Official WWE RAW Preview for Next Week - Hogan/HBK, Triple H vs JR? +More


Say it ain’t so.

Before RAW went off the air last week, Triple H declared a payback match for RAW from Madison Square Garden. But it wasn’t Triple H vs. Batista; it was Triple H vs. Jim Ross!

It looks like RAW’s announcer has been forced into an impossible position taking on The Cerebral Assassin and possibly suffering a Pedigree. Be sure to catch RAW to watch J.R.’s fate unfold Monday night on RAW.

Last week on RAW, General Manager Eric Bischoff gave Shawn Michaels what he wanted — a match against both Muhammad Hassan and Daivari at Backlash. The only think HBK had to do was go out and find a tag team partner. Michaels almost immediately asked for the help of a true American Hulk Hogan. Will Hogan accept HBK’s invitation to be his tag team partner at Backlash? And how will Daivari and Hassan respond to these unusual circumstances? Continue watching RAW as this story unfolds.

One week ago the Quad Cities crowd witnessed the unthinkable: a kiss between Lita and Kane. The allegiance of estranged husband and wife appears to mean serious trouble for Women’s Champion Trish, who was tormented by Kane all RAW long. She’ll have to be on her toes when RAW is presented from Madison Square Garden.

The fans will be looking to hear from Chris Jericho or Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin, who clashed on Y2J’s Highlight Reel. What’s next for these to competitors, and what will Jericho have to do to get out of his self-proclaimed “funk” that’s gone on ever since he lost to Shelton at Taboo Tuesday?

Watch RAW this Monday (9/8 CT) only on Spike TV.

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