WWE Sunday Night Heat Report (04/10/05) Taped in Los Angeles, California

WWE Sunday Night Heat Report-10th April 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com & Wrestling-Edge.Com Reporter
Commentators Todd Grisham & Jonathan Coachman

It's now time for Heat and getting us started this week is.............................................................

Tyson Tomko vs Val Venis
Val gets on the apron and goes to distribute the towel but Tomko shoves him off and Val lands awkwardly on his feet. Val limps around a bit chucks the towel to another male again??? and eventually climbs inside to compete. Both lockup and jostle in the ropes before Tomko takes Val down with a kick to the injured leg/knee. Tomko stomps and drops his weight down on Val's leg before cranking and stomping away again. Val chops at Tomko who rolls outside, takes Val down by the leg drags it towards then rams it into the ringpost. Back inside Tomko wraps the leg around the bottom rope and stretches it. Val punches back in retaliation and drops Tomko's face onto the second turnbuckle. Val with more roundhouses lands a kick to the gut (with the injured leg) then manages to execute a neckbreaker. Val covers for a two and struggles to his feet but Tomko is already up measuring Val and a big boot puts Val on the canvas where Tomko applies a single leg boston crab. Val writhes in pain but manages to get to the bottom rope. Val still gripping the ropes fends off Tomko with kicks to the face, Val gets to his feet, unleashes a roundhouse and some more chops, Tomko cuts Val off with a big knee, picks up Val, Val cuts Tomko off with punches to the head and gets back on his feet. Tomko takes a swing at Val who ducks and hits a half nelson slam. Val signals for the Money Shot but he takes too much time and Tomko gets to his feet and grabs Val just as he is almost perched on the top rope. Tomko goes to throw Val down but Val holds on and rolls through into a small package and gets the pinfall just like that. Val halts his losing streak by pulling one out from nowhere. Nice opener, match told a nice story. Here is Your Winner: VAL VENIS. Post match Val rolls outside and is seen clutching and trying to flex his 'injured knee'.

Raw UK Wrestlemania Revenge tour promo airs.

Triple H vows to regain the World Title in Batista vs Triple H 2.


Hall of Fame Class of 2005 Highlights.

Chris Benoit defeats Edge on Raw via a rollup. (No footage of post match beatdown by Edge shown)

Later Randy Orton challenges Batista on Raw.

Up next Three Team Elimination match for World Tag Team Titles.

Chris Benoit Raw promo airs.

William Regal & Tajiri vs La Resistance vs The Hurricane & Rosey (Elimination Match for World Tag Team Titles)
Coach makes a blunder by saying this is the first time Regal & Tajiri have defended the belts in a three team elimination match blatantly forgetting a few weeks back when Christian & Tyson Tomko were in instead of The Superheroes on this very show. Anyways the champions come out first followed by La Resistance and the Superheroes and a caption shows a new SmackDown! tour coming to the UK. (16th June Glasgow, 17th Aberdeen, 18th Dublin, 19th Manchester). The Hurricane starts things off with Conway and Hurricane gets a one count from a schoolboy right from the get-go. Conway with a side headlock off the ropes takes down Hurricane with a shouldertackle as Grenier celebrates with the flag whilst walking across the apron. This prompts a USA chant as Conway kicks Hurricane, Hurricane ducks a punch pokes Conway in the eye and comes off the ropes hitting Conway with a cross body into a cover and a kickout with no count registered. Hurricane with a pose sends Conway staggering back and he tags Regal in only to see him get ready, pace round, tag in Grenier and walk back out again. Grenier is shocked and goes to tag Tajiri who leans away so Grenier turns into Hurricane "Wasupwidat" and Grenier charges into a Hurricane forearm. Hurricane with punches sends Grenier into the ropes but Conway holds onto Grenier and Hurricane's dropkick attempt results in a bad landing and Grenier covers for a one count. Grenier slams down Hurricane but misses a jumping kneedrop off the ropes. Grenier clubs Hurricane in the back, drives him into his corner and tags in Conway and both take turns in stomping Hurricane before Conway stomps, punches and chokes him and tags out to Grenier. Grenier with a back suplex gets a nearfall tags in Conway. La Resistance hit a double backelbow off the ropes before walking over the Hurricane and both play to the crowd but as Sylvain gets on the apron with his back turned and Conway goes to pick up Hurricane he surprises Conway by catching him in a small package 1-2-3 and La Resistance are outta here. Conway tries to attack Hurricane but Rosey and the champs enter and rid the ring of La Resistance before staring one another down. We break off for a.....................................

