WWE RAW Report (2/9/04) - Portland, Oregon

Report by: Jason, rajahwwf.com reporter

WWE RAW report for 02/09/04

Hello again everyone and WELcome to your RajahWWF.com Monday Night RAW report. I am your host Jason (Jason_of_RajahWWF on Yahoo Messenger) and if you haven't already, check out the new Velocity/Heat reporter here on the site. He's pretty good.

The music plays, the pyro blazes and we are LIVE for the first time from the great state of Oregon. Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler will have the call as toNIGHT Randy Orton will defend the Intercontinental Championship against Booker T and Rob Van Dam in a Triple Threat Match and Chris Benoit will face Ric Flair one-on-one, but FIRST...

Goldberg Vs...
-Did Bill lose a bet with this beard or what? Before Lillian Garcia can announce Goldberg's opponent, NO CHANCE hits and here comes the chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment, Vince McMahon. Vince stomps into the ring and takes a mic. Well Vince will be damned, imagine him in the same ring as Bill Goldberg. Why is Mr. McMahon out here? Who will be Goldberg's next opponent? McMahon is here to tell Goldberg that there is no more "next" for Bill, his match is cancelled. You see, with a man like Vince...the GLASS BREAKS and here comes Sheriff Austin. Austin rides the ATV around the ring before climbing in. The crowd has gone wild for all three men so far. Austin hits the corners and takes a stick of his own. Vince is pissed at the interruption, but Stone Cold has a question; what in the hell is McMahon doing on this show. Vince has already broken two of Austin's law, he's in Stone Cold's ring and he's pissing Austin off. McMahon is here because Austin gave Goldberg to No Way Out. Austin told Bill not to do anything that Stone Cold wouldn't do, but Vince's problem is there isn't a damned thing either of them wouldn't do! The crowd gives Vince the ass**** chant as Vince tries to be the voice of reason and consequences. Vince has brought someone here tonight to address Austin and Goldberg, and he is the general manager of Smackdown, Paul Heyman! Heyman comes on down and gets in Austin's face about snatching Chris Benoit away from his show. But Heyman's actually here to talk to Goldberg, who he is not going to allow to come to his event and ruin it. Heyman knows he can't stop Goldberg from using his ticket to No Way Out, in fact he encourages it. But all Goldberg's going to do is sit and watch the show because Heyman has a message for Bill from Brock Lesnar. If Goldberg interferes in Brock's title match with Eddie Guerrero, Lesnar will eat Goldberg alive. Does Goldberg understand? Goldberg grabs Heyman's mic and says that Brock Lesnar is next. Heyman goes off on a rant, turning his back on Goldberg while Austin and McMahon talk it over in the corner. Spear to Heyman! Austin laughs it up and kicks Heyman's carcass out of the ring as a stunned Mr. McMahon looks on. Austin calls for beers and starts to drink as Goldberg charges at McMahon, but Vince dives out of the way and Stone Cold gets speared instead! McMahon flees the scene as Goldberg looks regretful over Austin's body. Gee whiz, what an opening!


Ross and Lawler recap what just happened in the ring.

In the back, Austin is recovering from the Spear when Goldberg comes up and says what just happened was a mistake. Should Goldberg expect a Stunner the next time he turns around? If he gets one, it won't be a mistake.

Elsewhere, Mr. McMahon bursts into the general manager's office and gets in Eric Bischoff's face about what Goldberg just did. Bischoff can go tell "his man" Bill Goldberg that he's officially suspended. And if Goldberg shows up at No Way Out, it'll be Eric's ass.

