WWE House Show Results (4/9/05) - Perth, Australia

WWE Smackdown Wrestlemania Revenge Tour results
Saturday 9th April, Burswood Dome, Perth , Australia

By Doug Tomlinson, rajah.com reader

What a night this turned out to be. The last time WWE came to Perth was
December of 2003 and that was a pretty solid show, so this one had a fair
bit to live up to in my eyes . The arena was mostly full with my around
10,000 people in attendance as only the real cheap seats were still empty
Before the show we got some nice desire videos I haven't seen for a while,
which was a good way to warm up the crowd .

The show starts with Tony Chimmel coming out and welcoming us etc. Then
Theodore long comes down and tells everyone how glad he is to be here and
that tonight should be a good show with the main event being a handicap
after this Chimmel announces the opening competitors which is for the WWE
Cruiserweight championship

Funaki vs. Paul London vs. Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Spike Dudley

Scotty comes out first to a pretty good pop, then Funaki, Spike and London
last who got a good reaction too. The match was pretty good with some
highlights including Scotty grabbing Spike by the beard and some cool
planchas to the floor by funaki and London . London also did a great spot
where he dropsaulted funaki I think it was and landed on spike for the
moonsault .I never tire of that spot. London also did the Mushroom stomp/
mule kick out the corner . Other highlights included Scotty doing the worm.
The end came when London hit the 450 on Spike

Winner and still Champ Paul London

Booker T vs. Heidenreich

I expected very little going into this one as I not a fan really of either,
but I especially hate Heidenreich. Booker came out to a nice pop though and
the crowd seemed to dig him . The match itself was nothing special with lots
of punches etc. but at least Book did the Spinarooni and ended it by doing
the Scissors kick . OK for what it was but nothing to write home about, if
you seen their smackdown matches you seen this basically

Winner : Booker T

Next RED HOT DIVAS BATTLE : Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie

Before the match starts Carlito comes out and starts ripping on Torrie and
saying that people didn't come out to see her and instead that they came out
for Carlito. Carlito did a good job getting the crowd angry, before the
actual match began. Again this was not a great match but what do you expect
from two non wrestlers really . The end came when Torrie did a spinning
rollup from the corner to score the 1-2-3

Winner Torrie Wilson
After the match Carlito and Dawn begin to team up on Torrie before Mark
Jindrak came out for the save by hitting the big left hand punch on Carlito

Hardcore Holly vs. Luther Reigns

I really hate bob so my view of this match kinda biassed but who cares eh.
This match was real dull though as it just seemed to drag with little
interesting stuff going on at all . The crowd was pretty dead too . The end
of this one came when Bob did a old school rollup on Luther for the 1-2-3

Winner Hardcore Holly

No disqualification match Big Show vs. Kurt Angle

This match was a great way to bring the crowd to life again after the snore
fest that was bob vs Luther. Big Show received a real big pop and the crowd
was all over angle with the "you suck" at the beginning .
This whole match though seemed to flow well as there was some great stuff in
it, especially when Kurt, Angle slammed big show over the top rope to the
floor. I had never seen him do that before , so that was cool . Throughout
the rest of the match each guy hit most of their signature moves and show
was in the ankle lock for a fair while before eventually reaching the ropes.
This frustrated Kurt who went out to grab a chair and when he got in the
ring big show punched the chair into angle for the finish

Real good match though and I am so glad that Kurt made it to Perth this time
and hears hoping he's got many more years of wrestling in that neck yet

