Bret Hart Interview Recap: WWE Future, HBK, Vince, Hogan & More

The following are hilights from Bret Hart's Question & Answer session at last night's NWA Legends Convention in North Carolina.

When asked about WWE: Bret says he hopes WWE never forgets what they did to him in 1997. Although he's finally come to terms with what happened, he still feels he had a lot more to contribute to the WWE product and to his fans. His heart will never be with WWE again He said that it didn't feel right to let his legacy suffer because of a bad relationship with the company, so he compromised his own personal feelings towards WWE to make the DVD deal. He said that he would rather give his talent to TNA or someone else.

When asked about the WWE Hall Of Fame: Bret made a promise to himself never to work for WWE again and will never be back as an in air character. He said if the DVD goes well, being inducted to the Hall of Fame because the fans always come first. He said it would be nice to finally make that final farewell he never got to make but said "we aren't there yet" in terms of his relationship with WWE.

Does Bret blame Vince McMahon for Montreal or Shawn and Hunter? Hart said he doesn't blame Vince McMahon as much as Shawn and Hunter. He said Vince is a "ruthless businessman" and he expected nothing less out of him, but there was a code of trust among wrestlers that Shawn and Hunter broke. Bret said Triple H was a "no good piece of s***" and said that he and Shawn were "lying pieces of s***" who swore to God they knew nothing at Montreal".

About WWE Talent Burying Bret in his DVD: Bret said that before he decided to get involved with the project, WWE had filmed interviews with Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan and Jerry Lawler burying him. He said that Lawler claimed he was selfish when the reality was that he was protecting his own assets as an independent contractor and was backed into a corner. He said Montreal was about "right and wrong, not Canada and the United States".

When asked about taking the WWF Title to Nitro: Bret said any rumors that he was going to take the WWF Title belt to WCW was a "BS story", since WWF was suing WCW over the Alundra Blayze incident, where she took the WWF Women's Title belt and threw it in a trash can on Nitro. It was a story WWE floats around to justify their actions at Survivor Series.

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