WWE Velocity Report (04/09/05) Taped in San Diego, California

WWE Velocity Report-9th April 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com & Wrestling-Edge.Com Reporter
Commentators Steve Romero & Josh Mathews

Welcome aboard everyone, I've goofed a little as I missed the first part of the show so I've borrowed the first bit. Credit to match one goes to Luke Barasic who writes for WrestlingObserver.Com. I picked things up at the start of Part Two so let's get to it.

Spike Dudley vs. Booker T
Backstage, Sharmell psyches up Booker for his match. Spike is the toughest of the Dudley clan, apparently. Spike stalls to begin by leaving the ring. Back in, Spike rakes the eyes of Booker to take the early advantage. Booker T comes back with a back bodydrop. Booker follows up with a clothesline and leg lariat. Spinarooni followed by a scissor kick for the 1-2-3. What does this say for the toughness of Bubba and D-Von? Here is Your Winner: BOOKER T.

Either something is recapped here or there is a commercial break.

Wrestlemania 21 Highlights package airs.

Funaki vs Akio
Both lockup, Funaki grabs an arm works a go-behind, Akio reverses into a side headlock takedown, Fuanki counters with a headscissors. Both nip up, now it's Funaki with a side headlock takedown and Akio counters with a headscissors, cue a standoff. Akio extends a hand Funaki accepts but Akio reels him in and clotheslines him down shaking his head. Akio stomps Fuanki's back, Funaki into the ropes, ducks underneath and comes back with a cross body which gets two. Funaki with an armdrag into an armbar, Akio gets up lands a knee to the gut, backbreaker is countered into a judo throw by Funaki and Akio slithers to the outside as Funaki sarcastically extends his hand. Akio is mad outside goes to get in, no Funaki comes out and gives chase, back inside Akio runs the ropes into a Funaki dropkick. Funaki with a nearfall punches Akio, Akio reverses an Irish whip, Funaki attempts a springboard high cross body but Akio catches him across his knee and gets a nearfall. Akio suplexes Funaki hanging him up on the top rope before crushing Funaki's face with his boot. Akio drags Funaki mid-ring, drops a knee lifts Funaki's head and locks in a chinlock/neck vice. Funaki gets up punches free, Akio knees the gut, Funaki reverses an Irish whip, Akio goes up and over but Funaki catches him with a crescent kick and both men are down. Funaki rolls into a cover but can only get two. Both exchange punches on their knees, Akio with a rake to the face misses a martial arts kick, Funaki schoolboys him for two. Akio off the ropes into a back bodydrop, Funaki fires up and nails a bulldog 1-2-kickout. Akio reverses an Irish whip and charges Funaki who goes over Akio into a sunset flip but Akio sits down holding the ropes. Luckily for Funaki the referee realizes at two and Funaki rolls through and gets a two of his own. Funaki lands a reverse kick to the gut, Akio's head meets turnbuckle, Funaki goes up to the second rope one more punch to Akio, Funaki attempts a tornado DDT but Akio places Funaki down quickly twists him round and executes an inverted DDT. Akio covers 1-2-3. Good back and forth match. Here is Your Winner: AKIO.

Still to come John Cena has 6 Contenders vying for his title.

Raw UK Wrestlemania Revenge tour promo airs.

Teddy Long puts Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Big Show, Booker T, Kurt Angle & JBL in a series of matches to see who gets title match with John Cena. JBL vs Rey Mysterio is first match. JBL wins via DQ when Eddie Guerrero pummels JBL. Post match cabinet beatdown to Eddie & Rey sees Cena run in and dish out FU's all round as JBL gets out of dodge.