Winner Big Show

Then there was the 15 minute interval

Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio vs. The Bashams

Eddie came out to a monster cheer as everyone seemed to be loving him and
chanting his name. Rey also got a good reaction though and whilst waiting
for the Bashams to come out the crowd was chanting Eddie all the time. He
tried to get us to chant for Rey and we did it just wasn't as loud that's
This match took ages to finally get going as the Bashams must have wasted at
least 10 minutes deciding whether or not to actually fight . This really got
them a ton of heat and when they finally started wrestling, everyone seemed
happy . During the Bashams teased a break up before eventually hugging and
beating up Rey and Eddie again. Once again Eddie was awesome in his efforts
to cheat and entertain the crowd , as at one point he pulled out his own tag
rope from his tights and hung it half way across the ring to get closer to
Rey to make the tag. The ref noticed that something was up but Eddie just
smiled .
The end came when Eddie hit the three amigo's on Danny I think it was before
he went to the top for the frog splash, as he went up the Bashams switched .
Eddie noticed though and rolled through before laying down on the mat before
Doug noticed. As he walks over Eddie does a school boy roll up to get the
Classic Eddie match with lots of cheating and entertaining, Rey was great
too as after the match he did a double 619 on both the Bashams at once.
Eddie though stole this segment, no pun intended as he showed why he one of
the best wrestlers around today as the people chanted his name

Charlie Haas vs. Rene Dupree

The crowd was all over Dupree for this one and before Haas came out Dupree
cut a promo on how much he hated Australia etc. The match itself was pretty
good and the end came when Dupree grabbed Haas's shorts to cheat to win
Dupree impressed me here though as he showed that he defiantly has good
potential for a guy so young and maybe in a couple years he be going places

Winner Rene Dupree

The main event
John Cena vs. JBL & Orlando Jordan
Well this was supposed to be the case but when JBL came out he demanded a
title shot . Theodore long comes out and changes the match to a straight up
one on one between JBL and Cena for the title . Before Theodore came out
though, JBL must have spent a good ten minutes insulting and firing up the
crowd. I found this real entertaining, especially how JBL continually refers
to himself as a "wrestling god. "I know a lot of people hate him in the ring
but I was enjoying seeing him wind up the crowd and on the mike he pretty

Any ways when Cena finally hits the ring, the crowd goes nuts and the
reaction he gets is probably the biggest of the night (or at least equal to
Eddie ).
The match itself was longer than Wrestlemania but followed a very similar
pattern with the only difference being the cabinet on the outside
occasionally interfering. During the match the original referee (Brian
Hebner I think) was knocked out by JBL and then Orlando came in to help JBL
before he hit the close line from hell. Then Charles Robinson runs down and
counts the 1-2 kick out by Cena. JBL is irate and eventually Cena clears the
ring before hitting the five knuckle shuffle and then the FU on JBL for the
Not bad match really, probably just better than mania as it was given more

Winner and still WWE champion John Cena

After the show Cena thanked all the crowd for coming out and then brought a
local kid in the ring to pose with the WWE title . The crowd loved Cena and
he seemed to be enjoying himself too and once he left the show was over

Overall though a pretty good show, with angle big show as the match of the
night . The rest of the show was good-fine except the bob Luther snoorefest
and booker Heidenreich could have been better but ah well and there was no
undertaker but never mind he wasn't booked any ways

Thanks WWE though for a great show and I hope you come back soon
Biggest pops
1. John Cena (Just above ) 2. Eddie Guerrero 3. Big Show

Biggest heat
1. JBL (by a mile) 2. Kurt Angle 3. Bashams when they wouldn't enter the
ring or Dupree (special mention to Carlito too )

WWE Smackdown, Wrestlemania Revenge Tour, Perth, Australia
Posted: Liam Courtney, rajah.com reader

G'day. This is the second WWE event to come over to the most isolated
capital city in the world. It's not often we get such big events, so its
always good to see the WWE Live. The crowd was hot from the get go, WOOO'ing
before the show had even started. Tony Chimel came out to a decent pop and
gave us the rundown on the house rules. Then, out came theodore long.

Theo got the crowd pumped, doin a bit of a dance in the middle of the ring
before announcing some of the matches of the night. Kurt, Show, eddie and
Rey got good pops, but Cena got the loudest. Theo announced that Kurt and
Show would be having a No DQ match, which got the crowd excited. Anyways, on
with the show

