More Notes from WWE SummerSlam, Shane McMahon, Ric Flair, Nick Hogan, More

Thanks to Lee Petry for sending along more live notes and thoughts from Summerslam:

- Nick Hogan was at the show with his girlfriend and watched his father's match from the floor on the hard camera side.

- Shane McMahon was in attendance.

- Al Green (1/2 of the Master Blasters w/ Kevin Nash) was at ringside.


- There better be a good payoff for the Hardy/Edge encounter. The crowd was extremely disappointed with the finish.

- As soon as Eddie Guerrero dismissed his wife, we all knew how that she would be involved in the finish.

- Cowboy Bob Orton is fantastic! I guess his arm was healed, since I didn't see a cast underneath the sport coat.

- Jericho/Cena had the crowd split down the middle. It would have been interesting to see the crowd reaction if Jericho had gone over.

- Batista/JBL was way too short.

- Hogan/Michaels was better than I thought it would be. Michaels bumped his butt off for Hogan. Not sure if the cameras caught it or not, but they did shake hands after the match and the crowd gave Michaels a good ovation on the way out.

- And yes, the night was made complete by a quick run-in by Ric Flair! Of course it was after the matches, but still the remaining members of the crowd showed their appreciation with a round of 'Whoo's'.

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