Bubba Ray Dudley Discusses Life After WWE, ECW, TNA, and More

Chris Cash went live with the Voice of Wrestling show last Monday from 7-9 EST with special co-host, Bubba Ray Dudley. Bubba joined Chris for practically the entire show and discussed a number of issues highlighted below. Kevin Kelly also appeared live for his weekly segment. You can listen to the show at VoiceofWrestling.com, plus tune in live tonight from 7-9 EST, leading into Raw, as Chris Cash goes live again with special guests, A-Train and Molly Holly.

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Chris began with Bubba by promoting his upcoming appearances at Wrestle Reunion 2 this weekend (www.wrestlereunion.com) and Wrestlefest '05 on September 24th (www.kandswrestlefest.com). Bubba said life after WWE has been treating him very well thus far. "For the Dudley's, there is plenty of life after WWE," he said, "me and D'Von are in a fortunate position where we've pretty much established ourselves over the past ten years as real players in the world of pro wrestling and sports entertainment. So, there are a lot of other companies and a lot of other promotions out there who have show some real, serious interest in the Dudley's and there's been a lot of positive things going on".

Chris said he had heard from a personal friend of the Dudley's that as of a couple of weeks ago, they were still negotiating with WWE on the contract and he asked Bubba what the current status was. "As of right now, as we speak, negotiations between the WWE and the Dudley's regarding a new contract have ceased.," Bubba responded and added that their contracts officially run out on August 26th, but quickly mentioned that there's no telling what could happen tomorrow. "Anything can happen," he added, "things change there [the WWE] by the minute, so there's still time left to renegotiate if they wanted to".

Bubba reversed the question back to the host after Chris Cash asked what Bubba thought about going back to the WWE if they did happen to call tomorrow. "Let me reverse the question Chris and ask you," he began, "you're a wrestling fan, you seem to have some knowledge...other than the WWE offering the Dudley's a rediculous amount of money, for what reason would we go back there"? Chris couldn't think of one. "As a tag team who's accomplished as much as we have, as high as we've gotten on the WWE ladder, higher than any other tag-team has ever got in the history of that company" Bubba continued, "what are we gonna go back and do and who are we gonna go back and work with"? Again, good question. "It's quite obvious that tag-team wrestling is not a priority of the WWE".

Bubba had some straightforward, yet honest, advice for those recently released by WWE if they have a hard time finding work on the independent scene. "If the phone is not ringing off the hook and wrestling is no longer putting food on the table," he explained, "it's time to look into yourself and look in that mirror and decide I may have to put wrestling on the back-burner for a while go out into the quote, unquote real world to make a living". For those who may have had a little on-air time, but weren't top notch guys or even mid-carders, Bubba said it's time to go back out there on the indie scene and reestablish themselves. "Go work for a company like Ring of Honor, go work for a company like TNA, go to Japan...because if you can go back out there and reestablish yourself, you show the world that you're not a quitter and that you are going to go out there and do something to help yourself and that's the perfect way for that phone to ring once again from WWE".

A listener from the chat room had asked whether he had talked with Joey Styles about appearing for his Extremely Hardcore Wrestling PPV, in which Bubba responed "No". However, Chris followed up by asking if that was simply for the first taping or whether they'd not ever consider working there in the future. "I don't foresee us doing business with them in the future just because of the fact that if they're going to have the first one and they didn't contact the Dudley's, why would they want us on the second one? And to me it doesn't really seem like an extremely hardcore PPV". Bubba said that if you're promoting "extremely hardcore", you wouldn't book DDP on the card, although he is friends with Page.

This conversation led into Bubba saying that he and D'Von were not going to do anything in the genre of "hardcore or anything that even remotely relates to ECW" for one simple fact: "There's nothing left for us to do," he continued, "anything else would be a step backwards. Why tarnish our legacy"? When Chris misunderstood what he meant by those comments, he said he wasn't meaning that he and D'Von would go to simply mat wrestling. He said he was talking about not doing things like Joey's show or something that's similar to One Night Stand. Chris then asked if Hardcore Homecoming counts as just that. "Hardcore Homecoming is a little different," Bubba replied, "because [it] and One Night Stand were basically the same thing..and we actually are speaking with the promoters of Hardcore Homecoming". He said that HH was more reminescent of ECW.

