversary of the
Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon ladder match at Wrestlemania X. Since Scott Hall is
too drunk to remember how many fingers he has, they had to go with HBK for the
cover. He wore the same outfit that he wore during that match, which he said his
mother almost wouldn't let him wear. He also took some shots with the outfit he wore
when DX was formed. RAW Magazine was looking for the older HBK look and they think
they achieved their goal.

Up Next: Sting vs. Cactus Jack
Eddie Guerrero vs. Brock Lesnar Promo

Stevie Richards ( Self-Proclaimed GM of Stevie Night Heat ) says his favorite match
comes from WCW Beach Blast 1992, Sting vs. Cactus Jack in a Falls Count Anywhere
June 20, 1992
Announcers - Jim Ross and Jesse Ventura
Referee - Bill Alfonso
Crowd Attendance - 18,000....just kidding, I don't know that part.
We start on the outside. Cactus Jack sends Sting into the railing. Jack runs at
Sting and gets flipped over the railing. Sting hops over the rail. He then gives
Jack a suplex on the concrete floor. Sting gets a near fall, he then picks Cactus up
and throws him back over the rail. Sting screams, fans go mental. ~Cut~. Jack grabs
a chair and hits Sting with it. Sting then back body drops Jack onto the floor.
Another near fall for Sting. Jack fights back, and we get a near fall for both men.
~Cut~. We're now on the entrance ramp. Sting hits Jack with a chair four times.
Sting goes for the Scorpian Deathlock, but Jack pushes away. Jack then gives Sting a
double-arm DDT. ~Cut~. Sting gives Jack a clothesline on the ramp, off the top rope.
1..2..3 Sting Wins It.

Up Next: Stone Cold Autograph Signing
Mick Foley DVD Promo
RAW Calendar

We now travel over the Atlantic to London. Stone Cold appeared at a Virgin MegaStore
to sign copies of his book"The Stone Cold Truth". Fans turned out in droves to get
"Stunning" Steve's John Hancock on their books, shirts, figures, hats, and probably
body parts. Stone Cold says that he always wants to stay and sign an autograph for
everybody to show his appreciation. He also says, everytime he signs an autograph,
he thinks back to when Eric Bischoff fired him for not being marketable.

Up Next: Outside The Ropes with Randy Orton
WWE Rewind: Armageddon 2003 - Randy Orton pins RVD to become the IC Champion.

Outside The Ropes with Randy Orton
Host - Jonathan Coachman
1.) Which actress would you like to be in a love scene with? Probably Demi Moore.
2.) All the ladies have noticed that you have an eight-pack. How do you explain
that? I don't have an eight-pack anymore, now it's just a six-pack. I've slacked off
a bit.
3.) What pick-up line do you despise the most? It's not a pick-up line exactly, it's
more of a dumb look that I hate.
4.) We all know that you said your New Year's Resolution was to limit yourself to
one sexual encounter a day. My question to you is, How long did that Resolution
last? About a day and a half.
5.) Would you ever consider doing a pin-up calendar, all twelve months featuring
Randy Orton? I would if the situation presented itself.
6.) Do the tattoo's on your back have a meaning, and if so, what do they mean? They
don't have meaning. It's just tribal stuff.
7.) If you, and Evolution, were The Beatles. Which one would you be? I'm not really
sure, I guess Ringo.
8.) Would you ever consider remaking Beauty and The Beast starring you and Mick
Foley? No, I don't ever want to hear his name in the WWE again.
9.) What do you look for in a woman? ( With hand around his chest, like he's holding
two melons ) Personality.
10.) If you were the next Bachelor, how would it be different? More group encounters.

Up Next: Crystal Reames Sings The National Anthem
Wrestlemania XX is in 36 Days

John Cena, Linda McMahon, and Bradshaw all speak in front of a group to promote
Smackdown Your Vote.

Smackdown was in Washington two weeks ago. Bradshaw had been visiting troops, where
he met up with Crystal Reames. He had met her in 2002 in Afganistan. He asked her to
sing the Star Spangled Banner at Smackdown. She did a good job, and Bradshaw says he
felt like a proud father.

Mean Gene Okerlund tells us that two weeks ago on RAW, a young man was seated in the
front row due to his wish. His name was Marco, he was terminally ill, and his wish
was to sit front row for RAW. After the show, Mick Foley, Goldberg and others spent
45-minutes in the ring telling jokes and having a good time. They also shook hands
with Marco, and the entire arena was chanting Marco, Marco, Marco. Unfortunately,
Marco passed away this week. Everyone at the WWE would like to send their thoughts
and prayers to Marco's family.

Very nice show, very sad ending.

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