WWE RAW Report (4/11/05) - Moline, Illinois

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WWE RAW Report
Aired LIVE! From Moline, IL
April 11th, 2005
Reported By: The Worm, Rajah.com RAW Reporter

No RAW pyro opening tonight (which is weird). Not too long before:

Diva Tag Team

Trish Stratus & Molly Holly vs. Christy Hemme & Victoria

At least my diva's in action tonight, so this will be a good way to kick off the show.

It's Victoria & Molly first as they lock up and they exchange holds. Molly turns a hammer lock into a fireman's carry and then proceeds to lock in an arm bar. Victoria flips out of it and hits a couple of arm drags before setting Molly up for the standing moonsault. Molly kicks out of the pin cover and Victoria picks her up before tagging in the kicktastic Christy.

Christy kicks Molly in the back of the legs before slamming her and hitting a split leg drop. Trish gets in a cheap shot as Molly whips her, and now we see that Trish has been tagged in. Trish takes it to Christy before going up top to catch her in a hangman's choke.

Trish tags in Molly and then snapmares Christy. Molly smacks Christy in the face and then hits a baseball dropkick to Christy's face. Molly puts Christy in a half Boston crab. Christy struggles to get to Victoria, but Molly releases the hold to go for something else, but Christy kicks her off and makes the tag to Victoria.

Victoria cleans the ring with Molly until Victoria gets Molly into the Widow's Peak, but the tide is turned when Trish interrupts the move. Victoria is able to make the tag to Christy, who is in control until she gets distracted by Trish. Trish gets smacked and the end comes when Molly inadvertently nails Trish with a handspring elbow and Christy rolls Molly up...now that was a shame. Molly didn't deserve to job to the rookie.

Winner: Christy & Victoria

Post-match, Trish gets smacked off the apron, leaving her pissed until Kane's pyro explodes and Kane comes out. Trish runs like a scalded dog around the ring and jumps the security barrier, with Kane hot in her pursuit.

Up next we will get an injury update on Randy Orton.

Commercial Break

We get to see a clip of Randy Orton in the Birmingham, AL hospital getting prepped for surgery. We then see a recap of the Undertaker vs. Randy Orton match from WM21 and Batista vs. Randy Orton match from last week that resulted in the shoulder injury. We learn that Orton will be out in four months and that Batista better be ready for revenge when he does return.

Backstage, Stacy & Candice are talking about Randy Orton when the conversation turns to Candice talking about how she wants to be "powerbombed" by Batista. They're interrupted by Trish, who is still being chased by Kane. Kane follows her in and before he leaves, he checks out the three divas standing in the room (Stacy, Candice, & Maria).

We then go to the Coach, who's interviewing Muhammad Hassan and Daivari.

Commercial Break

Take his ass off of TV for a while. No one tunes into RAW to see Triple H give the same speech every week.

Triple H: Batista, tonight is your big night. Your first live interview as the World Heavyweight Champion. Enjoy it. Live the moment. You've worked very hard to get it, so enjoy it. But, you're on borrowed time. The rematch has been signed. Batista vs. Triple H will happen at Backlash. And then, I've told you already, you were good at Wrestlemania. You were on fire. (Batista chants start). You're right, he was awesome at Wrestlemania, but I've watched the tape over and over and Batista, I will find a weakness. Triple H goes on to say how Batista is afraid of the Pedigree and how it is the truth. This goes on until he is interrupted by The Hurricane.

Hurricane: Triple H, you claim to be the best. The most celebrated superstar in the history of society. But holy ass kickings, for last we saw you in action you were wearing a mask. Not a Hurricane mask, but a bloody crimson mask. You got beat up by Batista, wassup wit dat?

Triple H calls him a green tomato.

The Hurricane goes on to quote The Thing by saying " it's clobbering time" and he heads down to the ring, but he didn't come unprepared. He signals for Rosey to come out and the Superheroes are beating down the former champion.

They dump him out of the ring with a double clothesline and the Superheroes are standing victorious in the ring. Triple H recovers and grabs a mic and he says that they picked the wrong night and the wrong guy. Triple H calls for a ref and calls for the bell. Triple H removes his shirt and grabs a chair.