Heidenreich vs Sean Evans
We've seen this match before hmmm I guess the jobber invoked his rematch clause LOL. Heidenreich kisses two top turnbuckles and hands the referee a poem to look after upon entering. Heidenreich throws Evans down face first after a brief lockup before coming off the ropes and booting him in the face. Heidenreich tells the referee that Evans likes it as he picks Evans up rebounds him off the ropes and punches him down. Heidenreich rams Evans' head into the top turnbuckle before unleashing a series of punches in the corner. Evans punches back which Heidenreich no-sells instead clubbing Evans in the back pointing and saying "Don't Do That". Heidenreich Irish whips Evans into the same corner, clotheslines him and lands stomps and punches and a big knee to the gut in the corner. Heidenreich with another Irish whip, Evans dodges a charge gets in a few kicks and punches before Heidenreich shoves him away and takes him down with a big boot. Heidenreich reels in Evans into a swinging side slam and picks up the pinfall and tells us again that Evans likes it. Here is Your Winner: HEIDENREICH. Post match Heidenreich sits Evans down in the corner and recites his poem to his 'friend/buddy'. Heidenreich says he's found a friend who's in pain but it's better to be totally insane. A fight with him is a fight with death but he isn't responsible because he lives with no regrets. Heidenreich has searched for a friend and it may happen in the end. Heidenreich then walks off after his "Disasterpiece" singing and bopping to his own music telling us it's his world and his poem.

Up next Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas vs The Basham Brothers (again????)

SmackDown! promo airs.

Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas vs The Basham Brothers
Holly and Doug circle one another but Danny knocks Holly down from behind and starts inplace of his partner. Danny puts the boots to Holly, drops an elbow and chokes him on the mat. Danny forearms Holly rams his head into the turnbuckle and lands a punch and kick. Holly punches back in the midst of a Holly chant. Danny with a rake to the eye delivers a battering ram in the corner before driving Holly's head into Doug's boot. Doug tags in and stomps Holly as Danny holds him prone to a shot before picking up Holly tagging Danny back in and returning the favour. Danny elbows Holly's neck, Doug tags in, Holly off the ropes, double backelbow by the Bashams and Doug gets a one count. Holly punches Doug away, Doug boots Holly goes to drive Holly into the corner, Holly blocks, elbows Doug and punches him into the opposite corner where Holly unleashes a series of chops before clubbing Doug down. Doug off the ropes into a Holly slam, Holly gets a nearfall and tags in Haas. Doug off the ropes into a double hiptoss, Danny runs in into a double back bodydrop and he crashes into Doug sending both Bashams to the outside where they kick the steps in anger and argue as we go to.........................


Back with the action and Haas has Danny in a wristlock. Haas locks hands with Danny and throws him up twice each time bringing him down working on the arm. Haas armdrags Danny drops a leg onto the arm, two count. Haas slaps on an armbar, Danny sends him into the ropes, Doug knees Haas in the back and Danny stomps him down before tagging out and getting in another stomp. Doug stomps then Irish whips Haas, Doug charges into an elbow, Haas executes a belly-to-belly, clothesline and a dropkick but Haas favours the leg and Doug takes advantage by charging in and taking Haas' leg from under him. Doug stomps away, drops his weight on it, tags in Danny. Danny kicks and twists the leg of Haas. Haas tries to kick free but Danny drops his weight down before dragging him across and tagging in Doug. Doug kicks and locks in a leg grapevine and Holly frees Haas by charging in and kicking Doug in the head. Doug goes for a figure four, Haas pushes Doug to the corner with his foot, Doug tags out but Danny fails to stop Haas making the tag and Holly enters delivering two clotheslines and a dropkick off the ropes to Danny. Doug enters illegally and receives a full nelson slam, Holly goes up top and delivers a flying clothesline to Danny. Doug breaks the cover up at two, Haas limps in and knocks Doug to the outside and follows but Doug sends Haas into the ring apron. Back inside Danny kicks Holly sends him into the ropes, goes to grab him but Holly slips behind and gets Danny up into position for the Alabama slam but Doug comes in and drives a chair into the midsection of Holly and the referee orders for the bell. Haas grabs the chair from Doug and chases them off as the Bashams retreat to the outside and back up and are in shock at the DQ outcome. Disappointing end and it looks like more matches between these two teams are on the horizon. Great (not). Here Are Your Winners: (VIA DQ) HARDCORE HOLLY & CHARLIE HAAS. Haas with chair in hand then turns to help Holly, damn I wish he'd have turned heel on him, oh well Steve and Josh sign off. End of Show. Keep it here for Heat. Shaun.

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