Raw promo then Commercial.

We rejoin the action with Tajiri working a go-behind on Hurricane, Hurricane with a fireman takedown, Tajiri kips up, snapmare followed by a kick to the back of Hurricane. Tajiri with a nearfall, kick, followed by an Irish whip. Tajiri charges in as Hurricane goes up on his shoulders and delivers a Hurricanrana. Tajiri off the ropes comes back with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Both men exchange chops then punches with Hurricane winning out. Hurricane runs the ropes, ducks a clothesline instead delivering one of his own before tagging out. Rosey headbutts then punches Tajiri down. Tajiri off the ropes attempts a sunset flip, Rosey tries a sitting kneedrop but Tajiri dodges and tags in Regal. Regal with a kick and forearm slaps on a headlock. Regal off the ropes, shouldertackle by Rosey. Rosey off the ropes misses a falling headbutt, Regal tags out, Tajiri lands stiff kicks to the leg and back of Rosey, Rosey shoves Tajiri down and away. Regal tags back in and rushes forwards delivering a forearm and knees to the gut, Rosey whipped into the ropes and Regal with a headbutt to the midsection. Regal with kneelifts and a forearm to the head takes Rosey to the corner. Regal clubs away at the chest takes him to his corner attempts an Irish whip, Rosey reverses and the momentum sends Regal forwards into a back bodydrop by Rosey. Regal tags out, Tajiri dodges Rosey's grab attempt and a reverse kick sends Rosey staggering before a spinning heel kick puts Rosey down. Tajiri covers for a two count advances towards Rosey, Rosey with a punch to the chest, Tajiri off the ropes, ducks underneath Rosey, Regal makes a blind tag as Tajiri comes back and the Superheroes deliver a double TKO. Rosey makes a cover but Regal clubs Rosey in the back, Regal runs the ropes attempting a running knee strike but Rosey gets him on his shoulders and delivers a spinebuster. Rosey tags out and goes to the second rope as Hurricane climbs to the top rope ready to propell off Rosey's shoulders but wait La Resistance re-enter with their flagpoles and beatdown the superheroes and champions as the referee calls for the bell. La Resistance spoil this match and the champs are going to retain via a DQ.
Here Are Your Winners (VIA DQ & Still World Tag Team Champions) WILLIAM REGAL & TAJIRI.

Up next Randy Orton's rant before match vs Batista from Raw.

Don't Try This At Home.

A bitter Randy Orton whines about his loss at 'Mania and shoulder injury before demanding a match with Batista. Bischoff makes the match and Batista wins via Batista Bomb. Post match Triple H enters and he and Batista engage in a staredown. Orton is gone now for four months at least following shoulder surgery.


"The Masterpiece" Chris Masters vs Sean Evans
Why in the hell does this get the main event slot? We are subjected to another long drawn out entrance by Masters and we see a video package of all of his past opponents that he has beaten with his Masterlock submission as he gets in the ring flexes and calls for a mic. Masters cuts pretty much the same promo as last week insisting Evans is scared and how no-one's broken out of his Masterlock (zzzzzzzzzzz). Masters tells us he's in his hometown which gets a few cheers and offers Evans the night off and is prepared to open the ropes for him. Evans wants to fight and that's the worst decision of his life apparently and I agree as he could have spared us this. Masters knees Evans and backs him to a corner. Masters with more kneelifts executes a butterfly suplex. Masters takes a kick at Evans before stomping and dropping a knee on his chest by leaping up and coming down off the second rope. Masters punks out Evans who punches back, ducks Masters and unloads a flurry of roundhouses. Masters cuts off a whip to the ropes and whips Evans instead, Evans attempts a sunset flip but Masters pulls him up by the hair and drops a knee across Evans' neck. One polish hammer later and Masters slaps on the Masterlock and it's lights out Evans. Here is Your Winner: "THE MASTERPIECE" CHRIS MASTERS. Post match Masters gets his arm raised and poses and I'm hoping Steven Richards comes down and beats down Masters. It ain't gonna happen though as Grisham signs off and thanks us for watching. End of Show.

I'll be back next week, so until then take care and have a good week. Later, Shaun.

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