2v1 Handicap

The Hurricane & Rosey vs. Triple H:

The ref swipes the chair away from Triple H and Rosey is declared the legal man for this match. He takes down Triple H and then we go to commercial.

Commercial Break

Back on RAW, Triple H goes for a pin on Hurricane, but Hurricane kicks out. Triple H picks him up into a standing face lock, but Hurricane is able to fight out of it. Hurricane bounces off the ropes, ducks a clothesline, only to be hit with a spinebuster.

Triple H puts Hurricane into a corner and then whips across the ring. Hurricane uppercuts his way out and he's having a hard time getting to Rosey. Triple H recovers and whips Hurricane, but Hurricane catches him in a hurricanrana.

Hurricane makes a hot tag to Rosey, who cleans the house with Triple H and he hits a spinning leg drop. Triple H gets hammered in a corner until the ref breaks it up, and then Rosey splashes him. Triple H falls down, and he gets a faceful of Rosey's ass.

Hurricane & Rosey double team Triple H as Hurricane hits a leg drop from the top. Hurricane goes for a pin, but Triple H kicks out. Hurricane goes up top again, but Triple H recovers and crotches him. Triple H stomps a mudhole into the Hurricane and then chokes him.

Rosey tries to get help out, but gets held back by the ref. Triple H knocks Rosey off the apron and Rosey's leg gets caught in the ropes. This allows Triple H to bury Hurricane once again with the Pedigree.

Winner: Triple H

Post-match, Rosey is still hung up in the ropes and Triple H proceeds to beat the crap out of him. Triple H grabs the mic once again and gets into the ring. This match basically was to send Batista a sign of what could happen if he isn't careful at Backlash.

Triple H exits the ring and delivers a Pedigree to Rosey to show that he'll Pedigree anyone, no matter how big they may be.

Commercial Break

A video package of the WWE's recent tour of Australia is shown.

Batista & Benoit are seen backstage talking about something until we're interrupted by Chris Masters' entrance.

Chris Masters vs. Seth Skyfire:

While Chris Masters is going down to the ring, we see a highlight video showing everyone the Masterpiece has caught in the Masterlock.

Offense by Chris Masters. Skyfire gets in very little offense. Chris Masters cinches in the Masterlock. Skyfire taps out.

Winner: Chris Masters

Seriously, get rid of the fucking douche if you're not gonna develop his character or give him a believable finisher.

Chris Masters issues an open challenge for next week to see if there's anyone who can break out of his Masterlock (I bet ya I could do it if given the chance..Chris Masters and his "Masterlock" are so pathetic) RAW seems to be experiencing technical difficulties since the show started, with the audio being cut off and the video feed acting up at times.

We see a recap of the HBK beatdown at the hands of Hassan & Daivari.

Commercial Break

The $250,000 RAW Diva Search is making a return...(oh god)...go to WWE.com for more details

Shawn Michaels vs. Muhammad Hassan:

Hassan comes out with a stick and he says that none of the fans wanna see Hassan destroy HBK again. As far as Hassan is concerned, HBK doesn't deserve a chance to face him. If HBK wants Hassan, he's gotta go through Daivari first.

Shawn Michaels vs. Khosrow Daivari:

Daivari babbles in Farsi as he goes down to the ring and then HBK chases him around the ring. Daivari stomps on him, but HBK clotheslines him and then chops away at him. Daivari is whipped and is hit with a back body drop. Hassan tries to get involved, but Daivari jumps over HBK & Hassan to whiplash HBK's neck off the ropes.

Daivari hits a neckbreaker on HBK and then goes up top and connects with a high leg drop. Daivari goes for a pin, but HBK kicks out. Daivari has HBK in a unique submission hold and HBK is working his way up. HBK fights out of it and now the two are exchanging chops. Daivari reverses a whip, and HBK hits a flying forearm. He sets Daivari up for the elbow drop, and with the ref distracted, HBK ends up bringing Hassan into the ring and begins to beat on him.

