WWE House Show Results (4/7/05) - Brisbane, Australia

City: Brisbane, Australia
Date: 7th April, 2005
Credit: Little Elroy, rajah.com reader

Lilian Garcia welcomes the crowd and starts to sing the Australian national anthem only to be interupted by my man Rob Conway and Sylvain Grenier.
They begin to sing their anthem when da Champs hit the house.

World Tag Champs William Regal and Tajiri def. La Resistance

Stacy Kiebler comes out to the ring but Eric Biscoff comes out and tells her to hit the road. He announces the main event of the night and then announces he is going to be the special ref.

Christian w/ Tyson "Goat-boy" Tomko def. Val Venis

"The Masterpiece" Chris Masters def. The Hurricane

Victoria def. Molly Holly

ICl Champion Shelton Benjamin def. Gene Snitsky

SEE THAT IDIOT WALK!!! Christy Hemme comes out and throws T-shirts to the crowd. She takes off her own top at the end.

Kane def. Edge

Hassan comes out and does the usual "I'm being discriminated against" promo saying Australia is a racist country blah blah blah. Y2J hits the ring and tells them to shut the hell up.

Muhammad Hassan def. Chris Jericho

WHC Champion Batista and Chris Beniot def. Triple H and Ric Flair
Ric Flair talks about the ideal woman and flirts with the crowd. The match ends with Batista hitting the Batistabomb on Trips.

Show notes:
* Trish, Lita, Orton and HBK were a no-show.
* The arena was pretty much full save for a few back seats on the lower levels.
* Batista recieved the biggest pops of the night followed by Ric Flair, Chris Jericho, Triple H, Kane and Chris Benoit.
* Christian, Gene Snitsky, Muhammad Hassan and Triple H all got the wanker chants.
* Lillian, Stacy, Victoria and Christy got huge pops while Molly got a small mixed reaction of cheers and boos.
* Hassan, Daivari and La Resistance got the most heat. Snitsky and Masters got mild heat while Christian, Edge, Flair and Triple H comming out to huge pops.