us & Chris Jericho Vs. Molly Holly & Matt Hardy Version 1.0 in a Mixed Tag Team Match
-Footage from last week shows Jericho saving Trish from her match with Kane. Matt loves getting things for free. The guys start us off with some arm-based basics and a shoulder block by Jericho. Chops in the ropes by Jericho, Matt works a sunset flip, but Jericho rolls through and looks for The Walls. Matt escapes and tags Molly. Molly tries to punch Jericho, but Chris blocks it and spanks her. Trish tags in and controls Molly with wrestling for a near fall from referee Chad Patton. Trish ducks a clothesline and scores one of her own for a one count. Head scissors out of the corner by Trish, but Molly catches her coming in and leverages her into the middle rope. Northern Lights by Molly for a near fall. Trish jaw jacks out of a chinlock and both girls are down. They tag and Jericho scores the inziguri on Matt for two. Jericho backdrops Hardy to the apron and springboard dropkicks him to the floor. Molly tries to come in off the top, but Jericho crotches her there and goes out after Hardy. Matt throws Jericho into the steel steps as Trish scores the Stratusphere in Molly. Matt gets up on the apron and pulls Trish to the mat by the hair, but CHRISTIAN dashes to ringside and pulls Hardy back to the floor. Christian goes to work on Matt on the floor as Molly tries for her back handspring elbow on Trish in the ring, but Stratus floats over onto Molly's shoulders and works the victory roll for the 1-2-3 at 4:26. Velvet McIntyre would be proud.
-HERE are YOUR Winners: Trish Stratus & Chris Jericho

Christian heads up the ramp after the bell as Trish and the referee see to Jericho on the outside. Looks like Chris may have re-injured his knee.


In the back, Trish Stratus leaves the trainer's room when Christian rushes up. He says he may have been a bit jealous in the past, but as long as she and Jericho are "just friends," there's no reason they can't all be friends. Christian goes into the trainer's room to see to Jericho, but he takes the time to say that Trish looks really good tonight.

Elsewhere, Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade are looking at Torrie Wilson and Sable in magazines when Miss Jackie and Stacy Keibler sidle up. The girls say Torrie and Sable may have gotten the Playboy gig, but they're going to show that they're not so bad themselves.

Meanwhile, Mick Foley is prowling the halls when Jonathan Coachman approaches him. Coach taunts Mick about Randy Orton, but Foley says he's here tonight to embarrass Orton the way Randy's been embarrassing him.


WWE Rewind: Last week, Ric Flair taunts Chris Benoit for being a career second best.

Ric Flair Vs. Chris Benoit
-Footage from last week shows Flair beating Chris Jericho with the Figure Four. Another clips shows Benoit beating Mark Henry with the Crippler Crossface. As a result, Henry will be out four months following shoulder surgery. Senior referee Earl Hebner calls for the bell and we're off. Flair with chops in the corner, and Benoit responds with some of his own. Benoit with a German suplex and he looks for the Crossface, but Flair rolls out. Benoit pursues Flair to the floor and it's a major chopfest. Flair's chest is already bleeding as he returns to the ring with Benoit on his heels. Backdrop by Benoit, but Flair gets up and drops Chris with a single right hand. More chops are exchanged in the corner and Benoit eats elbow on a corner charge before collapsing to the mat face first. Flair gets up and drops the knee to the back of Benoit's head. Flair to the top, but Benoit cuts him off with chops and scores a huge superplex. Benoit signals for the end and goes to the top, but Flair rolls away from the flying headbutt. Both men are down and hurt as we go to...


..We come back with both men still laboring to stay on their feet. During the break, Flair flung Benoit shoulder first into the ring post. Flair stalks Benoit, but Chris comes back with chops to keep Ric at bay. Benoit looks for the sleeper off the whip, but Flair reverses it into a sleeper of his own. Benoit leverages Flair's face into the buckle to get some separation, but Flair comes right back with a hard whip into the corner. Benoit counters Flair coming in and scores three German suplexes. He looks for a fourth, but Flair grabs the referee and hits the low blow on Benoit. Chris collapses in a heap and Flair bounces on him with the Figure Four. Benoit grabs the ropes, but Flair keeps the hold on for a while before letting Chris go. Chop block by Flair, followed by a big Wooo. Flair styles, profiles and stomps on Benoit's knee. Flair goes to grab the leg, but Benoit seizes him and counters into the Crippler Crossface. Flair tries to hang on, but it's no good and The Nature Boy taps at 11:21.
-HERE is YOUR Winner: Chris Benoit

Triple H watches Benoit on a monitor in the back. He sends referee Chad Patton to tell Eric Bischoff to ready the ring for the WrestleMania contract signing because it's next.