Daivari tried to use the ring bell on HBK, but the ref catches it and Hassan hits a low blow on HBK to allow Daivari to pick up the win.

Winner: Khosrow Daivari

Commercial Break

HBK is talking to Bischoff and he wants Hassan & Daivari in a handicap match. Bischoff won't do that, but he will make a tag match at Backlash. HBK doesn't want it, but if he wants Hassan & Daivari, it's gotta be a tag match. HBK will get to choose his partner.

The Stacker 2 recap shows Shelton Benjamin running up the ladder to clothesline Y2J at Wrestlemania.

Y2J makes his way out for the Highlight Reel.

Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel:

Y2J first talks about how exciting the ladder match was at WM and he has a problem with not coming out of it the winner. He names Taboo Tuesday as the day he lost the IC title to Shelton Benjamin, and he's been in a funk ever since then. He has something to say to Shelton and then Shelton comes out. (Funny thing..Shelton's name thing displayed while the camera was on Y2J)

Y2J called Shelton out because he wants redemption. He believes his problems started when Y2J lost his title to Shelton and now he wants it back. Shelton plays the world's smallest violin with his fingers and he said Y2J had his chance last week and lost. He said if he got back into the ring with him again, his problems would only get worse.

Y2J mocks Shelton's title reign and then says how he's been a seven time IC Champion and the only reason Shelton still has the belt is because he hasn't made it his business to chase it again. Shelton goes on to say how he can do things in the ring that no one else can do. Y2J dares him to take the title and shove it up his ass. Shelton can't do that, but he says something about taking his fist to the latest Fozzy album.

The end result is a fight between Chris Jericho and Shelton Benjamin, which goes from the inside of the ring to the outside. Refs come out to break it up.

Commercial Break

The Smackdown Rebound recaps John Cena with his newly won WWE Championship cutting his promo. We then see our first match in a series of matches to determine the #1 contender to the WWE Championship between JBL & Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio loses his match in a disqualification when Eddie enters the ring to assault JBL after JBL kicked Eddie. The Cabinet go after Eddie & Rey, but John Cena comes out to take care of that. This Thursday we will see Kurt Angle defeat Eddie Guerrero (as you know Rey will do something to mess up their match).

Kane finds Lita backstage with a crutch and Lita asks him if he did it. Trish is scared to death and the two kiss, with Kane not looking too pleased as he does it.

HBK's making his way back out, but this time he has a mic in hand. HBK voices his displeasure with Bischoff's decision to force HBK to pick a tag partner in order to face Hassan & Daivari at Backlash. HBK talks about how he understands how his family and relatives have been volunteering their services in the military. He understands that if he's gonna pick a tag partner, he's gotta pick someone who feels just as passionately about their country. HBK gets down on his knees and he proceeds to ask Hulk Hogan to serve as his tag partner to take on Hassan & Daivari.

HBK gets some "One More Match" chants going and then we see Edge making his way to the ring with his briefcase and a steel chair in hand.

Commercial Break

The WWE Slam of the Week recaps Benoit defeating Edge last week and the beatdown that ensued afterwards.

Chris Benoit vs. Christian (w/ Tyson Tomko):

Looks like Illinois is Peep Country as I saw a lot of Peep signs in the crowd. Before the match starts, Edge comes out with the chair and briefcase in hand and it looks like he's coming to do some commentary.

Benoit is distracted, and this allows Christian to attack him from behind. Christian wraps Benoit's injured arm around the ropes, but Benoit is able to come back to mount some offense of his own. Christian is whipped into the corner and is met with a hip toss.

Benoit whips Christian and hits him with the kitchen sink. Benoit punches Christian until Christian hits him in the arm again. Benoit chops Christian to send him sprawling, but Christian recovers and goes back to work on the injured arm.

Christian does some stuff that I missed and it looked like he tried to pin Benoit, but Benoit was able to kick out. The two are exchanging chops with Benoit gaining the upper hand. Christian sends Benoit to the outside and he continues to work on the injured arm before rolling him back in. Christian goes for a pin, but Benoit kicks out.

