WWE House Show Results (4/9/05) - Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia. 4/9/05
Angelo Bardas, rajah.com reader

They showed a desire video with the music being played by

Regal/Tajiri def. La Resisitance.

Lillian Garcia came welcomed us to the show and started to
sing the Australian national anthem, but was interupted by
La Res. Grenier started to sing the Canadian one but he in
turn was interupted by the tag champs. Regal gets a good

Pretty much the same match they've had scince February now.
Tajiri plays face in peril, Regal gets the hot tag and hits
a sweet T-Bone. Regal eventually gets Conway with a running
knee lift and wins the match.

The tag champs celebrate with the fans and La Res leave to
some good heat.

Bischoff then comes out to mild boos but he plays it face
here. He announces the uppercard matches and leaves to a
decent pop.

Tyson Tomko def. The Hurricane.

Pretty much a squash. The crowd didn't seem to care aside
from a crossbody from Hurricane and an impressive military
press into a fallaway slam from Tomko. Tomko wins via Big
Boot and leaves quickly. Hurricane then gets up an slaps
hands with the fans in the front row.

Chris Masters def. Val Venis.

Chris masters came out to absolutely no reaction. He cut a
promo on AFL (Australian football) which didn't get much of
a response because not too many people watch AFL in Sydney.
Val Venis comes out to a good pop. They trade chops and
punches for a while until Val hits a Fulll Nelson suplex.
Eventually Val runs into a polish hammer and passes out to
the Full Nelson. Masters leaves and Val gets up and gives
his towel to a girl in the audience and kisses her.

Victoria def. Molly Holly. Christy Hemme was the special
About the same as their Wrestlemania XX bout, except Chisty
wasn't paying attention to the match. Ending comes when
Victoria dodges the Molly-go-round and hits the Widows Peak
for the 3. Christy and Victoria pose and leave the ring.
After a while Molly gets up and leaves while we chant "Na Na
Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye"

Sheton Benjamin def. Christian.

This was a pretty funny match. During the match Tyson gets
ejected from ringside to another Na Na Na Na chant and
Shelton hides under the ring. Christian asks the crowd
where Shelton is and Shelton sneaks up to the rope behind
Christian and hits him with a top rope Bulldog. Towards the
end of the match Shelton bangs Christians head on the
turnbuckles to a twenty count. Shelton stops at 19 but
Christian keeps bouncing his head on the turnbuckle. Match
ends when both men keep trying to hit their finisher.
Eventually Shelton hits the T-Bone for the 3.


Mohammed Hassan def. Chris Jericho.

Hassan comes out and says the same shyte he's been saying
scince his debut. Except replace America with Australia.
Then Diviari does his Farsi gibberish bit but gets
intterupted by Y2J to a HUGE pop. Y2J sucks up to the crowd
and calls the heels "ass clowns".

Hassan controlled the match with some boring rest holds
until Jericho woke up the crowd when he hit a Spinning
Wheel kick, a Bulldog and a Lionsault. Diviari distracted
the ref and Jericho hip tossed him into the ring and put him
in the Walls of Jericho. Hassan creeped up behind Y2J and
rolled him up and grabbed the tights for the cheap win. The
heels left to frustrated heat and Jericho posed for the

Kane def. Edge.

Both men come out to a massive pop. (Kane moreso than Edge).
During the match Edge got frustrated that he couldn't keep
Kane down so he left the ring. Kane walked up behind Edge
tapped him on the shoulder and gave him an Uppercut. Spot of
the night came when Edge countered a Flying Clothesline with
a dropkick. After that Edge set up a spear but Kane did the
sit up, gave Edge a Big Boot and Chokeslammed Edge for the

Kane left to a really big pop. While Edge kept trying to do
the Kane sit up but couldn't get up. So he rolled out of the
ring. While walking up the aisle with Hebner and fan said he
wanted a picture of Hebner but not Edge, which was pretty

Batista & Chris Benoit def. Evolution.

All four men came out to thunderous ovations.

