London Injury Update, Cena A Hit With Hip Hop Media & More


The injury sustained by Paul London at the Melbourne house show in Australia was said to be a work. Fit Finlay was booked as the agent and feels it is part of the fan experience to believe that a worker is legitimately hurt in a match.

I was just looking over at the Corporate site for WWE and noticed that they now have a FAQ section. The first FAQ is extremely funny.

Where do I send ideas/proposals for storylines, character development, scripts, marketing or business operations?

Please do not send or e-mail any materials (including scripts, screenplays, story-lines, ideas, music, business proposals, marketing concepts, etc.) having to do with character development, story-lines or in-ring activities. WWE does not consider or examine these materials. [Thanks to Adam Lebow]

I'm as big a hip hop fan as I am a wrestling fan. I'm not sure how big of hip hop fans you guys are, so I'm not sure if you guys really understand how good John Cena actually was (back when he was writing his own stuff). Anyhow, I've been following a lot of John Cena's stuff, musically. So I was happy to see that a lot of the credible hip hop sites are starting to pick up on his stuff, such as this one: [Thanks to Vinit Adhopia]

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