Spike Vs Funaki Vs Scotty 2 Hotty Vs Paul London

I read in the guy from melbournes post, saying he wasn't sure if London was
really injured, or it was a work. I'll tell ya now, I think it was a work,
coz Paul was flippin around the ring like a maniac. Spike took Funaki to the
outside to start the match, while London and Scotty were in the ring
toughing it out. These two went back and forward for a while until Spike
came in. London knocked spike down then turned to scotty and did hit
dropkick flip, and landed right on spike. SWEET! Spike went to the outside.
London got scotty down and went to climb the ropes, but got pulled off by
spike and hit the apron pretty hard. After this is was very standard fatal
four way stuff, two in two out kinda thing, breakups galore. Heaps of high
flying moves. Funniest bit of the match was when Scotty, Funaki and London
were fighting outside the ring, Spike went for the dive over the top rope.
The guys just watched him fly, then stepped aside and let spike smack the
floor. Towards the end of the match, Scotty had Funaki and Spike set for the
double worm which got the crowd really going. He only hit it on funaki, coz
spike hit the outside. Match ended when Scotty and Funaki were outside the
ring and London and Spike were battling it out. London hit the 450 plash for
the pin.

Winner: Paul London

Good Match. Probably one of the best of the night. Paul London is one of the
best cruiserweights I've ever seen. He sells billiantly, probably why the
Melbournians thought he'd injured himself.


Nothing for Heidenreich, but crowd was still hot. He got some laughs when he
came to the ring hiding behind everything he could find. Booker came out to
a large pop. This was a very basic match, lots of simple holds. Can't really
expect much more from these two. Booker really does like using the ol,
punch, slap, punch, slap combo. Can get a bit tiring after a while. Booker
won with a scissors kick

Winner: Booker T


Ahhh, nothing like the typical SD Womens match. Started off fantasticly with
Carlitos coming out. He got in the ring and told torrie wilson no one came
to see her. He got good heat for that. Dawn was posing for the crowd like it
was her they'd come to see. Carlitos told torrie that we came to see
Carlitos. Dawn looked depressed, crowd got even angrier. I was laughin. He
told torrie to go wait in the back for him...and that...is cool. He grabbed
torries hand and started making for the back, but torrie pulled back and
slapped him. Carlitos bailed the ring. The SD ladies had their match, pack
filled with technical genius and astounding skill....*cough*...Back and
forward till the pinfall by torrie

Winner: torrie Wilson

After the match Carlitos attacked Torrie with Dawn's help. He got ready for
the apple spit when Mark jindrak came for the save...I got really confused
here coz i've never seen Jindrak with Torrie, and last I saw he was with
Luther reigns...I think I missed something. Anyways, He and torrie cleaned
house and they left.

Note: Crowd was still pretty pumped at this stage. The matches hadn't been
bad at all and us perth people get into it. But this next match


Hardcore came out to a decent pop and luther came out to silence. Me and my
friend thought it was very interesting when just before the match began,
Hardcore went to a security guy and looked at his watch???? What the?
Anyways, match was boring and went on for AGES. Part of the crowd started
chanting 'Boring'. I dont like that coz these guys flew all this way and put
their bodies on the line each night...I was thinkin it but. My friend took
off to buy merch. Hardcore won which got a pop, mostly coz the match was
over. Luther wasted a bit more time in the ring then pissed off.

Winner: hardcore

After this match, the crowd kinda started to lose interest. Even the next
match didn't get much of a reaction and it was a solid match with huge


Both wrestlers came out to decent ovations. Huge 'You Suck' chant up for
angle. Match began with a flurry of offence by angle which led to big show
going over the top rope and landing VERY hard. I was lookin at him going,
shit, i think he's really screwed himself. But he got up eventually. Back in
the ring and the match continued. Angle wrestled like the was versing Shawn
Stasiak in his debut match at Survivor Series 2000. Not the intense angle we
saw at mania. But the intensity did pick up when he went for the ankel lock.
Pretty even match up. I don't know why they made it no DQ. The only thing
remotly 'illegal' about it was the ending. Angle went for the chair and went
for show, but show punched the chair into angles face for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Show

Chimmel came out to announce intermission. Threw some shirts into the
crowd. And was getting huge pops. Funny stuff. My friend said that anywhere
were tony chimmel can get pops should host a Wrestlemania. After The
interval, we came back to the tag match