Christian puts Benoit in a corner and hits him with punches and stomps before standing on him to choke him. Christian goes for more punches and chops, but Benoit reverses it into some of his own. Christian gets whipped into a corner, but Benoit slides out as Christian tries to jump over Benoit. Benoit tries to crotch Christian on the ring post, but he gets distracted by Tomko.

Back in the ring, Christian is able to reestablish some control as he continues to isolate the arm. Christian slams Benoit and goes for a pin, but Benoit kicks out. Christian applies an arm bar and after a while, Benoit begins to fight out of it. Christian bounces off the ropes, but Benoit goes for the Crossface. Christian is able to get out of it and he somehow ends up on the apron. Benoit ends up knocking Christian off the apron to send him into the security barrier.

Benoit stares at Edge as we go to commercial.

Commercial Break

As we return, Christian has a key lock applied to Benoit's injured arm. Benoit fights out of it and punches Christian. Christian is whipped, but I guess he nailed Benoit's arm again. Christian goes for a pin, but Benoit kicks out. Christian tries to rip the tape off of Benoit's arm, but to no avail.

The ref is distracted by Christian trying to remove the turnbuckle pad. As he fixes it, Benoit gets Christian in an inside cradle, but the ref takes too long to count the pin and Christian is able to kick out.

Christian chokes Benoit on the middle rope and as the ref is distracted yet again, Tomko is able to get in a cheap shot. Benoit gets shoved injured arm first into the turnbuckle. Benoit tries to mount some offense until Christian trips him up and tries to pin him, but it's no good.

Christian applies a hammer lock to Benoit as he lies on the mat. Benoit gets his hand bit, and then the ref breaks it up. Benoit recovers to hit a German suplex and it appears he is bleeding from the mouth. Benoit kicks Christian, but Christian delivers an arm bar takedown using the injured arm of Chris Benoit.

Benoit tries to get up, but Christian slams him back down. Once again Benoit works his way up with the armbar still locked in, and he starts to hit some punches and chops. Benoit ducks two clotheslines, only to have the two men knocked down at the same time as Benoit tried for a shoulder block.

The two exchange blows with Benoit gaining the upper hand. Christian gets nailed in the gut and snap suplexed. Christian tries for an inverted DDT, but Benoit reverses it into a Northern Lights suplex. Christian kicks out of the pin, and Benoit tries to go for a Sharpshooter, but Christian gets to the ropes, only to be pulled up and off the ropes. Benoit puts Christian in a Sharpshooter, but again Christian is able to get to the ropes.

Benoit hits the rolling Germans but he takes a little while to get up. He signals for the flying headbutt, but Tomko tries to get involved. Benoit clocks him and then goes up top. Christian rolls out of the way and both men are down.

Christian grabs Benoit's tights to go for an Unprettier, but it's reversed into a Crossface. Edge leaves the announcer's table with the chair in hand. Tomko tries to get involved, but Benoit breaks up the hold to fight him off and drop Edge with a drop kick, allowing Christian to score with the Unprettier.

Winner: Christian

Up next will be Batista's interview.

Commercial Break

Batista Interview:

Batista came out in his ring gear because he heard Triple H and he wanted to be ready. JR addresses the fact that everyone is gunning for Batista, but Batista isn't concerned because he knew what becoming the champ meant. Batista refuses to be anyone's victim because he is the man, the predator, the World champ, and he's the top of the food chain. If anyone gets any bright ideas, Batista will chew them up and spit them out and he'll enjoy it.

If Triple H is looking into Batista's eyes and sees fear, he's only looking at his refection...reflection (Batista did flub there) in the mirror. Batista doesn't plan on being a 10 time World champ, but he does plan on being THE World champ for as long as he wants.

Batista holds his belt up for all to see and then Triple H's music hits. Batista looks around and then sees Triple H trying to ambush him. A fight ensues that sees Triple H trying to deliver a Pedigree to Batista, only to be sent over the ropes to the outside. So much for that idea.

Triple H interrupts the celebration because he's had it. Next week at MSG, they're gonna make history when he shuts his big mouth up once and for all. They're gonna go one on one and it's gonna be Triple H vs.... JR?