WrestleMania XX Contract Signing
-Chris Benoit is still in the ring, which has been draped in red, as Eric Bischoff makes his way down. Bischoff introduces Triple H and the World Heavyweight Champion comes to the ring. Hunter takes his time posing on the corner before joining Benoit and Bischoff at the desk in the ring. Triple H has a seat, Benoit doesn't. Bischoff gives the contract to Hunter and the champion signs. Bischoff gives the contract to Benoit, but Triple H interrupts before Chris can sign. Hunter knows Benoit looks confident, but the reality is Benoit is nervous. Hunter wants Benoit to imagine something; it's WrestleMania XX, it's Madison Square Garden, it's a match for the World Heavyweight Championship, the title that means you're the king. Benoit knows that, that's why he's here. Imagine what it'll be like when they raise Benoit's hand in victory, it'll validate his entire career. Think about it Chris, when you stand and hold what might as well be your life over your head in victory as the crowd chants your name. Can you feel it? Well snap out of it, Chris, because that's a dream and the reality is Benoit is going to choke. Chris will end the night in the locker room alone, with no fans and no championship. His career will be shattered; a lifetime of blood, sweat and tears will be for nothing. Without saying a word, Benoit goes to sign the contract, but Hunter's not finished. Is it worth it, Chris? Is he willing to put his whole career on the line for his dream. This is reality, Chris! Hunter is reality! So go ahead and sign the paper, Chris. No pressure, kid. No pressure. Benoit goes to sign the contract again...OH OOH OOOH, SHAWN, here comes The Heartbreak Kid. Triple H bails to the floor as Shawn takes a mic. The last thing Shawn wants to do is rain on Benoit's parade, Chris has earned his title shot, but HBK thought Chris would take care of his business on Smackdown and Shawn wishes Benoit had. The issue between Shawn and Hunter is ten years in the making and it's not over yet by a long shot. HBK is going to finish it with Hunter and he's going to do it on the biggest stage in the world at WrestleMania XX. Benoit has nothing but respect for Michaels and he will be the last one to deny Shawn the opportunity to finish his business with Triple H, but it's not going to happen at WrestleMania XX. Benoit is going to sign this contract and at WrestleMania XX it's going to be...Sweet Chin Music! Benoit is out. Michaels hesitates momentarily, and then signs his name next to Triple H's on the WrestleMania contract.


Ross and Lawler recap what just happened between Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit as the fires of hell explode behind them.

Kane Vs. The Hurricane
-Hurricane attacks at the bell and then bails to the floor with Kane in pursuit. Kane shakes Hurricane off on the floor and tosses him back in. Sidewalk slam by Kane. Kane sets up for the chokeslam, hits it and that's that at 1:17.
-HERE is YOUR Winner: Kane

Kane tries to light the posts after the bell, but nothing doing. He tries two more times and gets it on the third try. Here comes to the blue spotlight and the TitanTron comes to life, this time with a message...In 34 days, the dead will rise again.


WrestleMania Recall: At WM XIX, Trish Stratus wins the Women's Championship in a Triple Threat Match.

In the back, Eric Bischoff catches up with Chris Benoit, who is absolutely livid about what's happened. Benoit points at the contract in Bischoff's hand. What is this worth? Benoit has every right to be upset, but Bischoff has a problem. He has Shawn Michaels' name on the WrestleMania contract. Bischoff will talk to the lawyers and see what he can do, but in the meantime he books Benoit to face Shawn Michaels one-on-one next week.

Elsewhere, Terri gets the word from Randy Orton, who thinks there's a conspiracy aligned against him.

Ross and Lawler recap the Goldberg situation from earlier today.

The Coach catches up with the departing Goldberg in the hallway. Goldberg doesn't give a damn what anybody says, he still has his ticket, he's still going to No Way Out and Brock Lesnar is still next.


Ross intros a highlight package of the RAW brand's recent trip to Japan.