Eddie and Rey Vs Bashams

Start of this match was a bit annoying. Eddie and Rey got massive pops.
eddie probably the biggest of the night. But literrally, the two teams
taunted each other, and in the bashams case the crowd as well, for a good 10
minutes, maybe longer until the first lock up occured. eddie and rey kept
tagging each other to see who should start. they tried to settle it with a
game of 'rock, paper, scissors' and Rey won. Then eddie got back in the ring
and an eddie chant started. He tagged back to Rey, but the Eddie chant
continued. So rey tagged eddie back in. backa nd forth it went until rey
and, i dunno, lets say doug, locked up. From there the crowd got into the
match. It was back and forward until doug and danny singled out rey and went
to town on him. Eddie tried getting in the ring, but the ref stopped him. So
eddie ran around the ring trying to get to Rey, but the ref chased him.
Funny stuff. Rey kept gettin close to the tag, but the ref told him to hold
onto the string on the ring post. He got told 3 times before he pulled out
his own string form his tights and tied it to the ropes. He used that same
move last time when he was with Chavo. Still funny but. Eddie got the 3
amigos and the ol, arm bar to the top rope jump off to a hurrican rana on
one dude and arm drag on the other guy. I dont know itf there is a short
name for it. Anyhoo. Eddie and rey picked up the victory when the bashams
did the switch as eddie was going up for the frog splash. Eddie went for it,
but had it scouted. Doug (or Danny) was taunting the crowd, pointing to his
noggin, saying how clever he was, and eddie was standing laughing at him.
eddie fell down and acted liek he was out and then rolled up the basham for
te win

Winners: Eddie and rey

After the match, Rey hit the 619 on both bashams, much to the delight of the


This was a surprisiingly good match. Charlie came out, and the dumbass kids
next to us thought it was Shelton Benjamin. They went NUTS coz they thought
it was sheldon. anyways. Rene came out saying how sexy he was and that all
the women would go home with him and leave there husbands and that all the
men are 'Wankers' (An aussie term for dickhead for all you americans).
Charlie came out and got a Wanker chant going toward Renee who didn't like
it one bit. Rene expsosed the trunbuckle early on in the match which came
back to haunt him. Both wrestlers kept the action going. Not many submission
holds as i remember. Rene got the win after charlie hit the turnbuckle and
rene rolled him up

Winner: Rene Depree

I really enjoyed this match. Both of the guys show that they have waht it
takes to go far in the WWE. Time for the main event.


JBL came out with the cabinet to major heat. Except from me and my friend
who are JBL fans. He got in the ring and did some very funny insults on
Perth. He had to ask Orlando where he was. He acted like he had no idea
where he was or why he was here, but he did call our chicks ugly...no...he
then said a majority of the men were gay...no...funny stuff. He then
comapred American football to Aussie rules football. He said that aussie
rules, they run aroound in little shorts and end up in stinkin piles of
man..he thought it was pretty gay. Let me just say, that Aussie Rules
football is just as rough, if not rougher than american football. I know the
americans wont like to hear that, but if u watch a game of AFL, these guys
hit as hard, if not harder than NFL players, excpet they dont gots no
padding. Its rough. Anyways. JBL whinged about he didnt have his title no
more and what not and demanded a shot, cause he's a wrestling god. Theo long
came out and said he could have a WWE title match with Cena. Out came Cena
to a massive pop. The match was solid, but admittedly, JBL carried it the
whole way. Cena did not do much at all. Everytime he did a little move,
crowd went nuts. Cabinet got involved, but refs were out. JBL knocked
Charles robinson a good one. Lil' naitch looked in some pain. Anyways, JBL
ran the match the whole time, but Cena won with the F-U

Winner: John Cena

I really am over John Cena. Just like at mania, JBL dominates, but cena does
sweet fuck all for the win. It makes little sence. We knew that JBL wasn't
gonna win, but I just wanna see cena do more as a champion. Other wise he
will get really boring, really fast.

Other than that it was a solid show and it was a good night. SD did ok.

Best Match
Cruiserweight title match

Biggest Pops
1. Eddie
2. Cena
3. Rey
4. Paul London
5. Tony Chimmel

Biggest Heat
1. JBL
2. Rene Dupree
3. Bashams
4. Dawn Marie
5. Hardcore and Luthers match