Chris then asked Bubba what made Hardcore Homecoming seem so much like ECW when there are many companies out there that have tried and failed (and still do) to model themselves after it. Was it the fact that he happened on the same weekend as One Night Stand? Was it the talent involved? Or was it because of the actual product itself? "All of the above," Bubba said, "without a doubt it's all of the things you just mentioned. Obviously, it's being done in the ECW arena - that alone gives it an authenticity that One Night Stand doesn't. ECW was born, bred, and all those other good things in South Philadelphia".

Then Bubba said why he thought the companies who try and model themselves after ECW fall short everytime. "I don't know about all these other promotions trying to pull it off," Bubba responded, "you mention CZW...I've never really seen them, I don't have anything negative to say about them, or positive. From what I've heard, CZW in a nutshell is violence for the sake of violence and that will always have its niche in the wrestling world because of what ECW brought to the table. You know, tables, ladders, chairs, barbwire, thumbtacks, glass, fire, bla bla bla...that probably happens in almost every single CZW match. ECW did the violence and had psychology around it and that's what made it special".

Bubba claimed that it was like a "hung jury" up there in the WWE regarding what to do with ECW. "I just think there's two separate trains of thought right now," Bubba said, "I think there are a couple people up there who want to make the ECW brand a more-efficient company and want to bring it to the people a lot more than what you've seen it already and I think there's a couple up there who think that it should be kept on the backburner and only brought to the front once a year or so. I don't think everybody's on the same page".

Kevin Kelly brings up Bubba recently talking about Tommy Dreamer's weight and asks what that's all about. "Tommy Dreamer is a walking sloth," Bubba said straight-faced, "Tommy Dreamer has more cottage cheese in his ass than Sam Breakstone has in his entire factory. Tommy Dreamer from the waist down weighs more than the Big Show from the ankles up". KK then said that this was great because every site on the internet would have that quote posted and Tommy Dreamer would get into the WWE office and see it. Bubba then followed up: "Tommy Dreamer is one of the smartest minds in wrestling. Tommy Dreamer's mind is underutilized. Tommy is a hell of a human being, a great talent who was never really given all the opportunity that he deserved...and he's fat".

Chris brought up TNA and Bubba couldn't believe Jarrett said on the Sacrifice PPV that TNA management was bringing in "big tag-team names", but said there were a couple of things he loved about TNA. "First is their passion and their desire to go in there every night and actually work their asses off to the benefit of the fans," he said, "they have a fire just like the guys in ECW. I love the fact that TNA puts emphasis and a focus on tag-team wrestling. Hey, the NWA Tag Team titles..that would be a nice addition to the trophy wall we have". Bubba brought up the Naturals, Team Canada, 3LK, and AMW as great teams that are already there for the Dudley's to work with.

Bubba discussed a lot more on the show with Chris Cash including more on his future plans, what he thought of the JBL/Meanie situation since he's friends with JBL, the Matt Hardy/Edge/Lita situation and why it should have been drawn out longer, what he thought of his single run after the intial roster draft, plus he played a game with VOW regular, Paul Szmall, where he says whether certain wrestlers should "Speak Up OR Shut Up". Frankie Kazarian, Booker T, and Dusty Rhodes were the three mentioned and Bubba said whether he thought each should speak up or shut up.

Don't forget...be sure to check out the Voice of Wrestling live tonight from 7-9 EST with special guests, A-Train and Molly Holly. Chris Cash will be joined by Dr. Keith Lipinski of Puroresu Power (www.puroresupower.com) for the entire show, plus Kevin Kelly will join the program for his regular segment as well. You can join the live chat room during the show and submit questions for the hosts and guests. Mick Foley and Daffney will be guests next week.

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