Mick Foley Interview
-Mick wants to make it clear that he did not come out here to ruin Randy Orton's championship match, he came out to tell everyone that he walked out on a match with Randy Orton some months ago and since then, Randy has been obsessed with believing that Mick is a coward. Now, in Mick's experience, those who are obsessed have something to hide. Mick uses Jimmy Swaggart and Rush Limbaugh as examples before moving on to Orton. He displays Orton's Marine picture on the TitanTron and says that during his time in the military Randy was AWOL and left the service early with a dishonorable discharge. The commentators pretend to be surprised, but this has been common knowledge for ages. Foley intimates that Orton may have been talking about himself when he called Mick a coward and then challenges Randy to a match at WrestleMania. Orton appears on the TitanTron. How does he know Mick isn't going to walk out of the WrestleMania match like he did the one in Tampa? Randy wants Mick right here, right now in catering. Foley drops the mic and heads to the back. Mick gets directions to catering. Foley finds Orton and is of course ambushed by Ric Flair and Batista. Mick tries to attack Orton, but Batista holds Foley for Flair's punches and then powerbombs Mick through a table. Orton stands over Foley and delivers several hard slaps to the back of Mick's head. Anyone else smell a Cell in Mick and Randy's future?


Ross and Lawler recap the beat-down on Mick Foley and then argue over whether Orton was justified in what he did. Lawler then plugs the Sable/Torrie issue of Playboy.


Rob Van Dam Vs. Booker T Vs. Randy Orton in a Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental Championship
-Van Dam and Booker get in each other's face before Orton is introduced. Orton taunts both challengers with the title before referee Mike Chioda holds the belt aloft for all to see. Booker drags Orton to the outside at the start and beats him down. Booker shoots Randy back in, where Van Dam makes the cover for two. Orton rolls out as Booker takes over on Van Dam with a heel kick for two. Orton pulls Booker out, but Booker hot shots him over the guardrail. Booker goes back in and is stomped by Van Dam. Monkey flip out of the corner by RVD for a near fall. Van Dam with a suplex into a cover. 1-2-Booker kicks out. Booker goes low and chops away in the corner as the referee admonishes. Van Dam springboards in the corner off the whip and scores a kick. Backflip splash by RVD. 1-2-Orton breaks it up. Van Dam with a heel kick on Orton for a near fall. Orton goes to the eyes and some forearms in the corner. Orton stomps away and chokes Van Dam on the mat. 1-2-shoulder up by Van Dam. Knees to the back by Orton followed by some right hands to the head. 1-2-RVD kicks out again. Van Dam catches an Orton kick and nails him with a step-over heel kick. Van Dam hoists Orton up for a spinebuster, but Booker side kicks Randy to the mat. Van Dam hammers away on Booker against the ropes and scores a splash off the second rope for a near fall. Ross mentions great IC champions of the past including Pat Patterson and The Honky Tonk Man. Meanwhile, Van Dam looks for the cover on Booker T, but Orton pulls RVD to the floor and drills him with standing dropkick. Orton goes in and covers Booker, but he only gets two. Orton works Booker over in the corner, but Booker fights back with forearms. Booker lowers his head off the whip and Orton turns it into a neckbreaker for a near fall. Orton looks for the RKO, but Booker counters him away. Booker looks for the back suplex, but Van Dam comes back in off the top and nails Orton with a cross body block. Everyone is down. Van Dam crawls over and makes the cover on Orton. 1-2-Orton barely kicks out. RVD floats over and covers Booker. 1-2-Booker gets the shoulder up. Van Dam looks for the monkey flip in the corner, but Orton dumps him to the outside. Scissors kick by Booker, but he's slow to make the cover. 1-2-Van Dam comes in off the top to break it up. RVD dashes to the top and nails Booker with the Five Star Frog Splash, but Orton rolls Van Dam out before Rob can make the cover. Orton quickly covers Booker T and gets the 1-2-3 at 10:49.
-HERE is YOUR Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Randy Orton

Ric Flair and Batista come down after the bell, but here comes a staggering Mick Foley as well. Orton goes to the outside, waits for Foley to trundle his way all the way down and then RKOs him on the floor. That probably wasn't supposed to be funny, but it was. Meanwhile, Flair and Batista lay waste to Van Dam and Booker T in the ring (no doubt setting up another WrestleMania XX match) and Evolution reigns supreme.


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