The most hilarious part of the night. Was before the match
when Flair, HHH and Benoit got on the mic.

Flair: (To Batista) HHH is gonna bitchslap you! (To crowd)
HHH will bitchslap all of you!

A fan says something.

Flair: (To fan) Shut up fat ass!

HHH: I'm going t bitchslap all of you!

A fan dressed as Roddy Pipper boo's.

HHH: Oh, shut up! As if I'm going to take sh*t from a f*g in
a dress!

The fan chants "Hot Rod!"

HHH: Yeah, you wish you had a hot rod, f*g!

An Indian fan says something.

HHH: (In a hilarious Indian accent) Shut up Mahatma Gahndi!
I'll tell the government you're here illegally and I'll have
you thrown in a ditch in Bombay.

Indian fan: You can't see me!

HHH: That's the point! I DON'T WANT WANT TO SEE YOU!

Benoit: So wheres that bitchslap? BITCH!




Anyway. The match was decent. Funny spot where Flair hit
Batista with several low-blows which had the fans counting
(ala the ten punch). Batista wins with the Batista Bomb on

After the show the wrestlers took pictures with the fans in
the parking lot. Hebner was drunk and dancing in front of
the camera. I also waved the horsemen signal at Flair which
promted him to smile back. Also HHH got onto the top of his
car and drove the fans into a frenzy. But most importantly
of all Lillian Garcia blew me a kiss!

Awesome night! I can't wait to go again next year!

Biggest pops:

Biggest heat:
Mohammed Hassan
La Res
Christian (Even though I was cherring at the the top of my
lungs for him!)

P.S. love the site!

G'day OzPower the Thunder from Downunder here, long time reader first time
poster lol.

Show for Sydney Australia, Saturday 9th April 2005 at the Sydney Superdome

Anyway show started out by Lilian Garcia doing a fine job of singing the
Australian natioanl anthem then being interrupted by La Resistance and
instant heat for them singing Oh Canada which led to

World Tag Team Title Match: William Regal & Tajiri vs La Resistance:

Huge pops for Regal & Tajiri with all the usual tag moves used, Tajiri ends
up getting the Pin.

Next match Tyson Tomko vs The Hurricane:

Not much heat at all for Tomko with a decent pop for hurricane, Tomko gets
the win.

Next up Stacy gets in the ring does the whole welcome thing, Bischoff comes
out goes through the card and up next is:

Chris Masters vs Val Venis:

Masters got on the mic and tried to get heat but just wasnt working, this
match really sucked and the crowd was not into it at all, i chose at that
point to go get a beer lol. i came back in time to unfortunately witness
first hand hte 'masterlock' damn that was bad.

next up was Intercontinental Title

Shelton Benjamin vs Christian:

Christian played the crowd beautifully even at one point threatning to send
Tomko into the crowd if we kept chanting Wanker at him. Excellent match
loved every bit of it with Benjamin getting the win of course (as if we
aussies are gonna get a title swap on a non televised event, do you think we
are stupid Vince?)

Diva Match

Molly Holly vs Victoria w/ special Referee Christy Hemme:

Christy did a very very poor performance of a ref but a great job of
sluttish eye candy as she kept having to adjust her top and her skirt didnt
leave much to the imagination. Good womens match with Victoria getting the
pin, she and Christy danced around after the match.

we had a break and came back to Jericho vs Hassan

Jericho found out there was over 15,000 raging Jericholics and the crowd was
really into this match with Hassan getting the pin with a schoolboy as
Jericho had Daivari in the Walls of Jericho.

Kane vs Edge:

Kane was so over it wasnt funny, great match i thought with Kane getting the
win and Edge having a big sulk afterwards.

Main Event:

Ric Flair & Triple H vs Chris Benoit & Batista:

WOOOO this was Flair's night for WOOOOOOO, awesome awesome match with
Batista getting the win for him and Benoit.

Overall was a great night, a dissapointment that there was no pyro at all
during the night, this is the 3rd time they have had the WWE in this venue
and we had pyro the last 2 times but not this time.. very sucky.