More Details On The Releases Of Matt Hardy & Rhyno


In some circles, there is likely to be a lot of heat on Lita and Edge for the earlier release of Matt Hardy. When it came down to it, WWE felt that Edge was a more secure long-term option and they were high on the improvement he has made over the past year. On the other hand, there were mixed reviews of Hardy, and many felt he wasn't as strong a commodity as Edge. As previously reported, Hardy did not help his cause when he went public on his website, which resulted in both Edge and Lita being booed and jeered at a few events. Edge and Lita did not release their side of the story to the public, and that ultimately scored points with WWE management. In terms of Hardy's future, it is possible he may be offered a job with TNA considering his brother Jeff is already there.

Also released today was Rhyno (Terry Gerrin) and that is also something that is likely to upset some wrestlers. Rhyno had given WWE a reason to release him, but many feel it was a harsh decision given the personal troubles he is going through right now. Rhyno is currently involved in a difficult break-up with his wife, which could see her and their daughter go to Germany. While WWE were upset with Rhyno after the WrestleMania incident last week, they also didn't think highly of his gimmick, charisma, or in-ring work. Like Hardy, Rhyno may also be offered work by TNA.

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